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  1. So, I'm a huge fan of the Fifty Shades Fan Fiction - does anyone know of a couple of great Crossfire Fan fiction stories/authors? Â I already want more of Gideva! Â
  2. I agree with your comment, Monica's back story came out of the blue, the time line, the hidden secrets were a little too much to believe. Â Yup, I'd like to know more about Anne/Hugh/and Anne's husband. Â It just seems that someone knew way more that is written. Â And - I ws hoping that Arnoldo and Steven's sister hooked up! Â Isn't that what this is all about, we can say what we are feeling about the book? Â Yikes! I've read a few places there is a TV show being produced - any idea if this will happen? Or the time line to watch for this?
  3. I'd love to hear what Sylvia has to say -- I would hope she reads this and humors us a little!
  4. I was an angry fan waiting for this book, but but was worth every word!  I loved the book, and loved the series.  I can't help but feel grief, overwhelmed and empty.  I need a little more closure with the other characters. How will Victor handle working for G - protecting E.  What about Cary?  I agree with early comments of  sscrph and sme - I haven't had time to read the rest, but I need another 1/2 book to tie up the loose ends.
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