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  1. Last night I read the chapter where Gideon meets with Corinne to try and convince her not to publish the book - in this chapter he 'ended up back on track' with Arnoldo. Tonight is the chapter with the swing, tomorrow Gideon without Eva and Monday the final chapter plus the first chapter of One With You from the web site and then fingers crossed by the time I've read those (I begin reading at about 23.30) my e-book will have appeared and I will then force myself to stay awake to read the whole book.  I've found reading a chapter a day has been useful, I've spotted things I'd not really
  2. Not sure I will read the Blacklist bit straight away. In the past I read other authors 'bits at the back of the book' and then forgot about them. Then, when I had the actual book and began reading I was convinced I'd read the book already because it was familiar.    Just found another interview with Sylvia this week, she confirms in it that the timescale is June to September.  http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/books/20160401-why-sylvia-day--17-million-copies-later--is-stepping-out-of-her-crossfire.ece
  3. I did pretty much what she said in the radio interview. Now looking forward to the Blacklist due, hope it won't be long before they are released.
  4. Her favourite scenes to write are arguments. Asked which actress she would like to see play Eva "Someone in their early 20s, with lots of curves!" Â
  5. I've said this before, I don't think in the timeline of this story that Eva can become pregnant. Sylvia has said that the entire storyline is approximately 4 months. Captivated covered two weeks, not sure how much time One With You covers but maybe 2-3 weeks? Eva had a period at the end of Captivated and yes, I know some women do have periods but are pregnant, but it doesn't seem likely that she is going to have a honeymoon baby. If the book does cover 2-3 weeks we wouldn't reach a point where she would be due her next period so there would be no clue for her as to pregnancy. And to
  6. Hmm, on Facebook again, someone else was able to buy the book last week and has read it, but they have had the courtesy not to spoil the story, "Already reading it ...found it at Book World last weekend ..it amazing!!!" Nothing like completely ignoring an embargo on putting stuff out for sale.
  7. Radio interview with Sylvia  http://965tic.cbslocal.com/2016/03/29/author-sylvia-day-talks-crossfire-series-conclusion-mohegan-sun-appearance/
  8. Hugh had a child, a boy, just a few years old - Gideon told Eva this.  Gideon said the statute of limitations had run out for him by the time he was able to confront Hugh - I've no idea how many years after an event that runs out. Not sure what SoL Sylvia was using, my search shows that for rape there is no limitation so he can't have been going after Hugh for rape, even though that was what Hugh did to him. Not sure if anyone has knowledge of the US SoL so we can put a timescale to this to see how old roughly Hugh's son could be? Gideon was maybe 12 when he was abused and is now almos
  9. I have a very, very, vague recollection of Gideon saying something to Eva along the lines of - when you find out what happened you WILL want to leave - I could be wrong (I've read so many books with that kind of comment in them) and I did a kindle book search for the phrase 'leave me' and a few others and didn't find anything relevant, but the scenario of Anne being the therapist and Gideon getting involved with her could be what he meant (if he had said that). As I write this though I'm thinking that if the depraved way he had sex with Anne was his idea of punishing her it went wrong becaus
  10. Sylvia's latest question on Facebook and Twitter: "Was it wrong of Eva to disclose Gideon’s past to his stepfather?" Eva didn't realise Christopher did not know about the abuse so she technically wasn't disclosing anything to him so I'm okay with that. But she was confronting Christopher about how she thought he had 'turned a blind eye' to his stepson being raped and here is where I am not so sure she should have got involved. I know she was doing this out of her love for Gideon and her need to confront those who had wronged him BUT she objects to Gideon's methods of protecting
  11. I suspect the line that says 'Clancy had made sure Gideon would never pay for it' (Nathan) means that story line is over and done with. jmhope - so right, Corinne was the past. Yes she had appeared briefly in the present but just for a few days, only in public, and immediately prior to his announcing his engagement and forthcoming wedding to someone else. As to Monica's almost panic about Eva giving up her hard-earned privacy, could this be more a panic about Monica losing her own privacy? As Eva's mother there would be press interest in Monica and her background. When she as
  12. I don't think we will get chapter 2, Sylvia said to someone either on Facebook or Twitter that we would get two more chunks of chapter 1 before the book was released and we have had those - plus the two excerpts on blogs (would be nice if we got another of those). But we know from this that she is going home to her own apartment, not to the penthouse, although that doesn't rule out that Gideon will join her there.
