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  1. I noticed several people are upset with Gideon's comment to Victor about being intimate. I don't read that scene the same as most of you. He told Victor they would be mindful of his personal relationship with Eva. They wouldn't be brazen but they would be intimate. If they aren't brazen he doesn't plan on shocking Victor but they are married and will kiss, hug, and touch each other at times. I don't expect that Gideon would have a red dress moment or a trip to NC moment with Victor as driver.  Eva would scream Crossfire loudly. If Gideon wants to see to Eva's transportation fetish I'm sure he will have Angus or Raul in the drivers seat. I get the sense that Gideon is aware of some bridges he has to mend with Victor. In my mind it is fair that he is being honest with him before he takes the job. I can think of times that I wish my employer gave me additional information about what might be negatives before I said yes. I agree that Victor will protect Eva more than anyone else. Â
  2. I have been writing alternative endings since 4/5. If I had any writing talent I would post them on FanFic but sadly I don't have that gift. I do love that Eva gave Gideon Lucky before the wedding so he can see the dog will help him with his nightmares. If she gave him the dog at the 2nd wedding he would not listen to her changes in the renovations. I want them sleeping in the same bed. Â
  3. I agree with you for the most part. There is too much left for the last 20 % of the book. I don't think Monica had to be killed though. I like the concept of her backstory. The whole thing could be a spin off book and I would be happy to read it.Â
  4. I had this book very early and waited to say anything because....... Like many people I am disappointed for a number of reasons but first.... I loved 75 to 80% of the book....  Love Lucky.  Arash is my new favorite he kicked Arnoldo out of that 1st place position Love the sessions with Dr. Peterson. I think we learn a lot about Gideon and gain some additional insight into Eva in these scenes. I love the lunch session with the Crossroads group. I believe this is an indicator that Eve will work with Gideon. He loves having her in the Crossfire building. Love Gideon attending the luncheon for Eva. Love that man! Angus holds my heart. He does love Gideon and tells him like it is. Love Chris and the dinner with Gideon, Eva, and Chris was perfect. Love the showdown with Lizzie the b**** (we see she is a bad mother), Deanna (great scene especially when Gideon tells her Eva wanted him to offer her a job) and Corrine is out. Victor - love when he's angry and I love that he is moving to NYC. What bothers me and ruined the 5* for me... Cary's story--we never find out if the baby is his, if Trey is going to forgive him or if he can really be faithful. The Landon's storyline is incomplete. That bachelor/bachelorette parties on two different continents. I get that it set up a headline to expose the stalker camera man who was going to be important to the next problem for me. It just didn't work for me.  I'm happy that Anne is getting arrested and exposed but that whole trip didn't work for me. Monica's story--I actually like the backstory. It explains a lot but I hate that she was killed off. It stopped the "second marriage". Eve didn't get to wear her grandmother's wedding dress. Why bring it up at all if she doesn't have the ceremony. The trip to NC was a downer instead of a celebration of Eva & Gideon's new life together and no reception. Then the funeral was lacking any feels for me.  If you are going to put this in why not have substance to the scene. The epilogue wasn't a true epilogue it was a final chapter with an epilogue heading.
  5. This is very true especially service dogs. They are used with solders with PTSD. Also test show that dogs recognize cancer and other diseases in humans before doctors. This was a private VIP room with his close friends, Arnoldo, Arash, Miguel . That was his concern, how did someone get in there to take pictures.   He wasn't having sex he was finger f**king them.
  6. I can see reasons why people won't like the actual book because of some twists. However, regardless SD is an excellent writer. There is no way that people who read the book can justify less than three stars. She gets three on writing alone.
  7. I agree with you Arash has moved ahead of Arnoldo for me too. I received OWY and he stays at the top for me.
  8. This is why I don't pre-order Ebooks. I can't tell you how many times I don't get them on release day and have to wait. I just order at midnight on release day and I have them like every body who pre-ordered. I know the authors like to have the sales to report before release but it just doesn't work for me. I know the electronic ordering is better but I prefer to wait. Hi, yes I was around for the other books. I stop in every once in awhile but it felt like a lot of re-hashing old discussions so I waited until there was something new to discuss. Most people who get the books early get them at events or small stores where books aren't their number one business. I got the last two early at grocery stores. I don't think they sign the same agreements with publishers because their book shipments are so small. Most grocery stores only have one book display and that is shared with magazines, coloring books, etc.Â
