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  1. Anything with chocolate comes to mind! But if I had to pick one item it would be my grandmother's biscotti cookies - yum!
  2. The last time my husband and I went to an amusement park was in 2002 when we went to Walt Disney World. This was my first visit and since it was pre-kids I wanted to see it ALL in 4 days. My husband dubbed me the "Disney ". Each evening I plotted our course through the parks and rides with back-up plans in the event of long lines. I won't tell you what our four day walking mileage was (I had a pedometer) but we did end our trip with blisters on our blisters and many good memories and pictures of our whirlwind trip. ;-)
  3. A steaming cup of java is not only a morning ritual, it's a requirement! I usually follow this up with a can of Diet Red Bull about two hours later and that does it for my caffeine input for the day.
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