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  1. I'm sorry but I found myself rolling my eyes more than I was comfortable while reading this installment. My least favorite was Monica's storyline. I felt is was very fantastical and exaggerated. I left feeling very unsatisfied with a lot of topics  (Landon, the Lucases, Corrinne and her husband). I also didn't leave with the impression or confidence that Gideon or Eva would be ok or able to deal six months to a year into their relationship, or if they would be able to sustain their relationship if it was normal and without drama (I have no insight to what their lives would be like in this situation). Because of this, my imagination takes me nowhere beyond the end of the book in terms of their future. I can't imagine them as parents or what they'd do besides take vacations and have sex when celebrating milestones in their relationship. I didn't care for this one.Â
  2. Eva (I still say Ee-vah not Ay-vah, sorry Sly) (Amber [sultry and overtly sexy] or Candace [beautiful with a subtle sexiness]) or Monica (Susanna Thompson)
  3. The Club towards the start of Bared to You is not identified, the Club in Entwined with You where they have sex in the room off the walkway is Primal.  Crosstrainer gyms Kingsman Vodka Cross Towers and Casino in Vegas La Rose Noir winery D'Argos Regal is the hotel on Thirty-sixth (the eff pad)  Tableau One is Arnaldo's restaurant  Thanks! I though he was an investor/partner in Tableau One
  4. Hey all, I need help keeping track of all of G's businesses. If you remember them all, add to the list I have here (I don't recall an official name for some of them) Cross IndustriesCrossfire buildingVidal RecordsCrosswinds ResortArnaldo's restaurant (name?)Crossroads (charity)Night Club (name?)Eva's building (name?)Vegas Hotel (name? Was this another branch of the Crosswinds ala Hilton?)eff pad (name?)Game division (name?)Did I miss any? Which is the most interesting to you? I have to say Cross Industries as a whole as I assume it controls and manages everything else.
  5. Arash wouldn't be the one to fact check, it would HAVE to be Gideon and she knows this.  Publishing the book is the only way to ensure that Gideon reads it. She could hand him her diaries and he could simply chuck it in the garbage or the fire. In order for him to take any legal steps like she KNOWS he's want to, he'd have to read it and provide proof that a specific thing is false.  By trying to find proof that whatever she wrote was false, he'd have to think back to the time it happened. She's counting on that. Her plan is actually a good way of getting him to remember. If Gideon was in a different state (i.e he loved her, was torn between the two women etc) she's actually have a shot of getting some positive attention. All this will do though is just prove to Gideon that Corinne was never the woman for him.  Correct as well.  She knows that the relationship though intense is fairly new. She also knows they fight quite a bit. Corrine probably thinks that Eva will indeed run away or feel threatened by what he had with her.
  6. Â Honestly. that was one of my favourite scenes in the book! Â Â I meant in general. He could possibly think that if she's willing to withhold one child's admission of abuse then she could possibly do so for all the kids. Â They've been married for many years and there are many people who the kids could have come in contact with over those years. Â I think the fact that he wasn't made aware of Gideon's admission hurt him deeply. The fact that she didn't believe him probably disgusted/disappointed him
  7. I can totally understand why Chris Sr would leave Elizabeth for not telling him about Gideon's abuse. Â As he mentioned, he's never seen Gideon as a step-son but as much of a son as he sees Chris Jr. Â That's a HUGE thing to keep from a parent. He took it as her not disclosing abuse about Chris Jr. or Ireland. Â He may also be resentful on Gideon's behalf for Elizabeth not believing him. Â He may have left to get some space or he may have left for good. Either way I can understand.
  8.  I wish I could have just clicked the little check on the side of your post lol  I think Clancy is discrete and stealthy enough to do it without getting caught. I don't think there's much he got from his FBI brother besides information. I think he mentioned being military so I'm sure they had ways to communicate without being traced.  It would explain things. Lucas is a pediatrician and Gideon bought his building to keep tabs on him. I think its safe to say that he's never found any reason to believe that Lucas has hurt any of the boys in his care or else he would have mentioned such. Lucas seems to have had more than just "brotherly protection" in his mind when he covered for Hugh.  Now that we know that Gideon was actually penetrated, I don't believe that there was anyway that Lucas missed the signs of his abuse. Before CBY, I always though Hugh had touched Gideon's p**s and there could have been some way around the physical signs but he actually did penetrate him and that would most definitely show in a 10 year old boy.  Add to the theory that Lucas did not fill his wife in on the abuse that her brother inflicted, its not hard to believe that Lucas and Hugh were probably more that just brothers-in-law.  *Is my tin hat too much? lol*
  9. Â I can't see Arnoldo working with Corrine to break Gideon and Eva up. He's Team Corrine but I don't think he'd hurt Gideon by helping her to destroy his relationship. Â I also agree about Anne being Corrine's therapist. I think she probably gently encouraged her to end her life after Gideon went back to Eva (they probably spoke about it in therapy) knowing that it would hurt Gideon because of his father's own suicide. When that didn't work, I think she tried to play her by telling her to get closure by writing her feeling down in a book. All this is speculation of course but I do think Anne isn't to be underestimated. Â Somebody mentioned the redhead receptionist also possibly being related to Anne. If the redhead uses the same temp agency as Megumi a Cross Industries background check could have been avoided. Seeing how Gideon has put Anne from his mind until now though, that could very well have slipped through the cracks even if she was subject to a Cross Industries background check. Â I don't think Anne knows about the abuse. I think Terry absorbed all of it to shield his wife from the truth about her brother. She probably just thinks that Gideon is a sadistic .
  10.  Imagine a tell all bout about one of the most unattainable, powerful and private men in the world. There are also things like his dad's schemes that they may think she has information about as well as other things. I can totally see why a publisher would be interested in a book about the Ice-man.   I agree with this part here. Eva is so quick to forgive Cary for the very large eff ups he's made but will drag Gideon across coals for keeping even the tiniest of information from her.  I disagree about him being anything like Gideon though. EVERY SINGLE THING that Gideon has done, whether he went about it the right way or no, has been to protect Eva. Faux dumping her was to protect her against prosecution for his crime in killing Nathan Not telling her before hand about his trip to Cali to deal with her sex tape with Brett was to save precious time in get the sale blocked. Having her followed (i.e provinding her with security and getting mad when she wouldn't use it) and being able to track her phone was because Nathan was still around and he was worried about her EVERY SINGLE THING that Eva got mad at Gideon for always came back to her.  That's the difference between Cary and Gideon. Cary is selfish and Gideon is selfless. He gives everything but information freely to Eva. Everything he's ever done is to protect her.  When she gets mad and an explanation is offered, 99% of the time she feels foolish because Gideon was right. I think given his track record, he deserves the benefit of the doubt and a bit of her trust because he clearly knows what he is doing.
  11.  Maybe:  Maggie: Threat to Corrine's plans Corrine: Threat to Gideon and Eva  I think Maggie is Team Gideva now that she has Gage so she'll probably help Gideon in getting Corrine to back off. Its probably about who will come out successful against each other.
  12. I should clarify, selfish in terms of not growing up and having everybody worry about him. Â E.g cutting is personal and I've never done it so I have no idea what its like but Cary does things to mess his own life up to have everybody around him freaking out all the time. He could have picked up the phone and said "Eva I need you" instead of cutting himself because he THOUGHT she was out of reach. She has her own life to live and she can't read his mind. Â The Tatiana/Trey scenario was an easy fix before he made it into the mess it currently is. He doesn't even like Tatiana so he sabotaged his own relationship with Trey for a woman he loathes leaving everybody around him worried about his happiness. Â Cary acts like a child.
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