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  1. OK, I tried really hard not to mention this (I was kinda hoping someone else would acknowledge it) because I got the impression from everyone on the board that it would have been so implausible and there is so much else to delve into so I dropped it. I think I said (before the release of the book) in another thread that I would love for book 4 to include a wedding and all the drama that goes with that for Eva and Gideon.  Everyone else was saying there is so much else to deal with first a wedding would be so far from the plot. Imagine my surprise when I saw that in EWY.  I know I'm new here but I feel like I'm coming off wrong on this board, lol. (or maybe its just me). I think it's safer for me to go back into lurk mode. I feel like I'm ruffling feathers for thinking too much out of the box.  I am enjoying reading the discussion; however, so keep those up.
  2. That's great. Did you make a special request to get both FSOG and Crossfire? The site only shows one or the other.
  3. Oh I'm now saying don't try to get this change. I'm just saying don't get your hopes up.
  4. I know you mean well but I don't think anything can be done about some places releasing the book a day or two earlier than others. Like I said department stores who have employees whose only mission is to restock shelves aren't going to pay attention to release dates. Other stores like Barnes & Noble are a little more strict about only selling on the official date. Plus you've got people who get advance copies for reviews and those people may sell their copies and copies that are given out as promotions. I would think it would be impossible for publishers to police something like this. I know when your anxious to get the book, it's frustrating when you hear that someone has it a day or two before you but I don't see how that can be stopped.  My apologies if anyone is offended but what I just said. I just didn't see the point. In any case, I'm just glad that *I* can read it now, lol. The rest of it is beyond my control so I chose not to worry about it.
  5. I'm really glad she posted that. Yesterday I was reading some of the comments about how people were unhappy and about this being more of a money thing and I kinda felt for her a bit. People like Sylvia write because she enjoys writing and while she does need to have a bit of a think skin, her books are her babies. Even thought what she makes is very important, my guess is, her main reason for doing this is because she enjoys it. Yeah we are all unhappy when the book gets pushed back but there have been a lot of book release dates pushed back and it never has anything to do with the author. Olivia Cunning had her Sinners series released out of order and that was also a publisher decision, I'm sure. It made reading the book a little confusing but I don't think Olivia had any control over it.  I, for one, am glad to see the story continue a little further although it makes waiting for book 4 agonizing!  Sharon
  6. Actually some stores will put a book out early. I guess they don't really pay much attention to release dates and put them out when they arrive. There are other stores, Barnes & Noble for example, who will have the books in their backrooms but won't put them out until the release date. I've gone into the store and ask them for a book like a day or two earlier only to be told, we have copies and we can save you one but we can't sell them until the actual release date. You can usually find them early at larger places like department stores and sometime drug stores that may carry them. Places where they have employees replacing stock without really giving much thought to something as trivial (to them) as a release date.
  7. I was thinking of possible scenarios for the 4th book. I wouldn't mind it being about Eva and Gideon's wedding, honeymoon (some place exotic) and the first year or two of marriage. What do you guys think?
  8. I was thinking of possible scenarios for the 4th book. I wouldn't mind it being about Eva and Gideon's wedding, honeymoon (some place exotic) and the first year or two of marriage. What do you guys think?
  9. Actually this is a nice way to be able to discussing a book that your passionate about with people who feel the same way and have really great discussions.Â
  10. or maybe hoping for a 'sample' that we haven't read yet.
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