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  1. The further - the better. 2-5 books in the Hacker Series are really good and I may add that is very coherent story Â
  2. Yes, of course I read it, and there was the a Happily Ever After (but I must tell you that Haker Series is BDSM - not quite my thing, but I like it - because it is written so good and the story is interesting).
  3. D500 - I do agree with you Gideon did have penetrative sex only in f..p.d - but we know that, don't we? :)) I was invested in this series too. There was magic in it - the unhealthy, unreal, but very strong attraction between Eva and Gideon (like addiction), his possessiveness, protectiveness and need for control (all what was in book 1-3, and still in 4th) is this what we really loved. We as readers loved that Gideon have been in love with Eva through his whole life... because all above made this love story special and unique. We loved the idea that he changed for Eva. That's all what is the most disappointing in OWY. Now: the Crossfire Series is romance like many others or worse ( I dare say that the Haker Series by Meredith Wild is much better).
  4. Â In OWY: at first Gideon doesn't know where and when he met girls...so this behaviour wasn't unusual to him...I think that is clear there. Â Yep, that's incoherent thread
  5.   I think that editors didn't oversight. I think Sylvia Day wrote this on purpose. (She is, after all, very experienced writer, maybe not with series about one and the same couple...and probably that is the main problem here). Of course that is Gideon's club, but that fact doesn't change anything (the private man would never played with girls in night club - because always it is a chance that somebody will sneak up and will see what he were doing - that is quite simple, isn't it? What kind of man in control would do that? Really? )  Readers are not stupid. And Monica...who belives in her story? After 1-4 books we only new that she needs money very badly, and that she loves Victor. In OWY: we are learning that Stanton's bodygourd are keeping information from his boss, very dangerous information - I may add - no one in their right mind would do so (because - helloooooooo - she killed her first husband). She is potentially dangerous for her new husband. ohhh...and the best - she has got millions - and she still need rich husband for her sister...(it is the explanation for her actions) ...that's ridiculous, don't you think? etc...etc...
  6. I've read hundreds or maybe thousands of books in my life - so when I see something like that, I take it exactly as it is written. Sometimes authors write INCOHERENT stories. This one is one of those (for me). There is so many better books written by other authors.....so I am ok with that. I lost some time for the Crossfire series so that is what really bothers me. (I've read it, because 1-3Â books were interesting and quite unique) P.S. Some threads in OWY are improbable....
  7. I think OWY give us clear answer to that question, don't you think?  Please, don’t forget that thoughts and opinions about main character’s should be validated by their acts (not their own thoughts). I could think that I am the queen of the world, my boyfriend could think that I am queen of the world, but that doesn't make me queen of the world (especially if I am a hillbilly). Gideon think about himself as possessive and private, Eva think about Gideon the same, but ...  Â
  8. If people could see Gideon from above or straight ...that is not importent. They could see him ...while he was pleasing two girls ....so Gideon from 1-4 book didn't exist ... Â Â
  9. You have all the answers in OWY. That's quite clear.
  10. " I bet the club she envisaged was in New York (after all if Gideon were to follow through he'd have to be near the f**pad), and in NY there will be plenty of VIPS who do want a good level of privacy. " I am so sorry...but that is not correct - if the level of privacy was good, how somebody took the picture? (there is no answer, because that doesn't make any sense). "We don't know if the photo was taken looking through a door at them or from above. " We know that. The photo is described in OWY. (There is not any "through a door" in OWY or "from above"). In NY night club are the same as in any other places, besides if it was in the room, there would be written "room" not "booth", don't you think? I think the OWY is the answer to question about Gideon's sex life before Eva. There is no point to imagine something, that isn't written there. Sylvia Day isn't the first author, who changed main character's personality. That is always disappointing (but authors have the right to do so). We thought that Gideon was very private and possessive man, and now we know that he wasn't. Isn't that quite simple?
  11. In the book it is exactly said that it was "private VIP booth" :)) If someone can followed Gideon and took the picture, that it was clearly semi-public place (like the photos on the web)...so we as the readers were misled so long about Gideon's sex life before Eva and his change.
  12. For all readers: private VIP booth in nightclub : https://www.google.pl/search?biw=1600&bih=760&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=private+VIP+booth+in+nightclub+&oq=private+VIP+booth+in+nightclub+&gs_l=img.3...1022084.1022084.0.1024783. google it!! (it wasn't a room!!) Â
  13. I loved the Crossfire Series. After OWY I don't care anymore about it. I am so dissapointed, that I won't re-read OWY. So yes, I've moved on already. I am reading something else (New Species - L. Dohner). No, I didn't see Sylvia Day News (like I said: I don't care). Thanks everyone for discussion. It was nice to talk about the book. Â
  14. I think that some threads are INCOHERENT (with previous books) = people are disappointed .... and please remember there was almost nothing new happening in Captivated by You, but in One with You - is happening too many things.
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