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Hello !

I'm a french reader and also a big fan of the renegade angels serie.

I read them in English maybe two years ago, when I began the crossfire serie and wanted to have a look at what other books Sylvia had written. All thèses novels are so addictive that I couldn't wait to have the french translation and started to read directly in English version.

Many many thanks to my school teachers who gave me  a good level in foreign languages. I find it very useful now !

But then a few weeks ago I saw in my favourite book shop "une note de pourpre", which is the first book in the renegade angels serie. I thought it would be a good idea to re-read it : first to have the pleasure another time, and secondly because I was not entirely sure that I had understood everything.

I was very very surprised to see that, in the french translation, Charron (Vashti's mate)  is a woman ! He's refered to as " sa compagne", which is clearly feminine.

First I thought I made the mistake during my first reading, but I checked, and there's no doubt that Vashti loves men, not women ( it's obvious in "a hunger so wild" , which may be the hottest book I have ever read !)

So I conclude that the translator made the mistake. And it's not a little one !

This is (finally ! ) my questions : does it often happen? who chooses the translator? who gets an eye on his work?


and may I ask when the author plans to finish the serie?

Thanks, lots of kisses from France

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