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  1.  Stanton would also have his own circle of friends who would have rallied round. We don't actually know that Eva did not go to Stanton, some of the after events of the death were written from Gideon's POV and he did text Stanton offering any assistance. Cary had been with him "Stanton, man ... He aged right in front of me. Like thirty years just ran through him while I was standing there." Stanton had his voicemail turned on and was not taking calls when Eva and Cary did try to contact him. Eva was also probably aware that being so like her mother he would find it hard seeing
  2. I'd forgotten that scene from Captivated, where he commented re the two women. Shows that you really do have to read these books carefully and remember things as Sylvia does wait a while before returning to some subjects and not always in much detail. A lot of people felt the Monica storyline came out of the blue yet people on this forum had spotted that there were clues to some back story which may be crucial.
  3. And he's just over 6' so almost the right height. Wonder if he can act and how his accent sounds? Although I tended to envisage David Gandy as Gideon I could never see David with the necessary long hair, has Henry ever appeared with long hair? I prefer Gandy or this Nelson guy's body to Henry's (I think Henry is a little too buff for Gideon but that's purely how I imagined the character, I don't see Henry as lean but again that's my own interpretation of the description). Whoever gets the role I shall try to hold back on any 'that's not who I see in the role) as whoever it is WILL b
  4. https://www.buzzfeed.com/crossfireseriesx/the-10-hottest-scenes-in-the-crossfire-series-1oruz
  5. If you right click and choose save as the name Nelson Ribeiro appears. He's a Portuguese model. Video of him on the catwalk in 2009 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXU71sS89VA http://worldofmodels.org/nelsonribeiro/?lang=en
  6. Yes but the existing Crossfire series is set in the year 2012 which is now in the past - even though the last book only came out this week it is about a period four years ago. So in real time Ireland is now 21 or 22 so if her story will be about her at age 23-24 and Sylvia and the character get into communication we could see a book in a couple of years or a little later. If she is 24, the age Eva has been in these books, Gideon can't complain if she has a good relationship.
  7. She began writing Bared in 2011 so presumably the entire series took place that year or maybe 2012. Ireland was 17. So in 2016 Ireland is 21/22. Maybe she needs to be 24 (like Eva was) so we may have to wait a couple of years. No problem with that as we have the Blacklist books to come and fill the interim.
  8. I need to see him acting so will find an episode of Teen Wolf to watch. However he's in Fifty Shades Darker so maybe they wouldn't consider actors from one series being in Crossfire?????? And looks like they are playing around with the 50 Shades books if they are expanding a role so not exactly true to the books then.   Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin has been added to the cast of Fifty Shades Darker, Universal confirmed . He’ll play Boyce Fox, a co-worker of Anastasia Steele. Though Fox is only briefly mentioned in E L  James’ books, his role as a rising auth
  9. The above quote is on Facebook. And it's getting a great reception. Someone has mentioned not liking the thought of Ireland in a steamy novel and how no boyfriend for her could be as hot as Gideon - Sylvia's response "But he'd have to be quite a man to go toe-to-toe with Gideon, who we all know will be his usual super protective self." Â
  10. Someone just instagrammed the following statement from Sylvia (I don't know where Sylvia posted this) One of the questions that came up a lot over the last week that I've been on tour is whether we'll see the Crossfire Series crew again. I think the answer to the question would be of interest to many here, too so I'll share it. All of my stories, whether they're contemporary, historical, paranormal or futuristic, take place in the same fictional universe (otherwise known as the crazy place that's my imagination). There are no silos for me. I don't end a book or series and close
  11. I also believe the people marking low stars on reviews are doing so purely because of their need for the tieing up of all the other characters rather than the writing and the storyline. And just seen one person say that Sylvia has strayed too far from the formula for this book - what formula? Have I missed something? Are writers supposed to slavishly follow a formula so every book is pretty much the same? Is that why people were complaining at there being 5 books - are all authors meant to write a trilogy and set the story out in the same way? Does every story have to end up with the t
  12. I liked Fifty Shades but didn't like the bdsm aspect of it, my sister borrowed the books and insisted Christian was grooming Ana which I didn't think was the case, but sister reckoned if someone was going to be as interested in sex as Ana proved to be she would surely not have still been a virgin????? The base storyline was fine, and the writing okay but I prefer Sylvia's writing and her depth of characterisation, particularly as the basis of two abuse sufferers and their road to recovery was interesting and needed some research. Those posting on both Sylvia's page and other review site
  13. Not sure if any of my little notes from yesterday's reading are of help and apologies if any have already been included, I'm still not up to speed on discussions (friends leave on Wednesday so life goes back to normal pace). In the part where Gideon is talking to Angus when they first discovered about Monica's real name Monica Dieck was scared, 'when she heard Lauren's name she went white as a ghost' I think someone questioned that Gideon maybe didn't have sufficient security with just having Angus and Raul -and those mentioning the offer to Victor to be security - in Gideon's thoug
  14. I may be confusing this with another fan fiction about Gideon and Christian - they had the two of them having a one off 'relationship' - n0t my thing and I didn't continue reading after that.
