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  1. What about the fact that she hasn't released anything else except CWY in the last two years. She has other books that have been on the same coming soon list that there are no dates or even year release dates for. Are they holding everything she has up until OWY is released? And if they are trying to keep with the 'at least one book a year' lets hope OWY does come out before the end of the year. Plus, I think we only had 6 week notice before CWY came out and she still hit number one on 5 different lists.  I think she could debut the cover and the release date the day before and would still be number one on all 5 of those lists again. She replies to one person on Facebook and this forum knows about it the same day. She has the reach she needs. She doesn't need to give us advance notice for us all to panic and go straight online and order the book.
  2. Hi jnmclain... I saw that too!!! I was listening to him talking about his movie but all I could think of was Gideon LOL Cant wait to see Man from Uncle so I can drool over him for a couple of hours uninterrupted.     And tomorrow on Live! Armie is on there and he is nice look at too. That will be a nice long diversion to watch this weekend LOL!!;)
  3. Has anyone else read the excerpt? I didn't even know she had posted it. http://www.sylviaday.com/books/captivated-by-you/#excerpt
  4. Nice theory! And that would led into the whole dark past of Gideon.
  5. Sorry, I got so tired of everyone being negative about the release of the remainder of the story and berating Sylvia over something she had no control over. Reading that negativity can overflow into everyday life and I’m sick of seeing that stuff instead of discussing the possible paths her future books could go. I just want to get back to the discussion of the books and story lines. But I am starting to read the first three books in October so when the 4th is released, I’ll be ready to dissect.  Back to Cary's story. He and Eva have a co-dependent relationship that developed out of growing up in tough times that they clung to each other to help 'save' each other through their difficult times and function in their present lives, which for Cary seems to still need more help from Eva with the orgies and such. They are both growing up and slowly not becoming as dependent on each other. Gideon knows about this attachment and doesn't encourage it but I think he sees that they are growing out of it to an extent and growing up. He offered his side apartment to Cary to be close to Eva when she moves in but now that Tatiana is pregnant (which I think is crap and a ploy of some sort that will eventually lead back to biting Gideon and Eva in the butt) I have no clue as to whether Cary will step up and try to be a man/dad or flake and hang on to Eva and their friendship.  And we know that she and Cary go back to San Diego for time with the Doc, but if he just found out that Tatiana is pregnant, I'm a little surprised that he is willing to make that trip instead of figure out what is going on in his life. I know the Doc could help him navigate that, but I'm just a little surprised.
  6. Back to the discussion of the pen on the front of CBY. The front of the books have meant something to the stories and not just 'belong' to either Gideon or Eva. The other books showed something that represented something completely different than just the object.  In my opinion, Gideon's cufflinks were a sign of who he was and his power, having nothing to do with falling in love for the first time in his life or possibly the things he would do for that person (kill someone). The key fob on RIY had Gideon's initials but it was a sign of the trust Eva was putting into him with access to her life/house. The luggage tags on ETW showed Gideon's name but the underlying one only showed the beginnings of Cross and could have easily been Eva's but we didn't know that until you got to the part about them traveling to get married. I think Gideon was determined to 'bind her to him' in a contractually way but making her his in the end and also for protection against her past and who knows, maybe his. Plus this plan was in motion way before the move to fly off to get married.  And in my opinion I think the 10th floor of his building is under construction for a business for her. I think he will make her start an advertising/PR business for Cross Industries and bring her boss, Mark, along to help.  My opinion is that there is an underlying purpose of Gideon's or his dad's pen. If you look at the UK version, there is a silver rope in the picture. They could both show being bind by or to someone, as in, married to Gideon now and will stand by him (via a contract, marriage license that Eva could sign with the pen, a business) or a contract in a sense that Gideon has signed with someone that binds him to his dark past that is supposed to be revealed in the last two books. I am inclined to think the pen could be 'mightier than the sword' and with Eva's help, Gideon will use his business sense to remove or disentangle himself from that past.
  7. A similar but still Tiffany's ring. http://beladora.com.betasites.soundst.com/store/505293_tiffany_co_schlumberger_diamond_x_ring_in_18k_and_platinum
  8. Found Eva's ring: Tiffany & Co. 1990 "Schlumberger" Platinum & 18K 1.00 cttw. Diamond Ring on sale on ruelala.com for $4,750 It's not letting me put the picture on here. It is platinum in the center, with gold "X's" hugging it with diamond baguettes in between the "X's".  Let me know if you need an invite to the website to see the ring. https://www.ruelala.com/boutique/product/74886/11179220/
  9. I figured they would push both back or just book 5 since we are nearing the end of the year and they haven't even given us a title of book 5, neverless the teaser on the back. I'm not complaining. Just getting book 4 by the end of the year will suffice my needs/wants and I will patiently wait for book 5. Because either way, I want to read about the ending of this story reguardless of the wait. Keep up the good work Sylvia!! I can't wait for your other contemporary romance to come out. And I promise to visit you again when you are back in the Phoenix area.
  10. I thought the same thing when I read it. It could be perceived in a couple different ways. Is he pushing her away (tearing like ripping) or is he crying trying to play her emotions to make her leave him.
  11. Ok. We know Gideon shows up in San Diego with Eva. We know he is dealing with demons and ghosts in the next book. The only thing that I haven't seen brought up is Gideon's night terrors/nightmares that prevents him from sharing a bed with Eva. I know this have to bother Gideon as much as Eva. He can't share a bed with his own wife because of what might happen to her, what he might do to her without any control over his actions at the time. I don't know about y'all but I think this will be a BIG issue for Gideon. We saw how hurt he was after he unknowingly attacked Eva BOTH times and she had to deal with her own demons surfacing from his actions.  In my opinion, Gideon is afraid to seek out the help of a psychiatrist in NYC because anyone there might have ties to Ann and her whole psychiatrist messed up family and they might interfere with any treatment he might be seeking out for the night terrors. So maybe he is not only in San Diego for Eva (and knowing Brett is there). Maybe he is there to seek out treatment with Eva's long trusted psychiatrist that helped her or at least get a referral from him that he could trust to do therapy with. What do y'all think?
  12.   Wow!! Sylvia did say it woud happen fast. That is only 4 months away if the date holds up.
  13. I plan on reading all three, again, before CBY comes out.Â
  14. As soon as CBY comes out we will be frantic for the last book.  Since we know CBY is imminent (hoping, praying), we will be wanting the end of the story soon after.  So, on to the next questions everyone will be asking as soon as we have a release date for CBY.  What is the next/last book's title or temporary title? Is there Cover Art yet or in the works? How long after CBY comes out will the last one be released? (Same year? 2014) Is there a novella after the last book?
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