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  1. Hey girl, don't judge the book by the cover lol.... Check it out the books, they are really good. Before that, check the order of the books tho, because all of them are series and if you read without the order, it goes a little confusing because you end up knowing the end of another book. So the series that I read and just love it are the Elite Ops series: order of the books are Wild Card, Maverick, heat seeker, black jack, renegade and live wire. Also, the temping seals series and all of them pretty much you can find at the iBook store if you have an iPad...check them out...
  2. Thanks for telling me, but I have read all of it. Wild Card it's the first one of the Elite Ops series. You are totally right, it has the Navy Seals Series that is the story of Reno, Ian and all the others. Have you read the Callahan's Series? There will be 4 books, 3 is out already, the first one is Midnight Sins, then Deadly Sins, then Secret Sins and the last one that will come out is Ultimate Sins, just don't have a release date yet for that one. Those books are amazing....thanks again
  3. I think it make lots of sense. Has a part on the book that Angus tells Eva that Gideon have a lot in his mind. So I do think that Angus knows about Nathan, and knows that Gideon is planning something, maybe knows about killing, but kept the distance because Gideon asked for and he respect Gideon. Oh my, can't wait for EWY....
  4. Have you thought about reading other things? That's what I am doing....check it out Wild Card by Lora Leigh, it's pretty good....
  5. I totally agree with you. I think Angus had no idea what happen to Gideon until Gideon told his mother, the I think Angus was the only one that believed Gideon and with that go the most absolute trust from Gideon. I don't believe Angus had anything to do with Nathan... Gideon wouldn't want to involve anyone.
  6. I am having a hard time to stop smiling with the new snippet.....LOVE it
  7. I think that because of the abuse he suffered, he became a control "freak" and the way he sees Eva or anyone else will be as a submissive, so I think he just wants clear it out that he is in charge and Eva will end up doing whatever he wants, and if we pay attention well, she kind of is a submissive, she fights back, but ends up doing what he wants....just my humble opinion.
  8. If you look at Sylvia's website, the release date is for June 4th. I can't wait also
  9. Sylvia made clear that he came back for his meds...
  10. I think that Gideon had total control and was capable of a single stab in the heart. He already had punch Nathan in his office (the blood in his shirt) and he could risk do anything else because of the timeline and he could risk leave behind anything that could be traced back to him.
  11. This forum will be shut down for at least 2 days when June 4th comes around, everyone will be off the net and getting the crossfire fix. Lol
  12. I don't think Monica and victor will have an affair or anything like it. When they meet at Eva's apartment, you can tell that they care about each other and might even love still, but both of them are comfortable with their places in life and might be happy. Stanton is good for Monica and cares for her and Eva, and victor was starting to date someone....maybe they will talk about all the things from the past and even confess each other their love, but I think will be just that. Also, I don't think victor will know about the rape, I think the father-daughter relationship is too good to be broke, victor will be very hurt to know that Eva didn't trust him.. Just my thoughts.
  13. I agree that Scarlet Jonhasson should not be Eva, I don't like her at all.
  14. Gigi, I don't think the videos Nayhan made of Eva is from the rape. I think that throughout the years, Nathan followed Eva and got videos of her during her bad time, before she started therapy. Eva says that she had a time that she was really behaving really bad, so I think that was it and then Nathan always followed her. Just a thought
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