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  1. Or it can mean that Ireland is NOW 17...I think "not being underage" in the US means 21?(Where i come from it's 18)...So we have to wait at least 4 years? If I'm correct...
  2. It says "'She's sold a tell-all book about your relationship,' she said redundantly. 'The release officially hits wire Monday morning at nine.'" Â Â
  3. I think there would have been a HUGE outrage, because originally, there should have been 3, then 5...., but in the End, yeah, there was/is so much going on. Maybe if Sylvia does right a book about Ireland, it is her way to continue the series?  I first thought, that it was Victor, who "cleaned up" everything, not Clancy. =)
  4. Sylvia just said on Twitter, that she will write a book for Ireland...Maybe THAT's why we didn't get a conclusion to everything? Because in an Ireland-book, there will be more about the future of Gideon/Eva, Trey, Chris, Christopher...even Gideon's mother?!
  5. I also think it's brain-damage, not brain-dead, because it was mentioned, that Monica wrote her letters and that Katherine was able to talk- just in a "childish"-manner...
  6. Yes! Together with the "Too pretty for your own good... Hard to say nay, when you're randy, and they're lifting their skirts." =) =) =)  Yeah...  Yes...I would definitely like to know.  Yes, I was thinking the same...  yup...  But why the build-up of everything, and then not include it? Didn't even realize, that we're missing Mark and Stephen's Wedding as well...=/  I actually thought, that it was just me, who was missing all these points/issues/whatever, and was at first a little bit frightened to write my "review"...but, seemingly, I'm not the only one... And after reading "all" of your thoughts, and that it wasn't just  me...anyone else got the feeling,that some parts just feel like someone else wrote them? And not Sylvia? Like the "don't act in public"-thing and then the picture of Gideon in the nightclub--> Maybe we were all wrong, and maybe, just maybe it does make sense and we were just wrong, ok.But IF not, IF we were right about it: Would Sylvia really make such a mistake?
  7. There are dogs who can "predict" an epileptic seizure minutes before the person notices ANYTHING...there is def. truth and science behind it, although, I have to admit, these dogs are trained for it(and therefore really expensive), BUT it does work! Just found a link:Â http://www.epilepsy.com/get-help/staying-safe/seizure-dogs
  8. No, but he rarely(?) did have sex with the women in the F***p** either...He took them there to use them...
  9. To me, it doesn't make sense that... e.g. This picture of Gideon had been taken, because the way I understood it, Gideon had his F***p**, and didn't interact sexually anywhere else...maybe I misunderstood?;Â Eva's quick(?) healing after her mother died;Â Clancy's quick explanation at the end of the book about Monica's backstory- yes, I know, there were clues about *something*, but *hm*;Â Eva's not sensing that Gideon didn't tell her something(the evening when her mother died;..when Gideon and Dr peterson discussed that gideon wants Eva all for himself, and Eva tried to share him with everyone(basically), he brings the issue later up with Eva, but somehow it gets resolved too quickly, and starts to like "other people" too quickly..the way some thing we thought were really important and an huge issue, were resolved rather quickly, and some others, which haven't been mentioned before, were *hm* focused on?(focused is the wrong word here...too strong...when I remember the right one, I switch it out =) There are a lot of things, BUT- as I said before- maybe I have to reread it, because I didn't get/comprehend it all due to lack of sleep?! There are also SOOOOOOO many things that I loved...and the were all in the first part of the book...so maybe it IS because I just couldn't comprehend it all at once =) I LOVED the puppy scene(I can't get a dog-*Sure you can-I don't want a dog-*Sure you do), I LOVED the scenarios with Dr Peterson, Loved how Gideon opened up, due to Eva..I loved when Gideon confronted his mother- even though it has a deep, and important, and not funny it all...it just is/was so important; I loved that we got to know more about Angus; when Gideon showed up at Eva's farewell-party, when he finally relaxed and realized, that that moment, when Eva and Lucky and he were in Bed, felt like home...I LOVED, that we got the feeling, that Gideon ist healing, and happy.... Â
  10. Yep...asked myself that same questions....to my understanding, he was only "doing this stuff" in the F***p**.  I don't feel disappointed...maybe still confused...and maybe some things need time to fall into place...  For me, there are at one side the "doesn't make sense"-issues, and on the other side the"no closure"-issues...I was thinking a lot about the "no closure"-issues today: Readers always want(ok, maybe not always, but we tend to want it) everything tied up, so that we feel the book/story is finished, and there's is nothing more to add. But, maybe, we look at it from a fall perspective: Life itself isn't a one-sided story, with a beginning and an end. This story isn't finished. And it's not like we, and all of our friends find love/happiness, etc all at once... and so, we were just allowed to accompany/follow  Gideon and Eva for a short period of their lifes. Their lives, and all of their friends' lifes goes on...It that way, we actually never ever have to say goodbye to all of them(maybe except Monica), in that way, the story is unique...and in that way, again, it just feels so REAL....
