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  1. Hello Ladies,  Hope you are all well.  I found it difficult to read these chapters. It was definitely rough and more than a few times I had to remind myself that I was reading Gideon's POV.  I have a feeling this book is gonna do us in!
  2. Nov 18th... HERE WE COME!

  3. Hello ladies, dropping by to say hello! It's been a while since I've been on. Seeing what's going on lately is kinda sad. We are a very positive bunch and in a sense attacking the one person whose work we are here to celebrate goes against the purpose of this forum. I want CBY just as much as the next person but all we can do is wait.... Our patience will be rewarded with Gideon lol
  4. Â I tend to not re-read more than 2 times so by the time CBY comes out I would have to read EWY again... I never even finished the 2nd re-read of EWY because I got busy with school!Â
  5. Â I'll do a re-read as well! I was going to suggest it on FB Â
  6. Â There's hope Barb!!! tiny bit of hope!Â
  7. Â They sure can! But like i've said before I would prefer if they don't do a huge wedding and I prefer we never find out what their vows were. Just a personal preference but of course I wont mind reading if they do the NYC wedding! lolÂ
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