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  1. I agree.. and when Eva said " I would never share him that way, I was too possessive. And he would never share even a glimpse of me because he was too protective. " since when Gideon was only too protective and not too possessive ? Â The Crossfire series, which I loved - lost its magic for me. ;(
  2. Before OWY: Gideon was very private person (before Eva) and he was very possessive.... In OWY book, Gideon is only protective.... Before OWY: Gideon was always in control with women -even drunk...before Eva Ohhh .........he didn't enjoy sex with other people around...... that's what we believed until now where is logic in that?
  3. Quote: "“He wasn’t stalking Eva,” I said tightly, the horrific realization sinking in. I pulled out the photo from the nightclub of me and two women. Taken in May, it preceded Eva’s arrival in New York." It wasn't Deanna so it must be in public... maybe not quite..because - VIP private area in club.............. so the "doesn't make sense"-issue is here Anyway, I don't care anymore.
  4. I think I am done reading Sylvia Day's books. I am sorry. Bye! Â
  5. Quote: “If I remember correctly, you tagged two women when we blew out Cinco de Mayo, and a few weeks later you’re telling me to draft an insane prenup.” Foreplay
  6. Maybe he only "encouraged" two women to visit his F...P..?? You know, foreplay??
  7. Theoretically: Gideon didn't have sex with two women in club.
  8. Could anyone explain the "doesn't make sense"-issues , please? Â
  9. That is the point, we all want the answers, because we love the Crossfire Series.
  10. I couldn't agree more sscrph, but readers have the right to say whatever they want about a book too. Maybe not here? I'm ok with that too. Â
  11. One more thing... Why Eva's mother got married Stanton? I don't understand. She already had a lot of money. She could afford to help her sister by herself. One with You is not the first book, I read, which has open ending. (for example: Dark Swan Series by Richelle Mead) There is nothing unique in that. (I am sorry, but it is my opinion.) I am so frustrated....
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