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  1. Only 4,5 months 2 go- let the countdown begin!!!!Â
  2. now I've got a message that the book is currently delayed until Feb 15th Â
  3. Hi, long time since I've been here. Today I read an advertisement for an online bookstore (here in Norway), and they announced that the last book in the Crossfire series will be released November the 16th!!!!!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.Â
  4. Have you heard a rumour that Dakota & Jamie might not play in number 2-3? If that turns out to be true, I don't think it will be the same, now that we're got 'a face' to the characters!
  5. Maybe the second movie is mostly about Hyde and that they choose to have all of the plot around Hyde in the same movie?!?! Read today that the movie has made more money this opening weekend than their whole budget.
  6. There need to be a Krav Maga situation!!! (Preferably Chris Jr, Anne Lucas and a slap over Corinne cheek!) or else she has been training in 4-5 books for nothing, except that one night when she fought of Gideon (when he had a nightmare). Gideon needs a confrontation with his mother too..... She needs to accept a few things, and humbly ask him for her forgiveness (IMO she doesn't deserve it!)
  7. Eva quitting her job?!?!?! OMG! What was all the arguing about then? Give me a break, she frustrates me so much, I just want to tell her to grow up! If I'm this frustrated, what must Gideon be? I'm glad she is still planning the wedding, at least they are still figuring things out. Damned that Corinne, still throwing herself at Gideon at any possible moment (where is her self-respect?). I think that a part of Gideon still is praying she's not going to publish that book, and by being a bit acommodating there is still hope. If he rejects her everytime, she'll be even more desperate and the book will be published for sure (she is desperate for his attention). The frosted glass surprised me as well, but D500 theory calmed me, and I think she is quite right. About the read-head my immediately thought is that she is just another jealous bitter woman who never gotten any way with Gideon, but I'm open for the idea that she could be a secret daughter of Hugh or another relative. I do think that there is more people who knows about the abuse (or at least heard that Gideon has accused Hugh for se*ual abuse), and want revenge of his suicide. I liked the excerpt, but I think it is time for knowing more about the release date!!!!
  8. Yes, I thought so too. Taking the role as Ana & Christian isn't the easiest part to play I think.
  9. I loved it too!!! OMG- want to see it again! Have any of you heard the same rumour about the next movie is set to come 2016?
  10. To all of you who has a date with Mr.Grey tonight (or this weekend) Enjoy the evening, may you all be satisfied
  11. Has anyone seen what Sylvia is refering to in CBY? I was hoping for some answers in OWY.
  12. They were very pleased with both Jamie and Dakota, and read that the chemistry between them were great! Read a spoiler of the ending and looks like I'm not going to be pleased there... Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for 2&3 (maybe they've started secretly already?) I watched an interview with Dakota who said that it's been a year since they finished filming FSOG?!!
  13. I read some comments from fans who gave it great review, now my expectations are even higher!! 6 days to go ðŸ‘
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