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  1. Since the first book, all we wanted was for Gideon and Eva to be happy in the end. Â Cary too. Â But I never thought about getting so emotional about the others in their lives. Â Talk about a roller coaster! Â I'm going back to read and slower. Â I notice that every single sentence is important to the story. Â Sylvia is the best. Â I know that this is the end of the series (emotional about), but since their story for us is their beginnings together, another book could happen down the road when they start a family. Â IDK. Â Don't think I could stand if anything but good happens to them.
  2. I think Gideon got rough with Anne because she looked so much like her brother. He was seeking control where he had none when abused. Not because of her husband but because of Hugh. She wanted Gideon so bad that she was right there with him. Then he dropped her. A woman scorned... And Eva did run from Gideon saying she never left him. But we know in his mind, it's the same thing. He. Has. No one. She has Cary to lean on. I feel bad for him. Sounds like she was understanding why he played his hand and forced hers. Timing was bad.
  3. I'm looking up Fixed Trilogy for after This Man. Sylvia once said her favorite book is The Fifth Favor. I ordered it on Amazon because it can't be downloaded. The author wrote another about a character in the book and it is good too, but the names escapes me. Anyway, I have read the Fifth Favor several times. It breaks your heart and also a great read.
  4. I will read This Man while waiting for 5. I'm in Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg's reading club to discuss books on his reading wish list. ZzZzZzZz Economics is the subject of the first. My degrees are in business and Accounting so I'll play along, but I need me some Gideon to get by. lol
  5. I was disappointed that Eva ran AGAIN but then thought about it and changed my mind. She can't think straight around him and they end up rolling in bed. She had the perfect place and excuse in that her family wouldn't think anything of singles Eva and Cary diving into wedding plans. Clancy wouldn't be suspicious either. I think I did the same thing when I was mad at my fiancé and didn't want people interfering and giving me unwanted advice at the time. I left my apartment and hung out with my parents because I always gave into my now husband. BUT let's hope Eva knocks it off in the next book. She's married. It kills us because we know what it's doing to Gideon and because she promised. If Sylvia reads this, I want you to know I loved the ending of this book. It shows that they need to back up and DATE.
  6. I have something bothering me and don't have time this moment to go back and see if it was addressed here. Help me out please. Angus asks Eva if Chris believed Gideon. Angus knew? I thought only Eva figured out he was abused.
  7. Question because as many times as I've read the books... Angus asked Eva if Chris believed Gideon. He knew all along?
  8. I too loved how we got Gideon's POV so much in the Captivated By You. Eva used to break my heart, but it's Gideon that kills me now. Just want a happy ending for them. Someone cracked me up on one of the threads about Eva's form of birth control and how it has worked so far. lol. But I wouldn't we just melt if they had a little Gideon? Not sure if this girl's heart could take it!Â
  9. I read that the date for the 5th OWY won't be announced until all the foreign markets release CBY.Â
  10. I have another crush and it's on Arash. He's killing me!
  11. The Lifehouae song. That's all I'm saying. I just died.
  12. I'm back on after a few days away. Wow did I miss a lot of fun stuff! And some yummy pics too. LoL. I'm still on a personal quest for my Gideon. It's always an intense model with the inky black hair. OMG I need to get a life! LoL Back in the BTY beginnings when Sylvia used to post and repost pics of our Gideons, I said and am sticking to this: David Gandy's face is too sinister for me (everything else is godly though) Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalders are Christian Grey Henry Cavill, well people think my brother looks like him and that just ruined that whole image for me. As for the story, I agree that Megumi is in trouble because of the way Sylvia has emphasized her not responding to calls repeatedly. I think Monica acts crazy because she has put Eva in more danger than the Nathan ordeal and she hid it from everyone because she could... $$$. Eva's fighting to be a grown-up, when she's actually the strongest of the whole bunch. If you're looking for a read to get you through, try Shelby Reed's new book 'Games People Play.' It coincides with her 'The Fifth Favor' that Sylvia introduced us to, but you don't have to read one before the other. Now back to catching up on your great posts...
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