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  1. Me too - I check for new comments on here way more often than I should. This thread is a good idea. Sometimes the members post exactly what I'm thinking so I may not post but am always following along.Â
  2. Hi patricia-ann,  I'm very sad that it is over too & definitely having a hard time letting go after so many years of reading this series & this forum. On the home page of this forum there is a section 'General Discussions & Introductions' & there is a whole thread about 'Books as good as the Crossfire Series'. I feel most writers can't compare to Sylvia but there are over 400 entries so that might give you some ideas of what to read next from all the past/present members who visit here. I've read a couple series from Jodi Ellen Malpas (This Man Series & One Night Series) that are trilogies and are complete with epilogues. Some of the characters have sordid backgrounds but the books still have parts that are hot, witty, emotional & even some funny.  I have stopped reading in the middle of other author's books to read more about Gideon & Eva because I just can't wait to read more about them; but if I'm in the middle of reading one of Sylvia's books then I will not stop until I'm done.
  3. So I finished OWY a few days ago but am finally adding to the discussion. I didn't read it fast but rather slow, savoring every bit of it. If I read a part that I was really touched by then I'd back up and read it again  & again so I guess my first read was like a double or triple read through. I had been reading all the posts so nothing was a great shock to me but I think I was delaying getting to the end afraid for it to finally be over. It does leave you a bit empty & lost after 5 books to know you don't have another book to anticipate & speculate over. I would love to keep reading more of them but as Sylvia said she took them as far as she could and left them in a stable place. I'm hoping we get a glimpse of them in Ireland's book if one is written in the future but it's so hard to wait. I hope there are still posts on here to discuss the series even though we don't have a continuation to theorize over. I liked the book more than I disliked the last couple chapters if that makes sense. I hated more tragedy in their lives, an addition of another villain (although he was fueled by Anne) and yet more guilt for Gideon to deal with. I would have liked to read the renewal ceremony with her mother supporting her instead of how it turned out. I loved how Gideon told Elizabeth the truth without mincing words with Eva as his source of strength watching him. I think it was crucial to the story that he did this himself & without Eva's input in the conversation. Elizabeth didn't even realize Eva was behind her.  Some parts had me laughing out loud. When Gideon was telling Deanna off and she accused him of not being sincere & he said he was sincere - he was sorry that he ever *@!#ed her was hilarious & had her fuming. It was great he offered her the job without any flirting as Eva suggested. Still wonder what Deanna's choice was? She's money hungry & likes the opportunity to look at Gideon so I bet she let her integrity go & took it. Also Eva casually flipping Anne the bird at the dinner was great. As Eva says 'it's a classic' I really liked his interview on the View type of show. Way to masterfully manipulate the media to his advantage on so many points. He had to do something after the picture scandal. I know it was taken before Eva but geez I hated the description of that scene. I wish it would have been something less exhibitionist & scandalous. (Wouldn't him making out with another woman have been sufficient?) Loved Lucky, Chris & Angus too. It was touching when Gideon let it slip that he loved Angus too. Angus needed to hear that! It was a bit of an emotional roller-coaster but now I'm just sad it's over.Â
  4. Hi Everyone, I am new to finally post but definitely not new to the site. I have been reading it for years now but never formally joined and wrote a reply myself. Whether you are a new member with a few posts, or one of the regulars who has over 2000+ posts, I have read every single one of them on all of the boards and am a big fan of all you members. Even when we have had dry spells without anyone writing I still check a couple times a day. I'm a bit obsessive about this series as all of you are and have read them too many times to count, as well as all of Sylvia's other stories. I was never a big reader until I started reading this talented writer. I love how open you are Sylvia to your fans and look forward to this new book. I never minded the wait- you are a perfectionist and this is your passion. It had to be what you envisioned it to be & we're all excited to be a part of it now. Thanks everyone for your insightful comments & speculations - can't wait to read the book and these boards in the next few days!!
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