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The Marked books

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So just finished reading Eve of Chaos and Eve of Warfare and thought nooooo can't end there so many questions, what is the outcome of the housesitting, What is gadara up to, what happens if Eve and Caine are successful will they be marks or mortal and what is Satan waiting for when he kissed Eve and said that would have to last him.  Is Cain his son if so is Reed coz they look alike and where does Eve of Sin City come into it as it doesent seem to follow from Warfare?  Hum definitely need at least one more full length book :)


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I feel like there is a HUGE gap between Eve of Chaos and Eve of Warfare and Eve of Sin City. Too many questions left unanswered. Does Eve really marry? What happens with Cain's position as archangel? What is Gadara's position? Does Ava try to come back into Cain's life? Does Eve and Cain have a baby? Too many questions left unanswered!!! lol! BTW I LOVE THE MARKED SERIES!!

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broke down and got the The Marked Series bundle.  Just finished Eve of Chaos.   The ending was very up in the air!!.  Who was the "dark" stranger and was there a ring in the glass.?   Hope the Eve of Sin City has some answers and I guess I have to get Eve of Warfare if I am going to get some answers.  I did enjoy reading them even though at times they were really confusing.

Maybe we can discuss these books since we don't have the Crossfire series anymore.



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