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  1.  Hi sscrph! The last movies I saw him in were In Time and I Am Number Four. He was most recently in Magic Mike but I didn't see that. Pettyfer is a very attractive blonde-haired actor around 23 or 24 years old.
  2.  I love it! Great suggestion:) I think Pettyfer would make an amazing Cary!
  3. Â I love PB for Chris Sr., too! A devious mind behind a handsome, mild-mannered facade! Love it!
  4. Â I don't think he has, but he looks almost EXACTLY how I envision Gideon! He certainly has that dark, broody, intensity going for him already. A few acting lesson (or maybe he's a natural!) and I'd be sold:)
  5. Â Well, if you are ever able to post it I'd love to see it. I remember seeing him in In Time and I think he would make a very nice Cary Taylor.
  6. Â I never thought of Alex Pettyfer for Cary, but that would be great! I think Henry's movie career will prevent him from taking a tv role, so I now love David Gandy and Wentworth Miller for Gideon.
  7.  I'm not a fan of Matt Bomer at all. I think he's too old for Cary. Cary and Eva are in their early 20s and Matt Bomer is in his mid-to-late 30s. I like Chace Crawford or Diego Boneta for Cary.
  8. Â I totally agree with you. Matt Bomer is NOT Gideon. He is nowhere near masculine enough for this role. I love Henry, David Gandy, Wentworth Miller for Gideon. Even though Gideon has longish hair in the books. I hope he doesn't in the tv series.
  9. Â Unfortunately, I don't think Henry Cavill is an option for Gideon. I'm liking David Gandy for the role.
  10. Â I agree that Ian Somerhalder would NOT make a good Gideon.
  11. Hi! I asked Sylvia the same thing on Twitter and this was her response:Â Â She's a runner, but she told Dr. Petersen that failure wasn't an option. That was huge for both of them & meant a lot to Gideon.
  12. I get the sneaking suspicion that Will (Eva's new co-worker in RIY) will be trouble for Gideon and Eva in EWY. I wonder if he plays a role in Gideon's past, Corinne's disheveled appearance outside the Crossfire, Â Any possible scheming Corinne and/or Magdalene will engage in to keep G & E apart, or Nathan's blackmail plot.
  13. I often wondered what happened to Gideon's rapist. Is he still living? How did Gideon get his revenge? I don't know what I'd do if it turned out that Gideon raped his rapist?!?! I also think Gideon's abuse will turn out to be much, much worse than Eva's.
  14. With the violent sleep disorder plaguing Gideon, I hope he doesn't rape Eva while he's sleeping. In RIY I was so scared for Eva, but she was able to ward Gideon off. There have two very near misses aleady ... Will Eva's luck run out in EWY?
  15. I want to know what Gideon and Corinne were talking about every ###### day?! And why did Gideon hide the fact that he was in constant contact with Corinne from Eva? I loved RIY, but I would've changed the Brett/Eva kiss at the concert. I would've preferred Eva being honest with Gideon at the concert and told him immediately about her past with Brett. But because she wanted to make him jealous, I would've liked for Gideon & Co. to go backstage and for Eva to walk off with Brett to talk like Gideon did with Corinne. Lol. Lol. Then she should've set up a friendly lunch date with him in front of Gideon. That would've driven him crazy and it would've flowed better within the story. Kissing Brett knowing Gideon was going to see was a little disjointed. It didn't flow naturally with the story. It would've been different had Gideon let Corinne kiss him, but to allow Brett to kiss her because Gideon talks to Corinne and had been engaged to her seemed silly.
  16. Wow! Those are some really cool casting choices! Mark is African-American so I don't think JF would be a good choice for that role. But I really like your ideas for Dr. Lucas Trey, Corinne, and Scott. I like Amber Heard for Tatiana. Eva is described as short and curvy so I can't see AH playing Eva.
  17. I like several of you picks! I added a few to my cast list. The Victor and Megumi picks are amazing.
  18. I know there have been questions about how Gideon was abused. I definitely think Gideon was raped and I think his rapist was male. Gideon: "You're going to know what it feels like... Not so neat and tidy when you're the one getting f*****." pg. 281-282, BTY (paperback edition) Gideon: "He made me come. Every goddamned time, he wouldn't stop until I came, so he could say I liked it." RIY, pg. 331 (kindle ebook) Initially, I thought Gideon was raped by his stepfather, then I realized that would be too obvious and Gideon wouldn't leave his sister to be raised by a rapist. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out who the "...shrink and a doctoral candidate she was supervising" are. Did Gideon tell the shrink? Why was the doctoral candidate allowed to be alone with Gideon after the allegations of sexual abuse arose? How long was Gideon abused? So many questions! I'm not sure about the doctors and their findings (or lack thereof) on Gideon's sexual abuse. I'm not sure if I think they lied or if the doctors checked before there was penetration or what. We know Dr. Lucas checked Gideon out and claimed he found no signs of sexual abuse, but who was the other doctor who checked Gideon out?
  19. I actually agree with the way Gideon handled the situation. I love my girl Eva, but I think it would've been a colossal mistake to even hint to her what was going on. You see how she reacted when the detective camre to her apartment and questioned her about Nathan. She ###### near had a breakdown. She wasn't ready to have any knowledge of Nathan or his actions. Eva wouldn't have been able to act 'normally' after gaining that knowledge and her reactions needed to be natural in order for this plot to be pulled off. I think Gideon played this one perfectly.
  20. The New Year's teaser is very intriguing. I, too, loved reading the story from Gideon's perspective:) When Eva says it's dangerous for Gideon to be in her apartment, Is she referring to the investigation into Nathan's death? I don't see how it could be that since the investigation was (supposedly) closed at the end of Reflected. Why do you think Gideon will suffer a financial calamity?
  21. I just read Sempre by J. M. Darhower and it's a masterpiece! Carmine and Haven's love is just as powerful and enthralling as Gideon and Eva's!

  22. So am I! And snippet 5 broke my heart! Love Gideon soooo much!
  23. Personally, I don't mind Gideon killing Nathan. I was actually looking forward to it. That monster should've been offed long ago. And Gidoen eliminating the threat to Eva's life and well-being was so intense, so passionate... it was beyond love. Like Gideon said, love isn't the right word for what he feels for her. Gideon's feelings for Eva transcend love.
  24. Yes! A Gideon/Brett face-off would be amazing! I hope he'll pop back up in Entwined. But I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown anticipating the Cross/Lucas showdown!! That is going to be EPIC! I just wish Gideon would warm up to his sister:(
  25. I agree with you. I think Christopher Jr. was also abused and refused to tell because of the abuser's threats or because he somehow blames Gideon for their abuse. CJ may think that the abuser wouldn't have come if not for Gideon's acting out. And something tells me the stepfather is also to blame.
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