  15. I can understand fans wanting to write what they think might happen with book characters, but not in this way, bringing two sets of characters into one story, and the bit they wrote about Christian and Gideon together was not necessary. That said I follow some role playing people on Twitter, there are several Gideon Cross/Eva/Christian/Ana etc. I've two Gideons, one Ana and Hudson Chase (Ann Marie Walker's Chasing Fire series). The two Gideons use David Gandy for their avatar and for photos they post, and Ann Marie based Hudson on David Gandy - the Hudson and one of the Gideons chat a
  16. It would be the press release that would hit the wire, doubt the book would warrant a rushed release on the Monday with no pre-publicity, even though people might be interested in Gideon's life and the role Corinne played in it, they were only together for something like two years so there would have to be some research done into his life before and after Corinne - this could, of course, be where Deanna intended to include her own bit about Gideon being violent towards women? The only woman we are aware (I think) he was in any way violent towards is Anne.
  17. After the end of One With You there's the first few pages of So Close and mention of Kane being the most eligible bachelor in town as the last most eligible has just eloped (Gideon). We also have been told that the Blacklist has something to do with a record company. We've also been told by Sylvia confirming it that we will hear more about Gideon and Eva and I believe we may also hear more about Jax and Gia.   I began reading that fan fiction and I agree, there was something I didn't like which I think was out of character for both of them, but believe the fan fiction was
  18. In response to a Facebook question as to whether we would hear more about Gideon and Eva Sylvia said   YES which of course was inevitable if there is to be a book about Ireland (or is it that Ireland is in the Blacklist stories?) As So Close had a snippet in One With You I did suspect there might be more about known characters, even if just mentions that answer questions. As to reviews, I have no problem with anyone who wrote, as we have on here, that some story lines are not tied up, but some people on various sites really don't know how to phrase things polite
  19. Definitely emotional, definitely worth re-reading. And so true, every line has to be absorbed as it has meaning. I'm waiting for the Blacklist books in the hope there is some crossover, and for whatever the intention is re writing about Ireland (which could, of course, be some involvement in the Blacklist books).
  20. Another quote from OWY from Gideon's POV - thoughts in his head Chagrined I looked out the windows at the city I loved. Only Eva knew about the hotel room I'd kept perpetually reserved - my 'f*** pad' as she'd called it. Until her it was the only place where I took women for sex. It was safe. Impersonal. There was nothing to learn about me there but how I looked nude and how I liked to f**k. Leaving New York meant I wouldn't get laid so of course I'd always insisted the guys keep our prowling close to home. Not got time at the moment to go back to previous books where he
  21. Was it to do with them both growing more together, not fighting against each other so much? I'm still on my re-read and making notes and think I may have to do a third read once more members questions/comments appear so I can see if there is any clue. But this last book is them together, working almost as one, Eva definitely not walking away when she gets annoyed at the slightest thing, Gideon accepting that he can't necessarily do everything himself and she is capable of dealing with what are now 'their' problems rather than just his or hers. Arash was taken aback that Eva knew about De
  22. Nothing spoiled at all, I was leaving reading any of it until the book came out but it makes sense now that I should delve into what is to come.
  23. Picture of a booth with curtains around the sides and one that can be pulled across the front. So if this is indicative of the kind of booth Gideon may have been in with the two women, there's no room for anyone else so his friends would not be there, but it is also possible for a photographer to get a photo sneakily by slightly pulling aside the curtain (the occupants would be too absorbed in what they are doing to notice) or from above the curtain. It's also, of course, possible this took place in one of Gideon's clubs, after it had closed for the evening and the place was empty of ot
  24. I wasn't going to read the extract but I will once I get to the end of my re-read.Â
  25. Why is it each time I've posted since I added the original quote, it has re-appeared in the reply box when I return to the site hours later? I'm stuck with a quote in every reply I make, that I don't want!  Anyway - on to my comment for this morning I've not read much overnight so nothing yet to add re the story. TV Series - from some of the things written overnight, are some members thinking the tv series covers more than the books? I assumed it would just cover the story we have read and end as the books have, but (and here I may have interpreted what was posted inc
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