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  1. Just wondering when we get to see more of Alex? :D
  2. Yay!! I want to share!! :roll2: GYPSY HEART was released yesterday!! :cloud9: Traditional roles go up in flames when forestry officer Gage Dougherty moves from mountain to city in search of a "nice" wife, and meets bad girl Sable Castle instead. The free-spirited bartender is back in her hometown to help out a friend, and feeling restless. Deciding that a hot affair with the rugged and sexy Gage is the perfect way to make time fly, she sets her sights on him. But when passion turns to something deeper, can a man bent on settling down convince a woman that doesn’t believe in “happily ever after” to risk her GYPSY HEART? Check it out Sasha
  3. Hi all! Snazzy new board here huh? Glad to see everyone is still working and still motivated. Myself. I finished the first round of edits for GYPSY HEART last night, and am just finishing up my rewrite of my Novella THE DEVIL INSIDE tonite. Then my next project is WILLING, an erotica novel. But before then I have a surprise project for my website. I think everyone will like it...but I'm not sure when I'll be posting it, so I'm not saying anything else until it's ready...except that it'll be FUN, and possibly...educational. Cheers, Sasha
  4. Last week when we had some really low temperature here. I had a crisis because I didn't have an extention cord to plug my car in with. So after runnign around the house searchign for one, I finally unplugged the power bar from teh tv, vcr, dvd set up and used that. And of course, I was in my pj's and fuzzy leopard print slippers when I went out to plug the car in...and ran into three other tenants!! Sasha, just glad none of them were the cute guy that lives downstairs.
  5. It's that Darn WORD challenge. We are all panicing because we're a week into it..and haven't reached our goals yet. Sasha
  6. Whoo Hoo Marguerite!!! note to self: Read February Hint of Seduction!!
  7. YUm! Chili! I love hot stuff. Even the jalepeno poppers from On The Border (was that the restaurant, Sylvia?) I enjoyed them, but could only eat four out of the six. :angryfire: Sasha
  8. Yay!! Helen's going to come out and play more often!! :cheers:
  9. What about one in the Spring and one in the fall? Everyone is always really motivated in the New Year because it's well, a NEW YEAR. lol But a Spring (say April or May) and a Fall (Sept) could be a good way to work it. Sasha
  10. Oh Yeah! I remember now. Yes, doing WorD and being busy is not a good mix! Trust me, I know. I didnt; make my goal or get the WINNER button. :cry: Sasha
  11. I set a daily or weekly goal. But I rarely stick to them. I tend to be pulling all -nighters at the end. But you know what? I think I actually write best when I do that, because I stop thinking so hard. But, I may be weird. LOL Sasha
  12. As someone with no kids I have no idea why this statemen amuses me so much...but it does. . I wonder if maybe it's because I like to play with the boxes? :? What can I say? I'm just a kid at heart! :binky: Happy Holidays!! :rendeer: Sasha
  13. Oh Yeah...and....forgive if I'm being Dense...but What's this about Evangeline? I thought you took part of the WorD in November, as Sidonie? Sasha
  14. Wow! I don't feel so bad now that I see I'm not the only one with my goals set yet. I've been avoiding the board because I haven't goal a FIRM list yet. But I thik it's time to start one. ~ Be healthy. ~ Be positive. ~ Try NOT to be so anti-social. :oops: ~ Get out of my comfort zone with my writing. Try a new genre. :shock: ~ Have FUN in Reno! ~Get 35 pages of something to Angela Knight to crit. :scratch: I think that's enough goals for me! :rendeer: Sasha Oops: one more goal. To try to type better...less typos when chatting and emailing. :oops:
  15. I DID IT!! :bom: I managed to final in a contest!! check it out! http://www.tawnytaylor.com/Week5.html And thanks Sylvia for letting me know about it!! I was sorta scared to look myself. l [-o< Sasha
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