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50 Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey

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I'm not sure who all here has read this book but 50 Writer's on Fifty Shades of Grey is exactly what it's title is and I really enjoyed Sylvia Day's take on it. For those of you who hadn't read what she wrote about it, she talked about how she met someone who said to her "Oh you write THOSE books" and how Sylvia was a little offended over it and wondered if the woman knew that no one brown paper bag's their "naughty" books anymore. She talked a lot about how it use to be hard to get your erotic romance stories out there and how difficult it was for fans to find them. Not to mention that the cover's of the books left little to the imagination and the titles of them were blunt with what the book were about. But thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey all that was changed.  She said that the books are still being brown paper bagged just in a different way. With ribbons, high heels, scarfs etc. on the cover but people still know what's going on when they come across a book like that. It made me realize how much things must have changed for books like that after Fifty Shades came out. 

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