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  1. Me too - I check for new comments on here way more often than I should. This thread is a good idea. Sometimes the members post exactly what I'm thinking so I may not post but am always following along.Â
  2. Hi patricia-ann,  I'm very sad that it is over too & definitely having a hard time letting go after so many years of reading this series & this forum. On the home page of this forum there is a section 'General Discussions & Introductions' & there is a whole thread about 'Books as good as the Crossfire Series'. I feel most writers can't compare to Sylvia but there are over 400 entries so that might give you some ideas of what to read next from all the past/present members who visit here. I've read a couple series from Jodi Ellen Malpas (This Man Series & One N
  3. So I finished OWY a few days ago but am finally adding to the discussion. I didn't read it fast but rather slow, savoring every bit of it. If I read a part that I was really touched by then I'd back up and read it again  & again so I guess my first read was like a double or triple read through. I had been reading all the posts so nothing was a great shock to me but I think I was delaying getting to the end afraid for it to finally be over. It does leave you a bit empty & lost after 5 books to know you don't have another book to anticipate & speculate over. I would love to keep rea
  4. Hi Everyone, I am new to finally post but definitely not new to the site. I have been reading it for years now but never formally joined and wrote a reply myself. Whether you are a new member with a few posts, or one of the regulars who has over 2000+ posts, I have read every single one of them on all of the boards and am a big fan of all you members. Even when we have had dry spells without anyone writing I still check a couple times a day. I'm a bit obsessive about this series as all of you are and have read them too many times to count, as well as all of Sylvia's other stories. I was never
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