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Personality transplant

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I did like the finish.  How could I not, it was bittersweet?  Sometimes I thought "really, that's the choice you made?"  But after a couple of days I began to think about the how, yes, after their separation, they both change so abruptly.  The personality change gave me whiplash.

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Was it to do with them both growing more together, not fighting against each other so much?  I'm still on my re-read and making notes and think I may have to do a third read once more members questions/comments appear so I can see if there is any clue.  But this last book is them together, working almost as one, Eva definitely not walking away when she gets annoyed at the slightest thing, Gideon accepting that he can't necessarily do everything himself and she is capable of dealing with what are now 'their' problems rather than just his or hers.  Arash was taken aback that Eva knew about Deanna, that would have made him realise Gideon really is well and truly in love with Eva as he has told her about his past escapades and was comfortable with them.

The bit I noted last night that I was a little puzzled by was how open Eva was beginning to be (to Cary and to Arash) about her and Gideon's sex life (e.g. the salami comment made to Arash in Gideon's office re Deanna).  Arash responded first of all to Gideon 'props for laying that all out for her' and then to Eva 'You're a saint, Eva, for putting up with him and the trail of scorned women in his wake.'  (I guess Arash may have had to do some legal stuff in the past to do with scorned women).


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