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  1. How do we add pictures in a post??? Does anyone know how?? Please help
  2. Lmao!!! Oh lord I have been reading the posts and I too was wondering what a " preistesst gown" was until I read the last post explaining the confusion due to spelling error oh I love this forum I literally spit coffee onto my table laughing you ladies crack me up!! :)
  3. I agree I don't believe her dinner with Brett had any intention of being malicious toward gideon just confirming without words that she is his regardless of who was with her and for whatever his ( Bret's intentions) might be.... Also how do we put photos up in a post??? Still super new thank u on advance for the help lol Also can anyone guess what the title for book 4 will be???? I have a couple in mind my number one is "Bound to you" and second pick is "Stand by you" Also does anyone have any hopes for book 4 or 5 other then an Elizabeth smack down lol I personally would love something really traumatic to happen like eva taking a bullet 🔫for gideon Orr getting kidnapped Orr some crazy twist where maybe someone who we r warning up to like magdalene is really scheming something viscous like the Brett sex tape📼!!! Dun Dun Dun!!!! Lol
  4. Love reading everyone's posts they crack me up and get me through my day can't get enough!! Okay so please no one shank me for my next statement so hear me out!... I honestly think yes Christopher jr is a real ...however... I think I do have a soft spot for him in a way... There's so much more to this then what we are picturing and seeing for ourselves the fact that he's younger then gideon and was obviously aware of what Hugh was doing to young gideon had to frighten an already rebelling little boy seeking attention of his mother but here's my question do we think Chrissy jr was molested as well? And perhaps denied these allegations bc he was afraid? In riy I keep remembering the day eva was about to chew Chrissy jr a new one but then relented when she herself realized he was just a child himself and that all his issues were pure jealousy ... Maybe once the truth is brought to light and hopefully eva slaps some reality into Elizabeth we can dig into the root of Chrissy jr and find that maybe he really loves his older brother and idolizes him so much that the truth will break down his walls?? ... Just a thought lol
  5. I understood this as gideon promising Deanna the first pictures of there upcoming wedding nut the secret wedding that took place on the beach ...? I couldn't picture gideon telling Deanna they were already married or sharing with the world ( especially Eva's friends n family) they ran off an got married ... I assumed he was referring to her getting first dibs on the upcoming wedding?
  6. Hey ladies can someone please help me to learn how to add a photo in one of my posts? Thank you!
  7. I like Matt also but I must agree I don't think he has that edge our gideon has... I DO however LOVE Matt as Cary ... Gorgeous model beautiful eyes gorg body!!! I see it!!
  8. Hello everyone I am so thrilled to be writing finally!! I have been following this group for quite some time now and I couldn't bare it anymore I needed to join!! I am so new to this so I hope I am doing this correctly. A few things I have been curious of 1) I thought at some point in RIY sylvia stated we would be getting what it was exactly Gideon whispered or said under his breathe that Eva didn't get? Â It didn't seem clear to me what that was?...I assume its I love you but is that really it? 2) Is anyone going to tell Cary about Nathan being his attacker?...(Secretly I am hoping at some point Cary will be able to either figure things out for himself or Eva will tell him the truth, however with that Tatiana buzzing around I wouldn't be so forthcoming just yet) 3) Aside from the sexy love scenes in these novels I must say I truly hope as a reader OBSESSED with this couple, that we can get details!!...I WOULD LOVE to know what Gideon's Vows were to his lovely bride,...AND what exactly was said to Gideon by Angus that made him tear up!...anyway these are just the start of my posting can't wait to get more involved love this group of ladies!!Â
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