  9. Thanks I can't wait to read the ending of this book.
  10. Sylvia might write an epilogue to give us a glimpse into Gideon and Eva's future but I don't think they will have a baby. It is too soon in the relationship. Also, I don't think SD is the type of author that reads what people want and writes the story around comments. She is a good writer who knows how to develop her characters and tells the story she wants to tell. She has often said these two are in a whirlwind relationship and two damaged people need to work through their issues before they bring a baby into their craziness.Â
  11. Hello all, Now that the book is almost here I thought it is a good idea to drop in and see what everyone is thinking. It will take me a while to read the previous posts and get caught up. I noticed several commented that Cary isn't a good friend. I disagree. Cary relocated to NYC to be with and support his friend. Eva is hardly in town and making major changes that affect him and where he'll live. Not telling Eva that Brett is in six nineths is a bad decision but I believe Cary thought of it as a joke. She would get to the show and see Brett and be surprised. he didn't have anyway to know she would go backstage or meet him and kiss him in front of Gideon. Eva had issues with Brett and discussed it with Dr. Travis why would she attempt to kiss him? The cluster f*ck was Cary drinking and getting into something he shouldn't. Cary has a lot more issues than Eva. His mother pimped him out for god's sake. That has to cause serious damage to anyone. The guy cuts to hide his pain. Eva knows all this about Cary and even told Gideon after the cluster that she needed to give him time. As far as Trey goes, yes Cary is unfaithful but that doesn't have anything to do with his friendship with Eva. Eva said he sabotages his relationships because he doesn't believe he is worthy of love. He would not let Anne into their apartment. If it turns out he did that would be a major surprise to me. He picked up some woman at the event to have a roll in the hay and rethought that decision; not for Trey but for his future child. He wants to change his actions.  I don't know his age but he is immature and his actions show it. Sharon
  12. Here is the timeline through EWY I forget who did this originally I added the first day of CBY.  Bared To You Week 1 Monday- Eva & Cary unpacking boxes at new apartment.  Eva timing her walk to work. Comes face to face with Mr. Dark & Dangerous (Gideon) in the lobby. Tuesday-First day at work for Eva, runs into Gideon in the elevator. Wednesday-Works late with Mark, preparing for the Kingsman Vodka meeting. Steve brings in Chinese. Thursday- Eva goes with Mark to Mr. Cross’s office for the vodka presentation. Gideon keeps her after the meeting to ask if she has a boyfriend. He wants to F*** her. Eva checks out Krav Maga class. Friday-Lunch with Stanton, leaves her phone at his office. Meets Gideon in the elevator. Gideon takes her back to his office. He gets her on the couch, has to stop, has a meeting. Gideon and Eva kiss. Gideon tells Eva he wants her. She agrees to lunch with him on Monday. Cary and Eva go clubbing that night. They end up at a club owned by Gideon. Gideon joins them. Gideon and Eva talk, he knows a lot about her. He owns her apartment building. Gideon tells Eva he wants her. Eva wants more than just s*x, but not necessarily a relationship. Saturday-Wakes up with a hangover. Gideon has sent over a hangover cure with a card telling Eva to call him with his number on the card. Cary, Eva and her mom have a spa day to get ready for the advocacy dinner.  Eva talks to her dad on the phone. She comes home alone. Finally calls Gideon, he is just around the corner and is coming over. They kiss and Gideon pleasures Eva. (More than once).) He asks her to go to the dinner with him. Gideon picks her up at 7. It seems as he cannot keep his hands off Eva. Eva is in the beautiful red dress with the slit. In the Limo, Eva has sex with Gideon, and then he becomes distant. Walks in on his arm, pictures being taken. He is withdrawn. Gideon gives the speech. She meets Christopher Jr. Gideon is jealous when she talks to Stanton’s nephew. Eva is confronted by Magdalene in the bathroom. Gideon has to go he says. (To call Corrine).Eva leaves, she is hurt. Sunday-Eva is just going to play hermit all day. There are red roses from Gideon with a card. The phone has been ringing all morning, Gideon has left messages. Her and Cary talk. Week 2 Monday-Eva arrives early at work early to avoid Gideon. Gideon calls to remind her of their lunch date. Gideon comes to her office to take her to his office for lunch. He needs to explain, agrees he f**ked up. Gideon needs control, Eva took that away. But Gideon does want a real relationship with her, an exclusive relationship. After work, they get Eva a new phone. They then go to the gym (one Gideon owns).After the gym, they are going to a hotel (his f**k pad). On the way he gives her a passionate kiss on the street. (for the photographers) They have s*x, Eva realizes this is his f**k