  13. Final part of chapter 1 is published on Sylvia's web site.Â
  14. Just seen a Facebook post from Sylvia that displays for One With You are beginning to go up in bookstores - wonder if that was what the person saw rather than the book itself?
  15. I'm watching Henry Cavill (and Ben Affleck) on Graham Norton - as he was (in his own words) loser for the James Bond role last time it was up for grabs, there's a chance he might try and get the role if Daniel Craig really is leaving. If so he'd definitely not be up for Crossfire. I still think he's a little too bulky for Gideon but that's purely because of my own interpretation of a guy being built but lean - to me Henry is a little bigger than lean. I feel for whichever actor does get the role, he's got to fit so strong a description, be able to sing, look amazing in a suit, be unrec
  16. I can't establish a timeline for Anne Lucas from what is in the books. Gideon met Corinne during his first year at Columbia, two years later they got engaged, one year later broke it off. So meeting Anne will be after that. He challenged Hugh after the statute of limitations for him presumably prosecuting Hugh had run out, Hugh commits suicide and I assume getting together with Anne came after that once he realised she was (a) Lucas wife and (b) Hugh's sister. In searching through the e-book just for the word 'Lucas' I came across something in CBY where Gideon says to Eva "If
  17. The book release is embargoed so if the publisher chooses to follow up the report the bookstore can be fined. Â http://www.booksellers.org.uk/embargoedtitlelisting
  18. Just seen a comment on Facebook that some US stores are already selling the book - disappointing if they are - if it was a day or two before publication a mistake could have occurred but this far away it is unforgiveable to put the book out. So let's hope no-one gives the storyline away. Surprised that copies have already been sent to the stores, after last year's problems it might have been wise of the publishers not to distribute the books until a couple of days before release.  In my re-reading chapter of CBY last night I picked up on this:  Gideon speaking to Ev
  19. I like the fact that Gideon cries and that Eva accepts that he does. Some would see that as a sign of weakness, but it is a very human reaction. and this character, at the age of 5,  had to face his parents falling out and then his dad killing himself. Accepted a new man in place of his dad, a younger brother who his mother doubtless made more of a fuss of than she did of Gideon (understandably as a new mother, and with a son that was already playing up) and then when pregnant again mother brings in a therapist who, instead of solving the child's problems, adds to them. Couple that with
  20. I think release is midnight in local time wherever you are, so Australia get it first but the States they may ensure the whole country gets it at the same time regardless of time zone??CBY took about half an hour to arrive on my kindle so I'd given up and bought it again from iTunes which gave it me within minutes of purchase but I've gone for Kindle again this time. I'm only bothered about pre-ordering the hard copy as the digital you can buy and download straight away anyway so I often wonder why some people get very wound up months before a book release because there's no pre-order. And
  21. At 00.01 on 5 April I will be maniacally checking for my e-book and then forcing myself to stay awake while I read it!! I think I took about four hours with CBY but this one is going to take longer.
  22. Sylvia posted a link to the scene on Facebook with the following words:  "Who wants to start their week with a scene from ‪#‎OneWithYou‬?" So presumably it is from the book. I wonder if Eva's decision to quit is more that she really needs to get a move on to arrange the wedding and it would be simpler if she were not working? Once that is over with she can start on the charity work. She was giving a surprisingly short notice of leaving if going on the Friday of the week the book opens with. One of the videos Sylvia posted on Facebook has Eva thinking 'Had I
  23. Wonder if he wants to be sure she will be at home because he has a surprise delivery for her???  Also if you are an iBooks user you can now get a sample of One With You - it is just the parts of Chapter 1 from Sylvia's web site but it means you have it to hand. Go to the book on iTunes and below the purchase button is 'get sample' - mine took a little while to actually appear on my device - iTunes has nested all the novels into one folder on my iPad and I only discovered it just now because I found most of the Day novels needed updating (Captivated has minor text changes and ot
  24. Â Just realised the cold comment may be due to the old wives tale about going out with wet hair can cause a cold.
  25. Just read chapter 5 where Gideon is in San Diego, sees Brett with the Eva stand in, and Eva ends up at the hotel with him. Tonight it's Eva's POV while they are in San Diego (I'm reading each day's chapter late in the evening so on the last chapter I flow straight into One With You when it is (hopefully) in my kindle account just after midnight)
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