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  1. my all time favorite is the Inside Out Series by Lisa Rene Jones. Lots of book! Kind of starts out slow, but I really loved Chis and Sara.  I was holding out judgment of what series was going to be my favorite till OWY came out. It lost. The Blackstone Affair is really good, I'm just irritated that the spin off books left readers hanging, so don't read those.    I'm in the same boat. I've read a few good books over the past couple of weeks. Any suggestions of good books would be appreciated  The Manwhore series by Katie Evans, is also good. I held of reading the first book just because the title kind of thew me off. I'm so glad I read those books. A spin off is coming next week, can't wait for that .Â
  2. I agree, I'm not sure if she is backpedaling because of the backlash from OWY. If she just thought after all the unset "I'll tell everyone I'm going to write a book about Ireland." She's hinting we will see characters maybe in Blacklist or for sure in Ireland's book. For those who read the Blacklist teaser Gideon was already mentioned though not by name. Will that be it or will be actually get to "see" him. Even though the Blacklist seems to be in the third person or at least that first part it doesn't seem like Kane knows Gideon personally or at least the butler or who ever it is doesn't. Seeing he just saw Gideon on the TV talk show. These other book are also going to be a forever wait. The first Blacklist book comes out in 2017, and if her track record tells us anything who knows when the second book will be out. As for Ireland's book, I'm betting on years. She is "dangling the carrot" I'm not sure if I want to bit just yet. I'm skeptical.Â
  3. LOL, I don't think Brett would be that stupid. We know the "Lily" in the Blacklist works  at her families record business. I'm thinking she is a cousin to the Vidal's or maybe even a cousin tho Gideon by her description.  This story spans "years" so maybe at the end of that is where we see Ireland as a grown woman. Then she gets her own  book. She has also made friends with Cary so maybe we get to see him, whole, mature, and living life in a good way. Fifty Shades to Crossfire, there is no comparison in my mind. Crossfire is much better, even though I was one of the people disappointed. Fifty Shades was the first books I had read in years and got me hooked on reading. It was the dirty little secret of the mom's in the neighborhood. We just passed those books around  to each other like crack or something, lol. I liked "Darker" the best. Just as I like CBY best of the Crossfire books.   Anyway, I'm looking forward to see what Sylvia has in store for us in the future. I just wish it was faster like everyone.Â
  4. it's fan's that take the story and make it there own. Sometimes change it up completely. Fifty Shades was originally a fan fiction of  Twilight(I never read those books). Some are good, some not so good.  Â
  5. oh, and if you don't want to have to wait for more Grey. There is also a fan fiction from his POV that was written back in 2012 that in my option was better than E L James. http://christiangrey50shades.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/meet-fifty-shades-continued-previously.html
  6. I've spent the last few days trying to get out of my OWY funk. I've been thinking too. I've read a couple of satisfying books. I was thinking maybe we would get some of out unanswered questions in the Blacklist Books, but after reading the comments on here about Ireland getting her own book maybe that's when it will happen. The only thing is how many years will that be? We know the Blacklist if coming out in 2017, it's two book that are already written, but I bet we will have to wait over a year before the first book is re leased.  In Texas (I'm guessing that is were Eva was born) babies get their mother's last name at birth. If the parents are unmarried there is additional paper work that has to be filled out by the father to give  the babies last name his. I would assume Victor was not present at Eva's birth and would not have been able to fill out the paper work, even though we know Monica refused to give Eva is last name.  I still will say The Crossfire Series  is on of my favorite. I will still re-read books 1-4, but I don't think I will ever read book 5 again. I really thought it was going to be my all time favorite, but sadly NO. It will not top The Inside Out Series which I felt ended so well. I actually sent Lisa Renee Jones a message telling such and received a very nice thank you from her.    I also enjoy Fan Fiction, I've read this one it's incomplete, but I liked it. There is something that happens that I didn't like, but I wont spill the beans is you decide to read it. I actually read this before I read the first Crossfire book, reading Fifty Shades Fan Fiction. Enjoy! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8774672/1/50-Shades-of-Crossfire
  7. All I can say is in Disappointed I finished OWY last night, it took me longer than I planned to read it. I haven't had time to read the comments on here, hope to do that later today. Incomplete if how I feel about the book. I was happy Gideon and Eva got their HEA, but what about everyone else. I was upset the epilogue was their honeymoon. I wish It would have  been a little  longer in time, so we could see where everyone was at. Was the baby Cary's? Did Cary and Trey work things out? Maybe another bring the friends together night would have been nice. just to see where everyone landed There was so many issues I can even list them all. The highlight of the book was the dang dog. How sad is that. Hope to have time to read every ones comments I do look forward to the Blacklist, but I wont be reading it till it's complete.  Â
  8. I was so happy to wake up this morning to find OWY on my ipad. I honestly thought I would get killed by a bus before the book came out. Not that there are buses where I live, lol. I only got to read the first part before having to actually be a mom and get my girls up for school. It's going to be a great day of reading while they are gone to school. Â
  9. There are a bunch of one stars and bad reviews on ibooks already. I's  people just complaining about the amount of time it took for the book  to come out, and stuff like that. What a bunch on whiners. I wasn't happy it took so long, but dang they are good books and I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight. If I'm still up in 4 hours I'm getting up and start reading. Â
  10. looking  forward to reading all day tomorrow!