pad and she runs. Ends up in a restaurant, Gideon calls and comes and gets her. Gideon says he messed up; he wants to take her to his home. Gideon says that he has never taken anyone else there. They go to his penthouse, a night filled with s*x. Gideon has a nightmare, Eva wakes with him on top of her. Tuesday- Eva gives him the picture of her blowing a kiss. Eva sees the picture of them kissing with the article. (She is his significant other) Eva has lunch with Cary. Bl*wjob in Gideon’s office. Angus drives her home, she leaves her keys for Gideon. Gideon comes to her apartment that night. Wednesday- Shower together. Pictures of Cary and Eva; also one of Gideon with Magdalene from the night before. Eva plans to go to lunch with Mark and Steve. Gideon wants to talk to Eva, she ignores him, so he makes her ride with him, spat outside the restaurant, and they make up. (Caught on video).Eva tells Gideon they need to talk. After work they go to Gideon’s penthouse. Eva tells her story; she is ready to run afraid Gideon cannot handle what he has heard. They have s*x. Then go out for a very intimate dinner. Gideon has bought her a blue cocktail dress. (The color of his eyes). Gideon agrees to couples therapy. Gideon has another nightmare; he will not take to Eva. So, Eva runs back to her apartment in only her black silk robe. Gideon called to let Cary know. Sends Gideon a text saying she is home safe. Thursday- Magdalene comes to see Eva at work, Eva calls Scott to have someone come get her and take her to Gideon. Eva runs into Christopher Jr. and has lunch with him. He gives her invitation to the Garden Party at the Vidal’s. Gideon sends her keys back with a Thank you for everything note. Eva has an appointment with her mom and Dr. Peterson. Her mom is upset that she told Gideon about Nathan. Also, Monica tells Eva that Gideon visited Richard. Friday-Eva goes to work, no Gideon. Goes to the gym after work. Saturday-Cary and Eva shop for clothes to wear to the garden party. Talks to her dad. Sunday-Garden party, Elizabeth seems happy to meet Eva – is surprised she is a blond. Eva talks to Ireland. Gideon shows up and shows Eva other uses for a library several times. Magdalene catches them in the act. Gideon tells her that it is this house that is in his dreams. He tells her she needs to have a safeword. Gideon thanks her for being what he wants and needs; she takes care of him in a place that makes his skin crawl. Christopher comes in on them. They go back to the penthouse. Gideon has pictures of her and them on the walls in his office, gives her a picture of the two of them for her office. He talks to her about a dom/sub relationship. Gideon has set up a bedroom exactly like hers so when she feels she needs to run, she can go there and be safe. They have dinner together. Gideon gives her a ring- not that ring, not yet. She wakes wanting him, finally decides to wear the ring. Week 3 Monday- Riding to work, in clothes that Gideon bought her to be at his penthouse. Cary has sent her the video of Christopher and Magdalene at the party. Eva tells Gideon she loves him. Eva sends flowers with notes three times during the day. Eva gives Gideon a ring, he wears the ring. The limo picks them up after work, s*x in the limo. The go to the gym to work out and then go back to Eva’s. Gideon, Eva and Cary eat Chinese food together. When they go sleep, Gideon has a nightmare, he wants to leave. Eva makes him stay. Tuesday- Eva goes to a business lunch with Gideon. Gideon has appointment with Dr. Peterson. Gives him medicine to help with the nightmares and sleep. Eva cooks dinner, Gideon comes over. Wednesday- Eva has lunch with Mark and Steve, meets Shawna – Steve’s sister. Gideon and Eva go to the gym after work. Go back to the penthouse, delayed gratification. Get ready for the Gala dinner for the crisis shelter at the Waldorf Astoria. (He doesn’t think her dress covers enough of her.) Eva talks to Magdalene and is introduced to Corinne. Gideon and Eva go to the limo and ride until Gideon has f**cked Eva. Back to the dinner, Eva is feeling ignored, Corinne sitting at their table. She meets Dr. Lucas, going for a drink, Gideon holds tight to her. Lucas and Gideon argue, Eva says “Crossfireâ€. Gideon lets her go and she leaves. Eva goes back to her apartment and walks in on Cary and friends in a compromising position. Gideon follows, punches a guy. Eva goes to the shower, rolled in a ball, Gideon joins her fully dressed. They discuss the evening’s events. Gideon says he loves her. It was Corinne who had called him during the Advocacy dinner. Gideon tells her about Corinne and how she proposed to him. They get dressed and pack some things to go to the penthouse. They get to Angus and the car when Gideon says he forgot something and has to go back upstairs. He doesn’t need her keys, he had one made before he gave them back to her, and also he had given her key to the penthouse at the same time.  