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  1. Hello all .. short-time lurker, first-time poster.  I hope there is room in the disappointed boat because that is where I am. If there isn't room I'll gladly jump to the very disappointed boat.  I agree that Lucky, more Angus, Gideon's work with his therapist and Christopher softening were good points but after that, the good was few and far between. I will save you the list because most everything I disliked has been mentioned BUT I would like to say I found myself literally barking at my Nook saying "why isn't anyone going to assist, support Stanton. " I really found this to be bothersome - as if Eva and Cary had become so self-absorbed they couldn't find the time to help murdered Monica's adoring husband who supported and helped them numerous times. The continuity of character in this book was deeply flawed. Another thought I had too was as if this last book was more written for the TV mini-series rather than for the avid book readers.  All the petty fights, the destination bachelor/Bachelorette parties and the completely "ridonkulous" Monica backstory had me thinking Sylvia was writing for ratings not readers. I will spare you my thoughts on the unfinished storylines, Gideon's prep to hire Victor - with a special aside about doing his daughter in the limo! - and another annoyances. Thank you for your entertaining posts - It's been a ride!
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