  11. After remembering Cary saying Tatiana needs him. Do you thing she tampered with his condoms? I know they aren't 100% effective, but still it would be a way from her to try to get him all to herself. Just a random thought.Â
  12. Babies? I would like to see Eva pregnant,  but some have said Sylvia said they are not ready for children. I'm not sure what's going to happen of that topic. I guess we'll have to wait hand find out next week. Dr Peterson? I thinl  it would be a very small world in a really big city for him to be related to Anne and Hugh Eva? She was named after Victors mother so spelling Eva, but maybe just being American and not Latino Monica  pronounced  it Ava and so that what she was called. Tatiana? We know almost nothing about her, but I don't feel she is under age. Cary's not that stupid. I don't really think she has any family or if she does they aren't close. In RIY Cary tells Eva that "Tatiana needs him" I found that statement as she must be very alone in life. I still don't like her though.
  13. I think Cary is emotionally spent. His life is being turned upside down. He is also an unstable person, so all the things happening in his life (some his fault) has him scared and angry. He doesn't know how to deal with everything, so he lashes out at Eva. He's also cutting himself. Cary needs major help.Â
  14. I could be wrong, but the statutes of limitations in the US is  by state not Federal. Here in Texas I believe it is 8 years for rape. The laws change all the time.   I looked it up. In New York it's 5years, but that time doesn't start till the victim turns 18. So Gideon would have been 24'sh when he confronted Hugh. Â
  15. I liked that today's teaser was Gideon. Thanks to her...what could that mean... did she save if life is she pregnant AHHHH!!!! I'm going to go crazy!
  16. I'm guessing Elizabeth told him the doctors names during their fight. He also knew about Hugh being dead, so if the therapist was Anne I'm guessing she might me Chris's next target. Go Chris! He really does seem like a good man.
  17. I hate the elevator scene D500, but it does give us a picture of the rage Gideon has in him and also his self control. Even drunk and furious he would never hurt Eva. Â
  18. I never thought about Anne being the therapist, that just makes it even sicker. Thinking about it, Lucas would be more likely to be covering for his wife than his brother in law. Anne may have looked different in her mid 20's or he might just not remember. That would be such a crazy twist to the story. Â
  19. I don't think he will kick him out, because it would look bad for the family, and that would be bad for the companies image.  Gideon's main interest in keeping Videl solid is for his sister. I'm sure he'll find other ways. Â
  20. I hadn't thought of that. Also, do you think there will be backlash from Chris's assault on Terry. Not meaning police,but  the assault  could just add to Anne's revenge factor. I'm going crazy with new questions, 8 more days!Â
  21. and another thing, Dr Lucas is a fool. Anne not only had an affair with Gideon, but I'm sure she'd have had sex with Cary if he didn't find his brain once they were alone. I don't care how much you "love" someone, how many time can your spouse screw around before you kick them to the curb. She's a nasty piece of work. He needs to grow some balls.
  22. I'm kind of on Monica's side of this one. If Anne is stalking Eva/Gideon it would just make them more of a target. We already know she's not opposed to disguises (long red wig). Even if it didn't take Eva long to figure that one out. I never thought about Cary being the one to let Anne in the building, but I'm not sure that he did. He didn't even know Anne's name when got together or maybe he did and he just didn't tell Eva. Never the less, if he did let her in and also in the apartment, that's really bad. Â
  23. I think Anne is stalking Gideon and Eva. She approached Eva at the advocacy dinner in BTY telling Eva "she's a lucky girl". I think she is dangerous. Gideon doesn't think the would actually physically harm Eva, but I think she would.   The other thing about Gideon not telling Eva thing has drove me nuts from the start. Yes, he doesn't lie, but when the truth does come out it hurts Eva more because he didn't tell her from the beginning. I hope he starts working on being more forthcoming about things that will effect their relationship.     Â
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