Reflected In You Thursday- July- Day after the gala at the Waldorf dinner and walking in on Cary and his friends. Gideon is going to Phoenix, wants Eva to come with him. But she needs to spend time with Cary, she convinces Gideon to let her go to Las Vegas. They will all fly together. Gideon admits he wanted Eva the moment he saw her. Magdalene calls and talks to Cary. Eva & Megumi go to lunch together. Returning from lunch Eva sees Corinne walking out of the building with that just been f**ked look. Eva goes to Gideon’s office and confronts him. The couch is out of place, a pillow on the floor and he comes out of the bathroom changing shirts. Eva confronts him. There is lipstick (blood) on his sleeve. They argue. They have a couples therapy session with Dr. Peterson. Dr. P says they should discuss abstinence. After the appointment they return to Eva’s apartment. Eva realizes her period is getting ready to start, that is why she is tired and cranky. Eva has a nightmare, Gideon takes care of her, but he was dressed. Where had he been? Afterwards, they take a shower together to cleanse her. (He had been cleaning out his f**k pad.) Friday- In the morning Cary and Eva talk. They are on Gideon’s plane waiting for him to arrive. When Gideon does arrive he goes to his office to work. Eva goes to try to bring him out of his grumpiness. They join the mile high club. First time Gideon says ‘crossfire’. Eva & Cary arrive at the suite at their hotel (Gideon owns) Saturday- Lounging by the pool. Eva realizes that Gideon has employees watching her, babysitting her, with a list. She calls Clancy to have him do the same to Gideon. Eva talks to her dad. Her dad is coming out to visit in two weeks. Sunday- Eva & Cary getting ready to go home. Eva hears Gideon in the suite. He sends Cary down to gamble. They talk and then move on to other things. Gideon tells Eva he got the capital to start Cross Industries by playing blackjack, not only the money, but the contacts. Fly back to New York. Week 4 Monday- Monica calls wants to go to lunch with Eva. Eva, Monica and Megumi have lunch together. They walk back to Crossfire, as they approach the building Monica sees Nathan. Eva goes to Krav Maga, has trouble concentrating. Gideon comes to Eva’s apartment, finds her taking a bath, and crawls in with her. Eva wants Gideon to talk of his past. Gideon asks her to have lunch with him tomorrow in his office. The have a quiet night in, dinner, movie and just being with each other. Gideon has a nightmare and attacks Eva. Gideon leaves and Eva lets him. Tuesday- Eva throws up when she sees Gideon has left the keys on the breakfast bar. He sends her a text saying he is working from home, but Angus will pick her up. After work Eva goes to Krav Maga. Gideon has appointment with Dr. Peterson. Eva goes to the penthouse after class. She showers and waits for Gideon. Shawna calls, inviting her to a Six-ninths concert on Friday. Gideon arrives, tells Eva to order something to eat and he goes to take a shower. Eva calls Cary to let him know where she is and to say she will probably be home soon. He says he wants his key to her place back. Eva goes to “her roomâ€. Gideon grabs her; he gave the key back because he wanted her to be safe. The first time he had taken the key, she had not given it to him – now she wanted to give it to him. They sleep separately. Wednesday-Gideon brings Eva coffee in bed.  Eva invites Gideon to the concert. Eva goes to lunch with Mark, Steve & Shawna. Eva asks if she can bring Gideon to the concert. Shawna says yes., does he have a friend to bring. Shawna’s boyfriend is in Italy. Eva & Gideon go to the gym and then to Gideon’s penthouse. Gideon is in his office working; Eva asks if he has a friend that could go to the concert with them. She is feeling distance with Gideon, because they have been sleeping apart and also her period. He is trying to clear his calendar, so they can go away for the weekend. They talk. Gideon’s fantasy – Eva in a s*x swing. Gideon says that they are going to come to an agreement, once it is meet, there is no turning back. Thursday- Meeting with Dr. Peterson. Things seem to be working better. Eva needs approval. Friday- Cary and Eva have lunch together. Eva tells him she is going to the concert. Cary says that he is going to a birthday bash for one of the photographers, Trey is going with him. Pick up Shawna in the limo; go to Tableau One for dinner. The owner Arnoldo is Shawna’s date. They eat and then go to the concert. At the concert, Eva is shocked to find that Brett is the lead singer of the band. ( Cary should have told her). Gideon & Eva enjoy themselves completely, Eva is very turned on. When the band sings “Golden†Eva realizes it is about her. Gideon has backstage passes. Eva leaves to go to the limo, she sees Brett. He kisses her and she kisses back, and then pushes him away. Gideon sees them and charges Brett, they fight. Angus takes Eva away, they drop off Shawna & Arnoldo; then go back to get Gideon.  