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  1. Hello ladies  Now since it's been a while , I understand a lot more. I know a lot of the storylines could not be finished  in a 4 month period of time. That would not be realistic, which is the whole point . But there could have been just a couple lines added about certain things and I feel we would have been satisfied. Like with Corrine , she just disappeared. Instead of hearing about her hurt feelings it could have been added that she couldn't release the book now because if would have been a joke . I still can't get my head around the whole picture thing . I still think he was portrayed differently for 4 books. In BWY why was he so shocked about getting carried away with Eva in his office and her home. The limo I understand because of his reaction and his attitude after. Which was explained.  I think if Gideon would have offered more info about that night and his thoughts it might not be so confusing. I think it's just one of those things I have to accept and move on .  I do miss them terribly though !! Have a good night ladies  Â
  2. Sorry I was writing fast and didn't substitute words : first the C word should be inserted after a thousand ways to make her ___. then the o word should be inserted after he had a hard time ____ during sex .  Sorry Â
  3. I also remember in BTY he told Eva he new a thousand ways to make her . I think he excelled at this because he didn't have a lot of intercourse. I also remember in CBY he said it was always an effort for him to reach an during sex. There's a lot of things that are different with Eva . He also mentioned he used to feel dirty and sick after sex but not with Eva. So maybe there something there. I have to think more . I wish Sylvia did add maybe a paragraph or two just to explain some more about it.   Good morning Ladies Â
  4. I completely agree with sscrph.  I wish Sylvia would have snuck something in about how he knew all this information . Or at least his source. Maybe when things settle down Sylvia will give us some insight to all this. Have a good night ladies Â
  5. Good afternoon ladies  i know this has been discussed to death , but I had a thought that I figured I share. When Gideon goes out with the guys it's a controlled situation. It's probably always one of his clubs . When things happen it's on his terms and his choice . So it's all controlled. When he first kissed Eva it was spontaneous and at work, they were both were carried away. Same thing at the apartment , when he showed up before the Advocacy dinner . She was in a robe and he lost all control. I think what he ment by breaking rules for her was about losing control.  Even though the photo showed more than what we thought would happen. If we really thought about it wasn't about what was happening , but the situation in a whole  . I don't know if I'm making sense. I do love Sylvia for being such an awesome author . I have never invested  so much time and emotion on any other series Â
  6. Good morning ladies  Eve I do agree with you , I just hate being confused lol . Just can't wrap my head around the fact that Sylvia would change our perception 100% in the final book.  Hopefully , Sylvia might give us some insight eventually. Thank you Â
  7. Ok maybe what happened in the picture wasn't the norm for him. I know nobody but Eva new the reason for the hotel room. Maybe when he was out that night he was being hounded by his friends, they would think nothing of it . I know most of the time you can't convince Gideon to do much. But we don't know what happened that night, we only get a glimpse. Im definitely over thinking it, I'm sure. But who knows Â
  8. Good morning everyone  This  is when I hoped Sylvia would have commented and explained the situation . It is very confusing . I agree that his actions were very different from what we saw in the other books. I know it all comes down to control. Which of course we all know he has to have . But if he really did act like that before Eva , it would  change my whole perception of the first couple of scenes  with the two of them. Ugh !! Very confusing . But I love them and Sylvia , it's her story to tell . I probably have to come to terms with never getting the answer. Â
  9. How is everyone today  The Monica storyline was shocking but I was expecting something. I didn't expect her to die though. The only thing that is confusing is Gideon. I know we have only had his thoughts for 2 books but I thought sex was complicated for him and a way to get his anger out. But he talks about it like every time he goes to the hotel he gets laid like its happens everyday . I had a different impression , maybe I'm wrong , any thoughts ? Â
  10. Hello everyone  I have never posted anything here before, but I have read all the post and checked in regularly. I am a huge fan and have followed the Crossfire series from the beginning . I really loved most of the book. Angus and lucky are awesome ! I was satisfied with a lot of things even if it was still open ended. But when I read a series I truly need some closure or at least no confusion. What has not given me peace of mind is the famous photo . I hate to say it but it almost makes me feel that in the beginning with Eva it wasn't as life altering as Gideon said. Obviously it's not true because of his love for her. I don't know if Sylvia commented anywhere about everyone's confusion. But I tried to come up with a scenario that gives me peace of mind. I thought that maybe the women were very aggressive and he reacted to being the prey . In his mind he was in a private area  for no one to see . Remember in San Diego when the two woman came at him backstage , he said at a different time he would have turned it around on them and became the predator. I think it might be tied to that. I still think it was not a wise thing to do in public given who he is. But it could have also been quick , then he realized and took them to the hotel.  What do you think ? Sorry for the late response I should have done this days ago , when the topic was being discussed. If I can clear this little thing up . I could probably move on . Lol  On another note , I want to thank everybody in the forum , for being here to help clear my head for the past couple of years . I will truly miss this series. but I am looking forward to Ireland's book ! I know it's late , I hope I didn't ramble:)Â
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