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  1. I agree with everyone on the site lol. I miss Gideva more everyday and I'm really disappointed that OWY was not all that we wanted it to be. That being said very few are chatting bout it and that makes everything worse. At this time with the other books there would at least be 50 pages of book chat. I'm sure a writer writes because they have a story to tell  and if they are lucky they write a career changing series such as Crossfire. I just dont understand what the hurry was to end this series. It could have gone at least 3 more books and would obviously have been a lucrative project. Gideva are just an interesting couple and obviously alot of people like reading about them. They were very complex characters and their married life and the lives of those connected to them would have  been an  interesting read.     I do have a question I would like everyone to weigh in on if you will... At the beachhouse when Victor's family was present Eva mused that Monica had never been a part of that scene because Victor's family scorned her  because she broke Victor's heart. This lead me to believe that Monica had met Victor's family at some  point and perhaps was considering a life with him. So what made her change her mind? Perhaps the answers are in the journals she left Eva but as a reader I really would have rather had that story instead of the convoluted story of Jackson Tramell. Your thoughts?
  2. The real Monica Tramell who is now married and called Monica Diel is the one with 2 children.
  3. I think we should try to do one chapter per day or so to give members time to reply...
  4. K I will start then. I wouldn't change a thing about chapter one . It was a natural progression from their time at the coffee shoppe to the workday. I loved when Eva and her mom went to lunch and Monica told Eva she was much more interesting than she herself was and Eva replied that Gideon also thought she was interesting. I loved when Gideon came into the breakroom at Eva's work and helped her deal with the Victor phonecall...overall a very nice Chapter 1...
  5. Why dont we go chapter by chapter ....sounds like a great thread!!
  6. He said he had sex on average twice a week ... He said Dr. Peterson asked about "sexual encounters".  He told Eva he didnt always "nail" them and it was unusual when he did. He didn't think Dr. Peterson would appreciate the distinction lol Â
  7. At least this theory gives her a purpose to be mentioned as frequently as she has been in all 5 books.
  8. She's in the perfect spot  to eavesdrop right there by  the elevators...and she probably always has her ears open for something about Gideon????
  9. Could it be that the red-headed receptionist is the leak lol????
  10. Yes Ms Mac that is correct...but when Gideon saw the photo for the first time he said and I quote " Who knew I was in Brazil?" and the caption to the photo stated "Gideon Cross's Wild Brazilian Bachelor Party " I find it hard to believe that Anne Lucas could gain access to that info let alone the disturbed individual. That photo was released for the express purpose  of breaking up Gideva. It is just very improbable that those security breaches could occur.
  11. The reason we are still discussing this photo  is because all of our points are valid and if Sylvia is reading I'm sure we would all love her to answer. Gideon values his control due to the circumstances in his past when he had none. He lost control with Eva because she was different and of course he was different when he was with her.  Why would Gideon have been so careless on Cinco de Mayo with his public image when that was not the case in the past...my next question is how this disturbed individual was able to  gain the location  of Gideon's bachelor party. There were just a handful of people that knew the location in Brazil. I just  think that these 2 scenarios are very improbable.
  12. Unless one of those girls had a camera and got paid by the so-called stalker photographer that is the only scenario I can envision that would be able to dupe security... Editor's oversight no question about it.. On the third re- read of OWY it is definitely mentioned that it is one of Gideon's clubs...
  13. If the VIP room was in one of Gideon's clubs then I assume it was private because he would have made sure of it ...so in other words the stalker-photographer was able to penetrate Gideon's security team...it just seems very unlikely to me . Â
  14. I do the same thing patricia-ann and I have read all those as well . I am actually thinking of rereading Crossfire for the 20th time starting with BTY. When I get to OWY  I will just stop right before their night out to the charity Gala. Even though I hated the racy photo of Gideon I loved when he appeared on the NY talk show. The whole series was such a great read  it is hard to let go. I too think the Ireland spin off will be a long  time  coming. The new excerpt makes me think that Lily ran away from Kane just like Eva wanted  to run because she didn't want to lose herself in Gideon...oh well only  time will tell.
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