Gideon gets in the limo, wants to know why, he is angry. They ride in the car to North Carolina. Gideon is using Eva, he wants to know why. Finally after hours, Eva admits she did it to make Gideon jealous. Saturday/ Sunday- They arrive at a beach house in North Carolina. No phones, no computers and no contact. They go and take a bath together. They spend the weekend talking, loving, reading, laughing and being together. He talks about Ann Lucas and Corinne also talks about his dad & his mom. Gideon tells her that since they like the place, maybe they should buy it. Late Sunday Night- Return home to Eva’s apartment. They go to bed in separate rooms. Gideon wakes Eva to tell her Cary is in the hospital. Week 5 Monday- Eva & Gideon go to the hospital. Cary was attacked on Friday night. Gideon arranges for Eva to stay at the hospital. Monica arrives, is mad at Eva & Gideon that they could not be gotten a hold of all weekend. Gideon brings Eva her overnight bag & tells her he talked to her boss. Gideon will arrange for Cary to have home care. He gets a call he needs to take, then he leaves. Tuesday- Eva goes home to shower and get ready for work. She has a knot in her stomach. Twenty four hours since she has seen or really heard from Gideon. When Eva called him Monday night at 9, he had been less than brief. Eva starts to walk to work, Gideon calls angry she didn’t wait to be picked up, Eva hangs up on him. Angus appears, she gets in the car. Eva sees the picture of Gideon & Corinne from the night before having dinner at Tableau One. Eva gets a call telling her Brett is in the lobby. Eva goes to meet him. They go to lunch together. They talk, she asks him about “Goldenâ€. Eva tells Brett she does not want him, she is in love with Gideon. Eva leaves the restaurant; Angus & the Bentley are waiting for her. When Eva gets in the elevator it takes her to Gideon’s floor. Gideon is waiting for her, pulls her out of the elevator. “You need to trust me, Eva. “Eva knows something is wrong bet Gideon will not tell her. Eva goes to Krav Maga, then back to the hospital. Cary & Eva talk. Eva calls Gideon, he doesn’t answer finally answers his home number. He is with someone and tells her he can’t talk now & hangs up. Eva goes back to Cary’s room and cries. *Gideon has moved in next door, unbeknownst to Eva. Wednesday- Eva can’t sleep, takes her tablet to the cafeteria & writes a letter to Gideon. Dr. Lucas confronts her. Eva goes to work, has lunch with Mark & Steve. After lunch Gideon calls, mad that she went out. He tells her that Cary will be moved back to the apartment this afternoon. When she gets home she takes a long shower & then continues her letter to Gideon. Eva sends the letter to Gideon. Eva awakes to Gideon in her room. They have s*x, fall asleep together. In the morning he is gone. Thursday- Eva checks on Cary in the morning. Cary wants to know what kind of vitamins Gideon takes! While Mark & Eva present Kingsman ad to Gideon, he ignores her, Mark notices. Eva calls Gideon’s office to see if he is still coming to dinner & bringing Ireland. Gideon says he will meet her at DR. Peterson’s office for their session. Eva goes to Dr. P. They talk, Gideon never shows up, plus he never showed up for his appointment on Tuesday. *Gideon with Corinne at party for Kingsman at his hotel. Nathan is murdered Friday- Eva leaves early to pick up her dad at the airport. A different driver is there with the Bentley, not Angus. She tells him to tell his boss she doesn’t need his transportation and takes a cab. Gideon shows up for dinner with Ireland. Detectives come to Eva’s; inform them Nathan is dead. Gideon shows them out & talks to them. Eva locks herself in her room. Saturday- Eva wakes up to her mom at the door. Monica tells Eva that Nathan had photos & video of her. He was trying to blackmail Stanton. Police know everything the records have been unsealed. Monica & Victor run into each other as Monica is leaving. They still love each other. Eva’s dad has been surfing the net asks Eva about the picture of Gideon & Corinne at the party on Thursday night. Eva goes to make a call and take a shower. Eva calls Gideon, he says he can’t talk, but she continues about Nathan & Corinne; breaks up with Gideon. Eva takes off the ring. She gets into the shower & crumbles. *Gideon at police station. Saturday/Sunday- Hanging out with her dad. Week 6 Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday- Goes to work, barely making it through the day, Eva is depressed. Eva cries herself to sleep. Goes to Krav Maga. Forces herself to get up every day and make an effort to make it through the day one minute at a time. Thursday- Eva lets Dr. Peterson know they will not be coming for their appointment. Eva stops at Gideon’s penthouse and leaves the key & her ring in an envelope at the front desk. Friday- New guy at work & Eva is showing him the ropes. Saturday-Spa day at Eva’s apartment. Eva wants to be a new Eva, she wants everything done.  