  11. Thank You! Â Regarding Clancy's Team- Yep, thought so as well....I wouldn't go so far as to say it was his fault, but just maybe some small guilt-feelings? Funeral- My thoughts as well... Eva's healing-yeah...I actually wondered, why they would go on honeymoon, if Eva's mother recently died... Clancy's narration- When the "Monica is not who she says she is" first came up, I was like- huh? ok? where does this suddenly came from?, Then I felt a huge build-up to this story...and then again- in one sitting resolved? just like that? *hm* Â Somehow the last bit of the book didn't fit...also Gideon's reaction, his thoughts..I understand, that he didn't know how to tell Eva, that her mother died- but Eva ALWAYS sensed when Gideon was hiding something...not this evening? And the next day- when Gideon talked to Chris about Hugh and whether he believes that Christopher was raped as well...The transition from *not talking at all* to *talking with his stepfather* about it, want somehow to quickly... Â I don't know...while reading it, e.g. when they were siting at the table(charity) and Eva worried about the Lucases- Gideon fell backing his old behavior, to distract Eva with sex(actually really filthy words, but you know what I mean)..and then again, when Gideon didn't tell Eva about her mother right away..again old behavior...for a small amount of time, I didn't think, that they would make it(as in "having a HEA")....but then everything resolved so quickly...I know, and I said before, that there was a lot of amazing character development...but it seemed too quickly...then again, maybe it was just really lack of sleep... off-topic: Anyone else having difficulties logging-in? After a few minutes, the system itself logs me out, and then won't accept my password anymore...had to renew my password today for 3 times already =/
  12. So, I also finished it last night =)(around 4AM, lol)  So.....if there are any grammar/understanding issues, I'm sorry, english is not my first language, but-feel free to point them out, I will try to describe it in other words =)  First of all, this book and Sylvia's writing hit so close to home in many points...it feels sometimes so real, I kind of started thinking "yeah, exactly, what I would have said/done/thought"...Gideon once said something like "good at believing what they wanted, and ignoring any proof to the contrary" about his mother(?)- this, and the reaction of her, when he confronted her- it was like he was talking about members of my family, who would/have react(ed) in the same way(as to believing what they wanted, and somehow force their own illusional world...regardless if others are left behind(just to clarify- no sexual abuse, but there are other ways...) I have NEVER read a book(or anything) that made me feel that way- a huge THANK YOU to Sylvia, you are truly an amazing writer! ......What I also loved was the characters development, the way they grew- Eva for example, when you compared her to the first book, where she herself needed help, to now, where she git help, healed, and was able to help others(Gideon in this case, so that he would open up more)- she wanted to help him in the other books as well, but I got the feeling, the she always pushed and pushed(often too much)- She didn't do that in OWY...she wanted him to open up, to FEEL- and did this this time(e.g.) with Lucky...because animals love unconditionally...there were so many situations, that I simply loved...because(as I said) they felt real.....and have to tip my (imaginary) hat to Sylvia, that she's able to write like that! Thank You!! You are amazing!!  But(sorry), there are also bits I don't really understand...I always had the feeling, that(in the previous books) there was not-so-little focus on Gideon's and Eva's sexual relationship-development--> that Eva is actually submissive, and Gideon is working his way "in", Eva was bound, they experienced a little bit with pain, they had the swing....maybe a missed something, but....?...Then, what happens to Cary/Trey/Tat? I understand, that it is Eva's and Gideon's story, and the evolved to a point, where they able (as Sylvia said) to manage their problems on their own- I got that feeling, also with Cary...but still*hm*...something is missing somehow... The last 15-20% I didn't understand...maybe I have to read it again, and it was also due to lack of sleep...but the complex story of Monica's background? And that she got shot? By a patient of Anne? That last part was somehow too complex, too much(?), and, on the other hand, the issue with the book, and Anne, and Corinne, and Brett got too easily solved(also Christopher)? I don't know...maybe I really have to read it again, but, to me, it felt like there was a huge build-up to the book, and Anne, and Corinne(maybe also Brett), and Christopher...and then got easily solved, but other, new issues(Monica's past and death) arose out of nothing?! Right now, I'm really confused....Also, Eva's Job...And the dream-sequences, where they talk to their deceased loved-ones....I think I just have to read it again... I would have also liked some look in the future...with a grown Lucky, Gideons finding out, that Eva's pregnant...would have been wonderful, BUT I also really really liked the Epilogue the way it is...and who knows? Maybe we get some short 'snippets' in the future?  If you made it that far- Thanks for reading!  Â
  13. BTW: regarding the book covers: "we" were right about the Pen belonging to Gideon's father- but I still don't know what the other book cover represents...someone else maybe?
  14. I'm not so sure if Cary's the "bad guy", bc the moment Eva asked hin to stay with her at her mum's place, he went with her, and was there for her...would it be different, if HE had the troubles and asked Eva for help? I definitely think so..she would have stayed with Gideon...
  15. Hy! I'm back as well (although I haven't been as active as other members here After the first read-through: Wow. Different. Have now a complete different picture of Gideon...he is far more vulnerable than I thought when I read the first 3 books...first thought: not sure if I like it...second thought: Eva always said how vulnerable he is(in her own words)--> maybe I just didn't get it there, and that's why he needed his own Voice in this book. Still Not sure what I should think of it...need time Regarding corrine: I think the reason for the book is the same as for the suizid-attempt: her therapist...who might be Anne...just she doesn't know about the connecting between Gideon and her, bc he never told her...
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