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    Beth, I had the same question! I felt so sorry for him. I know Simon's story is coming up....hopefully she'll give Ware a happy ending. He seemed so disillusioned.
  2. Andrea, I'm already halfway through (I'll have it done by this weekend) but let me tell you, I actually have tears in my eyes during some parts. Its so touching and the passion between Amelia and Colin/Montoya is so hot! The only problem is I keep getting interrupted during the "steamy parts"! :D
  3. I got it! I got it!! And the cashier at BAM was telling me how much she LOVES Sylvia's books but what a downfall it is working in the bookstore...all the temptation. I agreed that Sylvia's books are fab so we got into a whole discussion about it (luckily no one was behind me in line). I told her that it's supposed to be released next Tuesday (30th) but that I'm not complaining!
  4. I'm such a Moron...I meant A PASSION FOR HIM (I tried to fix my topic but couldn't)!
  5. Woo hoo!! I just got my hands on it and man is it HOT!! Just wanted to say it just bumped the book I was currently reading (The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan) so I'll probably swallow it up by the weekend...just wanted to share my elation!
  6. Aw man...this makes the wait even harder!! I've been dying for this one to be released ever since I put down "Passion for the Game"!
  7. Hi! New here myself as I never realized Sylvia had a message board. I read her blog all of the time but never made a connection that she had one ! Anyhow...I'm looking forwards to getting to know people here! I "discovered" Sylvia earlier this year and am now trying to catch up like a madwoman!
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