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  1. I saw on your website that you are going to write a continuation of Kim and Raze story which I can't wait for :-) Will you be doing the same for Siobhán and Trevor? Or will just include Adrian decision of their affair in Syre's story?
  2. I feel like there are so many things Gideon has yet to tap into it would be great to see his inner turmoil and not just see what he says and reacts to
  3. Can a lycan and a seraphim procreate????
  4. I have read many of your novels and short stories and you always seem to input both the male and female characters inner thoughts in the novel. Will we get to see Gideon's POV in book three???? Or in a short story to come???? I would really love to see what is running in his mind. I love this series and the renegade angels one can't wait for Syre's Novel. Amazing writing always a joy to read
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