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  1. Yikes!!! Sorry. Waited forever for amazing to download mine. I am like a zombie right now!!! Soo much to process! Phew. Fingers crossed yours will come through your library momentarily.
  2. Finally got it! Phew! Long couple hours ahead.
  3. It's 12:27am and still no EWY downloaded on my kindle . I am soo at Amazon right now. Normally 12:01 it gets downloaded, Thankfully I have backup re: I also ordered the audio version.
  4. @ LN Cronan, you creating a new thread that is something along the lines of "Entwined with You" discussion and the like right??? Has a new thread started? I think we should so this tomorrow or Wednesday?
  5. I would have read it in little corner in the store . Lol
  6. OMG!!! Sooo jealous right now. I am about to go out to my local stores and see if I can score a copy, This is killing me. I actually love spoilers. I always read book as follows: last page, middle (some parts), then beginning THEN and only then start reading from top. Basically I like knowing the ending, lol, Gosh I am soo impatient right now! I know it's a few days but my God!!!!!
  7. Yes indeed!!!! And more and More i am going to work on that Change.Org petition now that it seems like we will be at the mercy of publishers and not SD in regards to upcoming releases.Â
  8. VIA FB (https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSylviaDay/posts/10151457259938457) SD Notes: Â Â Â Â "For those of you worried about the EWY snapshots and how you're going to feel when you get to the end, here are a few snippets of advance reviews: "This third book was beyond anything I expected, in a good way. Funny, romantic, erotic, inspiring. " - Andrea "I have only one word for this book- PERFECT!! Just perfect... (Sigh...)" - Aria "Very romantic. And the best of the series so far..." - Marianne Mathina There are a lot of pivotal turning points in the book, but I really think you'll love it. At least I hope you do
  9. Even though I am a naturalized USC, I was born in Grenada and pretty much familiar with most of the British Holidays as well....at least some...as we were colonized by British, gained independence, but the Queen's face still appears on most of the currency used in Grenada.
  10. Gid was totally oblivious to the brunette... the brunette kept gushing thank-yous to him....while he was focus on Eva. From the onset, he was drawn to Eva even as his "customary type" was present. He went back to the building for no one else but Eva. I find myself re-reading/listening via audio to that opening scene from a more enlightened perspective.
  11. It's interesting as when GidEva met, a brunette was present that presumably fit right up Gid's "qualifications" but Gid paid her no mind and was drawn to Eva. In the opening chapter of BTY, Eva states "I was walking towards the bank of elevators, when a svelte, beautifully groomed brunette caught her purse in the turnstile and upended it spilling a deluge of change....." I will say reading over that first chapter, can provide some insights per say, no??? It represents a major shift, now that we then "know a little bit more?"
  12. No worries at all! We got partial glimpse into chapter 2 as well. Ps-I was wondering where you were as it was dead silence on your end for some time now! I always appreciate your insights etc so welcome back :)
  13. I think it's just a metaphor and shouldn't be taken literal though....
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