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  1. Hello ! I'm a french reader and also a big fan of the renegade angels serie. I read them in English maybe two years ago, when I began the crossfire serie and wanted to have a look at what other books Sylvia had written. All thèses novels are so addictive that I couldn't wait to have the french translation and started to read directly in English version. Many many thanks to my school teachers who gave me a good level in foreign languages. I find it very useful now ! But then a few weeks ago I saw in my favourite book shop "une note de pourpre", which is the first book in the renegade a
  2. 1) Movie character ? I love Eowyn from Lord of the ring, when she slices the creature's head... She seens so delicate, but then...no !  2) favorite villian ? Dracula of course, especially in F.F. Coppola's movie.  3) trapped with your favorite hottie ? GIDEON !!  4) favorite book ? Alexandre Dumas : les trois mousquetaires. Very common for french children like me, but I could never stop re-reading it from time to time when I grew old  5) favorite school subject ? least ? well, I liked languages and it proved to be useful since now I can read Crossfire in English without w
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