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  1. About Gideon being sick, I think Arash might have been referring to the time when he was separated from Eva while pretending to date Corrine. I would have thought he was unbearable to be around then too due to lack of sleep and being grumpy. Â Â THE COVER FOR UK! I haven't seen where its commented, it looks like the draw string to Gideon's sweat pants. The ones he used to tie Eva up with in the lift, I'm not sure about the silk around it???
  2. I haven't thought about Cary and Anne that could be a possibility. But didn't Cary help Eva investigate Lucas in book 3 my thought would be he must know who she really is?? but then again he did hook up with her at the end of Entwined and couldn't remember her name.  I loved finally finding out the root of Gideon's brunette's fetish, I have to give props to Sylvia for showing us how Hugh really messed with G's mind by showing him pictures of women who look like his mom. "all little boys wants to F### their mommies" lol
  3. The discussion about Chris and Liz talking about the abuse is in chapter 9 where Eva and Gideon are having pizza and she asks him why he never told Chris about the abuse himself and he replies that his mother told Chris because he heard them discussing it at the dinner table one night.  I've heard a few people saying that Corrine's book will talk about their Kinky sex life but I don't think that he had that kind of sex life with her at all. I think he started experimenting with kinky stuff after she broke off the engagement. He expresses that Corrine had always soothed him which stems from his 'mommy issues' based on how he pointed out that she dresses the same as his mother. I doubt that he would have been rough with her during sex or passionate the way he was with Eva in Bryant Park in book 1.
  4. I agree with you about Arnoldo being on Corrine's side, and I still think Anne is her therapist pushing her to win Gideon by exposing her feelings to the world through a book. I'm also plotting that Hugh was having an affair with Lucas???? Christopher might have been abused which is what Gideon overheard Liz and Chris discussing one night at the dinner table??
  5. I've been thinking that maybe Christopher might be Corrine's baby daddy!! There is a possibility that Christopher was "comforting"/ screwing Corrine the same way he was doing Magdalene over Gideon and Eva's relationship??? Just a thought Â
  6. I really enjoyed Scandalous Liaisons! I loved all the three stories, Her Mad Grace had me in stitches the entire time. I would have loved to know if they ever found the Treasure and when Charlotte mentioned the love story about the woman who ran off with a pirate I wandered if it was Sebastian's mother!! Â
  7. ....to the Admin for accepting my request!! I'm glad I can start asking my own questions!!
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