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  1. I also suspect the redhead kept letting Corrine in through reception. How else was it that Corrine repeatedly got in uninvited to the waiting area of Gideon's own office? I'm glad Sylvia did not wrap up every single thread. She left us stuff lots of stuff to theorize about. On page 206 of OWY, Gideon recalls his hotel room pre-Eva as "... the only place where I took women for sex. It was safe. Impersonal. There was nothing to learn about me there but how I looked nude and how I liked to (insert the f word here) ." This got me thinking about the photo of him tag-teaming those two women on Cinco de Mayo. I figure he stayed clothed the whole time in the club and in his mind, toying with the women didn't count in his mind as sex. The first time he brought Eva to (insert the Big O word here) was on her living room couch, him staying clothed the entire time, so that erotic activity did not count in his mind as actual sex. And maybe, a few hours later in the limo, one of the reasons he was able to engage in actual intercourse was that he and Eva both stayed fully clothed at the time. Bottom line: until Eva broke through his inhibitions, he sometimes engaged in sexual activity with women (sometimes multiple women) in some places other than the hotel room, but outside of that room, he never went as far as intercourse, and so none of those women counted in his mind. He went 'all the way' with Deanna once and Anne repeatedly in the hotel room itself, and so in his mind, he did have sex with them.
  2. Arnoldo arranged the bachelor party, and he called Scott, Gideon's assistant, to arrange the trip (OWY page 205). So it's possible the red-headed receptionist overheard Scott handling the matter, and she was the leak. I like your theory a lot. I never trusted that receptionist, and I suspect she's somehow related to Anne Lucas. I always thought there was more to the red-hair than just the fact the receptionist wasn't a brunette (Gideon's old fetish) or a blonde (like Eva). Why do the books keep mentioning the red hair? It's a clue, I think.
  3. Good point that it may have been the talk show interview that led Corrine to figure out he'd slept with Deanna, even though Gideon was very careful in the interview to not mention her name nor elaborate what 'past' meant. Maybe Corrine put two and two together just like Eva had: that Deanna physically was exactly the type he used to go for. A part of me still wishes/fantasizes though that it had been Arash who made sure Corrine learned for sure the 'past' involved sex. Arash being both Gideon's lawyer and friend and an important part of Team GidEva.
  4. I wonder how Corrine found out ghostwriter Deanna had slept with Gideon and held a grudge. Did Arash contact her directly himself? Or did he go through the publisher's legal department? I hope it was the former. Arash as more than the lawyer: him as the friend of GidEva and knowing that the mere idea of the book was upsetting to Eva.
  5. Lots of different meanings to 'underage' in the U.S. but in the context Sylvia used it, I'm pretty sure she meant Ireland is still a 'minor' -- not yet a legal adult. Throughout the U.S., age 18 is considered legal adulthood. 'Underage' sometimes can refer to laws about teen-agers and sexual consent. Age of consent is part of state law, and each of the 50 states has its own set of laws that cover what is considered under-age teen-aged sex (sometimes called statutory rape). Some states have the age of consent set at 16, others 17, and some 18. I looked up New York state, and if the page I found was correct, 17 is the age of consent there.
  6. I read the paperback in one sitting, and then I moved on to listening to the audio book, which I finished today.  I loved it! One section of in particular brought tears to my eyes when I heard it on the audio book. It's the part in Chapter 6 when Angus plays for Gideon the tape of Eva going after Anne. Angus, "She'll stand by you." Gideon, "If my past goes public? Yes, she will." Sylvia ended the saga with strong New Eva and still-healing Gideon on their honeymoon, giving us fans each our own opportunity to envision how happily-ever-after unfolds for GidEva. Here are some short-term developments I imagine unfolding upon GidEva's return to New York: Anne Lucas will be charged in connection with Monica's murder, and as the court case unfolds, Hugh's sordid past will finally come to public light. In a way, he will be prosecuted at long last. Also, the revelations about Terrance Lucas' role in covering up the abuse will finally come out. Gideon's past as a sexually-abused child will cause most people to admire him for what how he overcame adversity and turned his private pain into a desire to help abuse victims via charities. Corrine won't publish her book. The revelations about Anne and Hugh will make her finally understand why Gideon wouldn't -- couldn't -- marry her all those years ago. She will at long last throw in the towel. I think I can finally trust Detective Graves to make sure Gideon is never prosecuted for Nathan's death. I think Deanna won't take the job, because she'll be too spiteful about the face Eva had been the person who suggested Cross Industries hire her. I think Deanna will instead opt to make money writing free-lance stories about Gideon as the Lucas scandal unfolds. Eva will be more than her match in Team GidEva crisis management as Deanna's stories run, and so even though Deanna will probably get paid big bucks by tabloid media, Eva will win the war. The revelations about the Lucases will start the process that heals the rift between Gideon and his half-brother, Christopher. Elizabeth will continue to stick her head in the sand, but hey -- Gideon's already made his peace with the fact his mother is self-centered and weak, so he's now past caring how she responds to the news coverage. Oh, and I think that Arnoldo and Shawna will end up together. P.S. I think Gideon's dream in which his father wishes for a grandson and a grand-daughter has a shade of precognition to it: several years down the road, Gideon and Eva will have two children. A girl they'll name Lauren in honor of Eva's late mother. A boy they'll name Gideon Geoffrey Cross Jr.
  7. I don't trust Deanna one bit. I don't think she accepted Gideon's apology. I think she's in it for the money she'll make from those wedding pictures, but if given a clear shot to screw GidEva over, she'll take it in a heart beat. Oh my God: answers are sooooooo close now! My bookstore opens at 8 a.m. I want a book I can hold in my hands, touch, absorb that new-book smell. But if God forbid the delivery didn't come, I've got my Kindle for back-up.