Eva gets a new haircut. Monica decides they need to go out to dinner. She calls Stanton & he comes to pick them all up to go out. At dinner Eva runs into Christopher Jr and Elizabeth. Eva tells off Elizabeth for what she did & failed to do for Gideon. Sunday- Eva spends all day in her pajamas; sleeping, eating and crying over Gideon. Week 7 Monday- The new Eva. Eva goes to lunch with Megumi & Will. Megumi says she is going to the Hamptons with her boyfriend. When they return to work, Gideon gets in the elevator with them. When they arrive at her floor, Gideon tells Eva ‘wait’. Eva stays on the elevator; he touches her, puts her ring back on her finger, he is still wearing his. But Gideon tells Eva wait as he steps off the elevator. Eva has Cary do some research on Dr. Lucas. Eva asks Mark for some time off on Tuesday morning. Eva goes over events of the past week. Eva sees Gideon & Corinne outside the Crossfire, Gideon sees her and freezes. Eva flips him off. Then she is hit by a thought. Eva calls her mom, confirms it was Nathan that she saw the day they came back from lunch. Eva talks with Cary, going through everything, finally putting it all together. Gideon keeps telling Eva to trust him & to wait. Still wearing his ring & wants her to wear hers. These are a promise, symbols of ownership & commitment. Interview with Brett, he still wants her. Eva Says, “Everything is coming back, with a vengeance.†Tuesday- Angus picks up Eva in front of her apartment. Eva asks if he knows where Corinne lives, he takes her there. Eva confronts Corinne. Corinne is trying to make it seem that Gideon is there, but Eva sees through the lies. Then Eva tells Angus she wants to go to Dr. Lucas’s office. He warns her that Gideon will be angry. Eva confronts the doctor. As she opens the door to leave Gideon is standing there. He takes her into the elevator to leave, wants to know why she is stirring things up. He says she needs to trust him. When they get outside they get into the Mercedes to ride together, Angus & Raul take the Bentley. *Eva is back, she is fighting for Gideon. Gideon tries to explain the separation, talks about his dad, talks about the abuse; Gideon tells Eva that he loves her! He says he is coming back, she just needs to wait. Eva goes to lunch with Christopher. When she returns, she is escorted into the security office. Gideon is there, he tells her that when she had her nightmare and he had just returned; he had been cleaning out the f**k pad. They trust each other more now. Monica calls, the detectives are still asking them questions. Wednesday- Eva goes to Krav Maga, Det. Graves shows up and off the record tells Eva about the case. She says that they think that Gideon killed Nathan, but they don’t have enough to go on, so she has burned her notes and the case is closed. Det. Graves wants to know if Eva had broken up with Gideon on Saturday after they interrupted their dinner. When Eva says yes, Graves says that he was at the police department & she could tell because Gideon was devastated. Eva says “Thank you.†Graves says, “I’m not the one you should be thanking.†Eva ends up at Gideon’s, no one is home & she no longer has a key. Gideon finds her there. Eva tells him what Graves said. Gideon releases a deep breath and she kisses him saying thank you. Gideon hugs her & presses his face into her throat. ‘Where do we go from here?†Eva says, “Wherever this takes us. Together.† Entwined In You Wednesday- Eva leaves Gideon’s penthouse and goes back to her apartment. When she arrives at her apartment Deanna, the reporter is waiting for her. Deanna wants them to team up against Gideon. Eva goes to her apartment & showers, when she comes out of the shower Gideon is waiting for her. They have s*x. Thursday- Gideon wakes Eva with a cup of coffee in bed. This leads to s*x. Gideon tells Eva he has moved into the apartment next door. They will need to make their reconciliation gradual. Gideon gives Eva a burner phone, she can always contact Angus & he can get a hold of Gideon. He gives her full closure telling her the phone is can be tracked, but also gives her the info on how to track his phone. Eva figures out that it was Nathan in his office on that Thursday. Gideon explains that he has told Corinne goodbye, that they can only be friends. The new neighbor (Gideon) invites Eva over for dinner.  Eva now has the key to the penthouse & the new apartment.  At work Eva goes to lunch with Will. Megumi wants a girl’s night out clubbing on Saturday night. Brett calls Eva to invite her to the Times Square debut of the video for “Goldenâ€. Eva asks Cary to go to the video debut with her. Eva goes to the new apartment; Gideon explains he moved in while Cary was at the hospital. It was Raul in the office with him, arranging the move when she called on that Tuesday. They have dinner and s*x. Eva tells Gideon about the girl’s night out on Saturday, he says he will make the arrangements. They sleep separately, Gideon has a nightmare. They take a bath together and talk about the abuse. Friday- Gideon asks Eva if she has a passport. He wants her to work for him. Eva explains that this would not work. Eva’s purse falls and spills out onto the floor. Eva steps on her compact & finds a tracking device. Eva calls Clancy; he admits he put it there. She sends a text to her mom. Gideon says he has kept his appointments with Dr. Peterson. When Eva gets to work she calls