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  1. The more I think about the photo the less it bothers me. Throughout the series Gideon mentions how he only has sex at the f*uck pad, he wasn't having sex with these women, it was just foreplay/messing around. Gideon is very smart and has so many resources available to him, he must have made sure that the booth was as private as possible. Hall was sneaky, if he was able to get close enough, and pull a gun on them at the dinner, I am sure taking a sneaky photo in a loud club wouldn't be much of stretch. This scenario doesn't change how Gideon was with Eva, from my understanding he wasn't possessive with other women, he used them, and tossed them to the side. Even though Gideon and Eva mess around with exhibitionism, they've both mentioned several times how he would never truly risk having her exposed, he was too possessive with her. There's a clear contrast to how he is with Eva and how he was with other women.
  2. At the end of  chapter 2 of EWY Eva asked Gideon if he screwed Deanna he said yes (once), so he told her the truth on that
  3. Yeah, it's just not something Gideon would do, this has been reinforced through his thoughts and actions several times throughout the series. It's a pretty big thing for editors to overlook, especially since most of us picked up on the mistake on a first read through. But the books been published so it is what it is. The whole Monica dying thing was really the only other thing that  bummed me out. I'm sure there was another way to get the story out without putting Gideon and Eva through more tragedy. I was expecting there to be "dark moment"/ one of the characters being "touch and go for a while"; like there are in most books, but I never expected such an important character dying.  On the bright side I loved how Gideon and Eva interacted in this book, I liked how they came to together as a team, and could joke and just be at ease with one another. It was good to finally see them as "Gideon and Eva Cross". I'm probably rambling, but I was thinking that this is a series that could have went on for 10+ books, they could have started production on the T.V series even though the books weren't finished. I think that there are like 8+ books in the Games of Thrones series and it is probably one of the most popular series on HBO, and the books are still super popular even though the author has been stalling on the last book in the series for a while. But that's probably not going to happen.
  4. True. I agree with everyone else in saying that there are a few inconsistency with this book, Gideon putting himself in the situation definitely being one of them, he just wouldn't be that careless. I think a major part of the photo scandal was to show how Gideon and Eva have grown as a couple, him calling her immediately after finding out, and her trusting him/not running. This scenario contradicts what we know about Gideon and what we heard from his perspective/thoughts. The same thing could have been accomplished simply with a photo of him kissing another women, or something more tame that wasnt as sexual. Like others have mentioned before me I'm not sure how this was missed by the editor.
  5. I'm thinking that his friends weren't in the Private VIP room when it happened, he could have met them in the club and taken them back to a private room for foreplayÂ
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