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    I don't have the slightest clue either... But as Eva would say this is "serious douchebag territory" since afterburn was so short you could tell that it was actually only half of a regular book and my guess is marketing and money purposes. I am so getting fed up with those - at this point I am actually thinking I don't give a crap what happens in Aftershock and I am glad that Eva and Gideon are somewhat happily married and I am done with this crap. Once again sorry for venting but this is soo getting ridiculous :-(
  2. I am really a hughe fan of the series (so far they have been my all-time favorites) but that back cover did it. I don't think I will buy the book until book 5 is out because if 4 ends with a cliffhanger again, I won't be held accountable for my actions (I really don't want to loose my precious e-book reader :-)Â ) :-( I was in such a happy place with Eva and Gideon being married and that cover scared the heck out of me. And I start to get annoyed with this waiting game while Sylvia is publishing all sorts of other books. Sorry for venting like this but I am truly getting ticked... :-(
  3. Dear Sylvia, I think it is time to express my sincerest gratitude. In my opinion, you have officially achieved "Goddess of all authors" status with Entwined. I am so in awe of your imagination and talent to spin such a story. I've read BTY and RIY so many times I can almost recite them and I have already read EWY twice and will most likely start over right away again. It just blows me away - there were so many awesome lines, so many details you were thinking of and it is so clear, that you were not "just doing a job". When reading EWY, I had to press my hand to my heart several times because it almost hurt - I was so touched. I am really looking forward to the next books - it won't be as painful as waiting for EWY since it gave me kind of "closure" but will be exciting nevertheless. Would make a great Christmas present, don't you think ;-) You rock! Greetings from Germany! CatEyes
  4. I SOOO hear you..... I've downloaded it at midnight my time and now, six hours later, I can't wait for all the great discussions here to begin... lots and lots to talk about......
  5. same here in Germany - tapping on the desk - counting down the minutes :-) I've copied all snippets in one document as well to read them over and over.... this is truly insane but so much fun :-)
  6. Hi Sylvia, First let me say - I love your books - like you haven't heard that one before :-) It is almost phyisically painful to wait for the next one. There is a question that's bugging me though. In "Reflected in you", after Eva saw Corinne coming out of the Crossfire and Eva and Gideon had that fight, Gideon said to her: "You didn't ask the one question that matters". I've been reading both books over and over - maybe I am just not seeing it, but what would have been that question? Thank you for enlighting me and regards from Germany. CatEyes
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