Angus & has him send roses to Gideon for her. They communicate through the inter office mail. Eva’s mom calls & tells her she will meet Eva at her apartment after work. Magdalene comes to visit Eva. When Eva arrives home her mom is there. She has brought the gown for an event in a week. Eva confronts her mom on the tracking device. Eva finds out that her Rolex is also a tracking device. Eva throws the watch on the floor & leaves. Eva goes next door & falls asleep on the couch. When Gideon arrives they talk, order Chinese & then play around. Gideon has bought Black Rose winery in Bordeaux from Corinne’s husband. Eva calls Cary to tell him she is ok, asks if he wants to go to San Diego. Cary tells her that Deanna Eva comforts him on the couch & they end up sleeping together on the couch. Saturday- Eva rises early & is working on how to help Gideon’s public image. The website for his Crossroads Foundation needs to be improved; Eva outlines ways to do all of this. How to blow the lid off a scandal with Gideon & Eva; either stay away from each other or get married. Gideon wants to know from Eva what she needs from him in order to say yes to marriage. Gideon explains that he his mother had come to him for help with Vidal records; he bought Ireland’s shares & became the majority stock holder. Eva calls & talks to her dad. Eva then goes & visits her mom. Girl’s night out clubbing, they use Gideon’s limo & go to Gideon’s clubs. Eva calls Gideon from one of the clubs, he shows up and they have wild s*x. Sunday- Eva wakes with a hangover. Gideon has hangover cure for her. Gideon has also placed a new watch on her arm. The watch is beautiful & rare, only 25 made. Eva overhears Gideon on the phone- “I am aware of the risk…stop talking. The subject isn’t open to debate. Draw up the agreement as specified. Eva has missed calls on her phone from her dad, mom & Cary. Eva calls her dad. He knows about Nathan & is on his way to New York. Eva is crying, goes to Gideon’s office. Gideon is on the phone with Corinne, but when he sees that Eva is a mess he hangs up & goes right to Eva. Gideon takes care of Eva. Eva tells Gideon about the two times Corinne has tried to make Eva think that she has had s*x with Gideon. Gideon is surprised, but says that does it, he is done with Corinne. Gideon calls Monica to try & calm her. He puts Eva to work on the laptop looking at the changes to the website. Eva calls Stanton to get him to deal with her mom. Week 8 Monday- Megumi & Eva go to lunch together. Gideon calls Eva, the police have a suspect & it is not him. Eva’s dad calls to let her know when he will be at airport. Gideon & Eva meet at their apartment. Eva uses Gideon’s car to go to the airport. Eva takes her dad to Krav Maga. They talk about the past. Then go to dinner with Cary. There are white roses in Eva’s bedroom from Gideon. Tuesday- Eva is wearing a yellow dress, says hi to Angus. When Eva comes back from lunch, she sees Gideon & Corinne in the lobby, Gideon sees her, Corinne tries to kiss him, but Gideon pushes her away. Eva wanted to hit Corinne. Eva gets on the elevator, it stops at a floor with construction happening, Eva gets off the elevator. Gideon arrives on the floor & leads Eva to an office that is furnished. Gideon & Eva have s*x. Megumi goes home with Eva so they can go to the gym. When they get to the apartment Eva sees her mom in Eva’s clothes & then her dad comes out of the room having just showered. Eva tells Megumi she doesn’t feel well & can’t go to the gym. Eva’s dad asks her about Gideon. Wednesday- Eva’s dad flies back to San Diego. Brett calls to tell Eva the video debut is Thursday, they should go to dinner afterwards. Ireland calls Eva. Eva goes to lunch with Mark & Steve. After Eva arrives home, the detectives come to give her an update on the case. They tell her about the suspect & the sapphire bracelet, it looks like a Russian mob hit. Eva goes to the gym. Gideon comes over; he has a nightmare about Nathan & goes back next door. Thursday- Eva goes next door in the morning; she finds Gideon sleeping with her pillow. Gideon explains what the word ‘crossfire’ means to him. Gideon tells her about Dr. Lucas & his brother in law. They make plans for the video debut. At the video debut, Ireland is happy to see her. Christopher Jr. is there & trying to needle Gideon about Corinne. Eva is shocked about the video, so is Gideon. Gideon is gone at the end of the video. (Corinne had called & she is acting crazy). Eva & Brett go to Tableau One for dinner, Arnoldo joins them. (Babysitting) When they get back to Eva’s apartment Deanna is waiting. Eva takes Brett up to the apartment. She tells Brett that they will not get back together; her & Gideon are in love. Brett leaves, without even a kiss. *Gideon calls Corinne's husband & tells him to come take care of his wife. Friday- Eva makes sure she has her passport, Gideon & her are going away for the weekend. Eva meets Corinne’s husband while he waiting in the lobby for Gideon, they set a date to meet Monday evening. Eva goes to lunch with her mom. After work Gideon picks