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  1. Hello Ladies,  Hope you are all well.  I found it difficult to read these chapters. It was definitely rough and more than a few times I had to remind myself that I was reading Gideon's POV.  I have a feeling this book is gonna do us in!
  2. Nov 18th... HERE WE COME!

  3. Hello ladies, dropping by to say hello! It's been a while since I've been on. Seeing what's going on lately is kinda sad. We are a very positive bunch and in a sense attacking the one person whose work we are here to celebrate goes against the purpose of this forum. I want CBY just as much as the next person but all we can do is wait.... Our patience will be rewarded with Gideon lol
  4. Â I tend to not re-read more than 2 times so by the time CBY comes out I would have to read EWY again... I never even finished the 2nd re-read of EWY because I got busy with school!Â
  5. Â I'll do a re-read as well! I was going to suggest it on FB Â
  6. Â There's hope Barb!!! tiny bit of hope!Â
  7. Â They sure can! But like i've said before I would prefer if they don't do a huge wedding and I prefer we never find out what their vows were. Just a personal preference but of course I wont mind reading if they do the NYC wedding! lolÂ
  8. It's crossfire universe... anything can happen. If SD wants it open it shall be open!Â
  9. Â Yes he went to her for help because she's his mother!! She was the person in his life that was supposed to look out for him. She could have had an influence on him but seeing how he interacts with her it looks like a negative influence. Any child goes to their parents for help, even if they don't have a strong relationship. She was supposed to protect him but didn't. That's where she fell short.Â
  10. Â Very true Julie. Angus is the only man Gideon trusts with his life and the only one who he could remotely consider a father like figure.Â
  11. Â I completely agree julie! I know we will find out things we could have never imagined. SD does that to us, gives us a bone and we take it somewhere then when the book comes out we are completely blinded and shocked and wayyyy off on our theories lol!Â
  12. Â I think he doesn't want to acknowledge it. This is a man that for so many years has completely disregarded his demons. It's going to be a while before he acknowledges things that he for so long has suppressed.Â
  13. Yes!! Â Â Well of course he is going to have those issues. As a boy he was left to be with psychiatrist while his mom was still reeling from his father's death. So in a sense he was left by both.Â
  14. Â I agree, this is gonna be Eva's biggest struggle, having Gideon let her "in" so he can finally be at peace with his demons and not just suppress them. Once he's at peace then he can devote ALL of himself to Eva and their relationship.Â
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