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Writing about forceful sex?

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First of all, I am a fan of Sylvia Day's, and one of the things I think you need in order to be true fan of anybody's is to disagree with them every once in a while. That being said, I've noticed in several of Sylvia's books that there have been female character's telling the male characters "no" while he continues to pin them down (usually on the floor) as they are trying to get away. The reason's are usually brought on by her just being stubborn when it's clear that she wants him. This might seem romantic to some but to me it's no different to rape. This usually takes place in her historical books and I recall one (can't remember which book) where one of the male character's pins the female character on the floor although she fights and tells him no then after that when he talks to her and asks her if she wants to have sex with him, her response is "Do I have a choice"? I'm concerned about this because I heard before that a certain percentage of erotic romance reader's are men who are trying to figure out what women likes romantically. So if they read books where a girl is clawing across the floor with a guy holding her down and back while he starts kissing and fondling her, what does that say to the men looking for advice through these books?

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