up Eva & they make their way to the airport, after changing vehicles so that no one could follow them. The flight is quite the adventure for both Gideon & Eva. They land in paradise, Gideon seems distant Eva worries. Eva runs into the ocean, Gideon comes in after her & saves her. Gideon asks Eva to marry him, he needs her to marry him. Eva agrees. Saturday- Eva sits down to have her coffee & finds a pre-nup. Eva doesn't run, she takes a shower & then comes back to read the pre-nup. The pre-nup is not to protect Gideon’s assets, but his heart. They marry on the beach, with the manager of the resort & Angus as the witnesses. The rest of the day is spent consummating the marriage over & over again. Gideon tells Eva he had asked her dad’s permission to marry her. He even recorded the conversation. Sunday- They continued to swim & relax until time to fly back home. Monogrammed luggage tags. They will tell people they are engaged.  Week 9 Monday- Cary is upset with Eva, they meet for lunch & Eva tries to explain. Eva has not told Cary about the wedding. Cary tells Eva that Tatiana is pregnant. Eva & Gideon send inter office memos back & forth. Eva meets Corinne’s husband at the wine bar. He realizes that Eva & Gideon are married. Eva goes & buys a ring for Gideon. The ring Eva is wearing was the one that Gideon’s da gave to his mom. Eva goes back to Gideon’s office to give him the ring. They have s*x in the office. They go back to the apartment & have pizza. Tuesday- Eva goes to get coffee & sees Tatiana walking naked through the apartment. Eva confronts Tatiana. Eva has lunch with Will. Eva goes to Krav Maga, Graves is there & says that she would be twitchy about the bracelet. Gideon goes to his appointment with Dr. Peterson. Gideon gets a call to tell him Corinne is in the hospital from an overdose. Gideon & Eva go to the hospital. Corinne has miscarried; her husband starts to fight Gideon. Gideon has Angus take Eva from the hospital. Gideon doesn’t come home or to his apartment. Wednesday- Gideon comes back late, he has been in California. Gideon tells Eva he will get his medicine so they can sleep together. He leaves & doesn’t come back. Eva goes & finds him asleep in his place. Eva takes care of Gideon. Thursday-At work, Mark is called to the office of the big boss. Gideon explains to Eva about the sex tape of Brett & Eva. Corinne was pregnant, it was not Gideon’s. Gideon talks to Raul. They are going to a charity event that evening; Gideon says it is a great time to start announcing their engagement. Eva tells her mom that Gideon is going to take her to the event tonight & that they will get married. Gideon & Eva walk the press red carpet together. Eva introduces Gideon to her bosses as her fiancé.  Eva sees Elizabeth, Elizabeth is very upset that Eva is wearing the ring. Eva sees Deanna sitting at their table talking to Gideon. A redhead makes comments to Eva about Deanna. Eva goes to Gideon. They leave and go home together. Eva remembers that she needs to tell Gideon about her & Cary’s trip to San Diego. Captivated BY You   Friday - Gideon wakes from a nightmare. Gideon and Eva fight about Brett and Corrine. Saturday - Trip to San Diego  I have to add the rest of the book but I haven't had time.
  13.  Hi Mrs. X  I feel compelled to respond to your post.  While I'll admit that I was a little disappointed with this book because I expected some more questions answered, we did find out more than you suggested.  We know why Gideon uses brunettes as sex objects. We learn more about Corinne's crazy obsession for Gideon. We know Gideon isn't a loner but has real friends. We know Angus is more familiar with Gideon's past than his family. I don't know how anyone can read the elevator scene and not feel Gideon's pain and inner turmoil. His love and need for Eva and his battle to suppress his thoughts and anger over his abuse mess with his head. My heart ached for him.  There is a lot of Gideon & Eva's day to day life but, even though we are reading these books over a couple years, the actual time frame is several months. We have to see how Gideon and Eva are dealing with their daily life to understand their triggers. (I am disappointed that Eva ran again...not only ran but stayed away so long...for me that is not who I thought Eva was but it is who Sylvia created.)  I liked the swing scene. I felt their love for each other during this scene.Â
  14.  I don't think Gideon is weak. This is the first time we are in Gideon's head. In the first three books we see what Eva and everyone else sees. Gideon is a successful, dominant, alpha male. In this book we see what Gideon sees all the damage that is in his soul. There are some things that he does that seems weak but I think he is trying to figure out what he has to do to have the life he wants with Eva. Facing his past isn't easy for him but it is necessary.  I do have a hard time with Eva in this book. I don't understand her or connect with her like I did in the previous books but I have to believe that Sylvia has a plan.
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