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I drink coffee whenever I can, which is when I have a migraine. :shock: I hate the migraines, but love my coffee! I was a coffee addict before I started getting the migraines so sometimes they are a blessing in disguise.

The rest of the time my pick me up is salt, it sounds crazy but I have low sodium levels and salt helps out! Give me my potato chips or back off! :lol:


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I only have coffee during winter.. the delicious mocha frothy cappucino makes my day.. :D

coffee is too hot for summer :( so have tea.. usually early evening and night since i am more of a night bird..

7-up is another up for me.. sometimes have a whole 1.5ltr bottle in the whole day and sometimes just one glass.. :mrgreen: Ah i am getting a craving now just typing about it!! :twisted:

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