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  1. Appropriately dosed psychiatric meds are fine throughout pregnancy,,there are certainly some that we don't give during pregnancy, and usually women who are on those and then find out early that they are pregnant are fine, we switch them over and there is no sequelae,,,however, OD'ing on meds (who knows what she took) to make you unconscious doesn't sound like regular anti-depression meds and if it was enough to make her unconscious with low blood pressure then yes the lack of oxygen perfusion to the placenta and fetus can cause a miscarriage...my take is that she purposely tried to kill herself and the baby (ive always thought she knew she was pregnant) once JFG told her Gideon was engaged and her ply wouldnt work... Â OK ob gyn physiology lecture of the day...gotta go see patients anyway, bye
  2. SHe sounds like she's on a bad soap opera
  3. Hope your boss doesn't catch you...
  4. I hate being the nosy ob gyn here but you know we often do paternity testing....
  5. OMG Sylvia should hire you as an assistant writer...I don't have time to read this carefully but man you are good, I'll save it for later!!!!!!
  6. You know as I was first reading Entwined it never entered my mind that that's why Corrine booked it to NYC very fast...I think this is a very good theory...but clearly she needed to get Gideon in the sack very very fast... Â truth be told I think with our accurate dating by ultrasound she couldnt have pulled it for long...I have a wheel that dates day of conception pretty accurately,,,she'd still be 5-6 weeks off,,, Â and I agree I think it was a last ditch at saving the marriage, likely provoked by JFG rather than Corrine...
  7. I dont know too many psychiatrists that get pregnancy tests on patients...they tell you to go to your ob/gyn...certainly we have different psychiatric meds we use in pregnancy that's why its important for pts on meds to know early on if they are pregnant...
  8. No the urine pregnancy tests are very accurate;;;you don't need much pregnancy hormone to have it be positive,,,but it doesnt tell you how far along you are or if the pregnancy is working out or not  for that we usually first do blood numbers (called Beta hCG) and if there is a question that its too low or not rising appropriately we get a sonogram which is the most accurate in terms of dating and/or if its working out (you can still have a positive urine pregnancy test and have the pregnancy not working out)  so getting back to our corrine question, if she was 5-6 weeks pregnant there in France a urine pregnancy test would be positive immediately then and there...time for her to head into the trap Gideon plan...  was that the ob/gyn question of the day?
  9. Lets be realistic: with money and connections she could throw a killer NYC wedding by December, no problem,,,I've seen it done with less time
  10. Â It is not uncommon for journalists to stalk their prey,,,I imagine she has personal and professional reasons to lurk in that lobby frequently
  11. Not too much for me either  lol  I think we r a pretty racy group overall, that's my impression so far
  12. Sounds like many of you are perimenopausal too...this from the ob/gyn MD
  13. Im afraid that after the mega success of superman our favorite Gideon is out of the running....can't imagine he'll do a TV series with 2 or 3 more superman movies to go...ok ladies who is our backup actors,,,although we will always still love Henry best and thanks for all the pics,,,makes my day better,,,hot hot hot
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