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  1. So, I had some initial confusion about the lack of details and the initial attraction. But I loved how it came together. I didn’t compare it to E & C. To me their attraction had something different. I loved the reference to my Crossfire faves. I hope in some of Ireland’s books, we get more but it was just enough. I know people are disappointed that E &C don’t have children yet but to be honest, that makes total sense to me. There is so much they were figuring out for themselves and each other. I also wouldn’t want that to be a couple lines a in a book which is not really about them. The dynamic between Teagan and Garrett is beautiful and had me in tears at the end. That twist!! To find out where T’s grief came from, ughhhh. Heart wrenching. But it was so beautifully done. I would have loved more but it was still a great novella.
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