  8. Thank you, Sylvia, for the Chapter 2 opening scene. Ah, a Gideon fix! My heart just beat a little faster. It seems at long last Gideon has had it with Corrine. He sic'd Arash on her, made it clear to Scott he didn't want her admitted to his office. When she barged her way past both handlers anyway, Gideon made it clear that next time, he'll involve security. Go, Gideon! I just hope he actually means it this time: no more contact with that woman no matter what sort of attention-seeking stunts she tries to pull. I almost felt bad for her how pathetic she's become. Her wardrobe choice, sexy red dress, probably stems from Gideon's first date with Eva, those red carpet pictures of Eva in the red gown. The night of the first date, Corrine calling Gideon from France, begging him for help, did manage to make him bail out of his date with Eva. Score one for Corrine back then. The only round she ever won against Eva. But look at her now: she sees the beach wedding photo of GidEva and she pulls out an old photo of Gideon and her playing in the surf. I think the whole book idea is rooted in that night Corrine first saw Gideva together in person, the dinner at the Waldorf, near the end of Bared to You. Gideon let her ramble on and on about places Corrine visited with him years ago as he tried to prevent her from upsetting Eva. She did so anyway, and Eva walked out on Gideon. Corrine probably counted that as another victory, even though we all know it was a fail, because Gideon ended up in Eva's arms that night. Corrine has upped her 'remember when' game with the photos and books, maybe because she thinks the book would torture the insecure Eva, make her leave Gideon for good? Epic fail. Because New Eva is no longer insecure, and Gideon is furious at Corrine for trying to hurt her. What I wonder is this: did Anne Lucas plant the book idea in Corrine's head all because of what happened at that dinner months ago? Terry Lucas saw the whole drama with his own eyes, from Corrine monopolizing Gideon's attention to Eva walking out on him. Did Terry run home to his wife and tell her all about it? And Anne became fixated on Corrine as a potential weapon against Gideon? By this time tomorrow, I hope to have answers.
  9. When I headed out of my office for the day, I acted like I wasn't feeling good. Gee, I'm gonna have to call my boss tomorrow, say I'm sick and staying home. She'll say 'get some rest' and I'll promise her I'll spend the day on my couch, lots of fluids, take it easy, maybe read a book. .... OK, so I'm 'love' sick for Gideon, and I will spend all day on the couch. Except for one quick errand to the bookstore, ha, ha. See you all in the spoiler thread after I'm done!
  10. So Eva has decided to fight fire with fire as far as Corrine goes. Corrine plans to tell the world all about the Gideon she knew and loved and had. Eva plans to show the world how much she and Gideon are in love. Part of me says, 'you go girl'. But Monica's got a point: Gideon probably won't Eva's idea of manipulating the media. Even though he himself is guilty of doing so.
  11. Loved the radio interview. I especially found interesting her desire to have young actors/actresses playing the lead roles (i.e. Henry Cavill's now too old). Youth is in the light in someone's eyes.
  12. I think Gideon 'used' Deanna like he 'used' Corrine. He somehow made Anne believe there was something serious between him and Deanna just like he used Corrine to make Eva believe things were over with them. Here's a theory: Gideon 'dated' Deanna, took her out in public a few times, made sure she was one of the many gorgeous brunettes he was photographed with at society functions. He went out of his way to make Anne believe she'd been dumped for Deanna. I'm certain he told Eva the truth about the sex part: he slept with Deanna only once, and that was it: and that was the end, too: he cut Deanna right off. I can see Gideon going on a head trip soon as he stuck his ####Â in Deanna. He'd just broken his rule about not having sex with a woman he dated. The way Deanna tells it, Gideon didn't even finish the deed: he kicked her out of bed and then avoided her after that. Now Magdalene's words to Eva make sense: about him not respecting women he sleeps with and once he stuck his #### in her, he was done. Maybe that is how it played out in real life with Deanna?
  13. Do we know how long ago it was that Anne had her affair with Gideon? Have any of you now re-reading the books come across a timeline? It always happens, no matter how careful the publishers are, that some people manage to get their hands on hot new books ahead of release day. I remember years ago with the Harry Potter books I heard of people somehow getting their hands on copies. I don't resent fans who do. I consider them lucky. The only people I would resent would be those who post spoilers. Speaking of, did you all see the spoiler thread the site administrator set up? I like the idea the thread is locked down until release day. Kudos to the staff person who set that up. She (or he) should get a raise.
  14. Or Anne's real goal is to try to destroy Eva? Eva is very well protected at the Crossfire, in Gideon's cars and at his penthouse, but Anne managed to get next to her at a public function. The ultimate goal: somehow get into Eva's home? Trying to do so via Cary? It would be Nathan all over again, who went after Cary as part of stalking Eva. Now Anne is stalking her? And Cary is the weak link in the security chain? Gah! April 5 cannot come soon enough!!!!!!!!!
  15. I'm thinking Anne Lucas, maybe via Deanna Johnson, could do something messy and public. He admitted to himself he was depraved with her. And Deanna said to Eva, "That man has a dark side." Maybe some lies about his involvement in Hugh's suicide? Add on crazy lies about Corrine's attempted suicide, dead baby? And some crazy shrink stuff about his father's suicide being to blame for deep-seated pathology? I wonder whether his father killed himself at home, and little Gideon saw. Gideon sometimes has nightmares where he cries. Hugh would have known the details about the suicide, and maybe he told his sister Anne things? Then again, the OWY crisis could be something totally unexpected. RIY blew me away when the stuff about Nathan came out, revealing the real reason Gideon had gone out of his way to convince Eva he got back together with Corrine. Protect Eva from being suspected of murder. Â
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