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  1. Just a few thoughts after reading the newer posts.  Actually Cary and Eva did have doubts about the baby being his. They discussed this when Cary told Eva about the pregnancy. But he did say it was within the timeframe so he felt he had to step up. Eva discussed him getting a paternity test once the baby was born. Cary felt like he had to go with helping her because of how his own mother had used abortion as birth control and that haunted him. And remember Cary said something like he didn't think so, but just because you put a sock on it doesn't mean it can't happen. I would still like to know if Dr. Terry Lucas would be charged with a crime. Of course, Gideon would have to go public and I don't know if they would want to go public with that or not. In regards to Christopher and Chris. Chris said he didn't tell Christopher about Gideon. So you think Christopher, put together what happened to Gideon. I'm  not sure about that. It was still something I would like the full story on instead of guessing. I also couldn't figure out if someone told Christopher that his brother wanted to kill them all. Was that in Hugh's notes? That part was a little confusing, but I may need to reread.  This was such a big part of the book, that a quick talk with his dad and everything was hunky dory! I know that you could deduce some things from what was written, but I like clarification on the major themes throughout the series. But that is just me. Yes, it was Gideon and Eva story but the other characters were woven in there so well (a tribute to Sylvia's writing) that I was invested in them as well. About FSOG(Christian's pov) I probably will not buy the next one! The first one was 75% the same stuff. And while I realize there will be some crossover, there was really very little of it  was actually new text. I have read other series were authors wrote from the hero's pov and it was really all their thoughts and actions between the times and all new text. So I won't go there again unless I read reviews that it is better this time. Thanks for reading and for all the other posts as well. They also make me think.
  2. I posted earlier about my frustration with this book, but here are a few other random thoughts and/ or questions. Eva always thought that Gideon had a type, you know the tall, leggy, brunettes. It was such a big deal to Eva, I kind of thought that Sylvia would address in Dr. Peterson's therapy sessions. Â If you remember in one of Gideon's nightmares he says that the pictures that Hugh brings to put on the back of the toilet were always the same, brunettes with blue eyes and long legs. Well, that was a clue to me that it had been "put" in his head by Hugh. So I think that could have been cleared up for Gideon and Eva. Â If you have not read Afterburn/Aftershock(i really liked these books and loved Jax and Gia), Deanna was in this book as well and does some pretty despicable things as well. Actually worse than OWY. So I was ready to believe she was behind so much more than she was. Definitely always out for herself. Did Terry Lucas know what Anne was up to? I would hope they both get jail time. Would love to know the whole conclusion to what happened there. Did he know about how easily she slept around? I wanted to know what would happen when the told Anne the truth about her brother. Did anyone tell Victor about Monica's story. At least he would know that she wasn't a self serving gold-digger and maybe would have been with him if not for the money she needed for her sister. I know most do not like Corinne, but did anyone explain to her about what happened with her so-called therapist. Gideon did say that she wasn't acting like herself at all. Most likely the drugs Anne had her on. What in the world could have been in the file that Chris talks to Christopher about and he decides that he can give Gideon a chance all of a sudden when nothing has worked before. I'm glad they get the chance, but would really like to know the reasoning behind it. Because if Hugh falsified his records on Gideon, couldn't he have done the same with Christopher. So many things left hanging out there...oh well. Really haven't wanted to re-read like the others, but I will at some point. Â Â Â
  3. These pictures are precious. Thanks for the visual. Dogs are wonderful creations who do give unconditional love. It was one of my favorite parts. Another of my favorite parts, in this book and the others. Angus!!! I don't think I need to say anything else.
  4. I know. I was a bit unsatisfied as well. Yes, Gideon and Eva overcome but the ending didn't leave me feeling really happy about a lot of things. There are many things left hanging out there for me, but I don't know if this is where to ask the questions since I am a brand new poster to the board. I wouldn't have minded a 6th book. But I didn't find the series until after the third book and was even new to reading on my Kindle fire. So I was searching for the next book , then realized it was a long way off. But if a sixth book would have provided closure for many of the secondary characters, I would be all for that, but you can't please everyone. It's just that the secondary characters were such a large part of the books until OWY and then so many of their stories didn't have a clear resolution or just faded away. Oh well. Maybe someone can direct me to wherever Sylvia may answer some of these questions, because I am really new at all the online stuff.
  5. Received OWY on my Kindle last night a little after midnight. Read all night. Need to read it slower. I am happy for Eva and Gideon but man besides that I am disappointed. I feel like I have many more questions that didn't get answered. And the ending,...well I wasn't sure what to think. I am a big fan of Ms. Day's books, but this just fell flat. I usually don't even comment on things, do not have all the social media accounts, etc., but wanted to join in since I was excited the book was finally coming out. But now I am really puzzled and as a reader didn't get what I needed to close out a great series. I'm sure there will be differing opinions, but that is mine
  6. After looking at all the comments, which are great and get you thinking about things you never even thought about, these are my predictions on the major themes: Babies: I think Eva will end up pregnant. There has been too much of this in Gideon's thoughts for it not to happen. However, the surprise will be a Monica pregnancy. Based on one simple comment that Cary made to Victor, "Do you think you will have any more kids"? Â I think this was a little foreshadowing about this topic. Whether this ends in Monica and Victor getting together, I don't know. About another pregnancy, I do not think Tatiana is pregnant with Cary's child. I think that she is the underage daughter of the Russian mobster that took out Yedemsky (the striking blond that was working with Nathan). He was sleeping with the daughter which is what got him killed (with Nathan's bracelet on him). When Cary was beat up by Nathan, he was told to stay away from a certain girl. I think Tat is that girl and was pregnant with Yedemsky's child when he was killed, so she made Cary the dad. Whether she is underage, I don't know but it would explain her childish behavior. Whether Cary stays invested or not, I don't know. But could you see Cary and Trey adopting the child. Just a thought. The psychologists: I think that Dr. Peterson is the person who is going to put all the pieces together. I have always thought that Anne Lucas was the doctor who with her brother came to the Vidal's to council Gideon. She ended up with Elizabeth, and we know what happen with Hugh. I think that based on their friendship, Elizabeth would have told Corinne about Anne. I think Anne is behind pushing Corinne to publish the book. I can't figure out if she helped push Corinne to try the suicide attempt or have a miscarriage. Also, unsure if Deanna is working with them. I kind of don't think so because she seems out for herself. Â Now wouldn't it make sense that a doctor of psychology would have a therapist of their own if they were experiencing depression, like Anne did after Gideon did what he did. Could it be that Dr. Peterson is also Anne's therapist? And after Gideon finally tells the good doctor everything, he starts putting the pieces together. All Anne's family are shrinks. Could Dr. Peterson be Anne's dad, uncle or something. They never told us Anne and Hugh's last name before Anne was married of course. I think he is the one who will make them all see reason. Especially if he is related and finds out how this family has hurt Gideon, including Dr. Lucas. I do think the red headed re receptionist is related and feeds info to Anne. Relationships: Â I hope Megumi finds a great guy. I am seeing her with Arsash. What do you think? I hope somehow Monica and Victor find happiness. I am sure we will find out that she had to do something really bad in order to live when she was pregnant with Eva and that drives her reasoning behind the way she lives. I wonder if her family will somehow try to reconcile. I don't really know what will happen with Cary, if he could settle down with Trey. Has anyone else thought of his name? Like Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant? Cary Taylor! Ha. I am still having a problem calling Eva the pronunciation Ava. I would still think it is supposed to be Eva if I had not heard an interview with Sylvia where she pronounced it as Ava. I bet the large majority of reader's think her name is EVA. She do you think.
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