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  1. I always saw him as Henry Cavill in my mind. Then I thought more David Gandy. But this guy totally is Gideon! Needs black hair and the piercing blue eyes obviously, but that is how I kind of expect him to look..
  2. It's crazy how we've all just got so wrapped up in their lives! It's been an amazing ride! I started reading the previous 4 books a few weeks before OWY came out, and I need a slower reread of OWY, but I'm sure I'll read the whole series many times in the future!
  3. Hi all..  New poster, but not new to the forum. I've been reading everyone's views for a long time, and it's great how everyone else thinks and loves this series. It's almost as if it's not fiction eh?! Even my husband asked how Gideon & Eva's HEA went..! Lighthouse - I totally agree with your post, and love how you think it will turn out! I love the whole series. There are some little bits that I question, simple things like how did 'Golden' become 'Golden Girl' in OWY? I felt in CBY that the tone changed, but I tied that in with reading from Gideon's POV, when we were so used to Eva's. There were a couple of times for tears in OWY. The Angus/Gideon scenes were AMAZING!! And to see Gideon admit that he thinks of him like a Dad, awesome! The Gideon/Elizabeth scene, wow. That woman is screwed and doesn't deserve any of her children in her life! When Gideon didn't tell Eva straight away about Monica.. I was actually shaking waiting for a reaction from her, but her shock kinda shocked me. I thought she would of reacted differently, but it shows that she trusts Gideon and the way he knows her. I like where it went. I'm going to reread slowly, as I still don't 100% understand the Monica/Lauren story. It takes some getting your head around! But overall I was happy with the book. We were never going to get what a lot of you are asking for, as it was set in 'real-time' as such. There's is no end to life. Well done Sylvia, I've never read a book series that has had me this gripped or invested in the characters before!
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