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  1. I read first  3 chapters  of FSOG and I just gave  up lol  ..Â
  2. Agree to  all of this . But I would love Elizabeth to see Dr. Petersen .. I think she really needed the help upon the suggestion of Gideon and their  family with Chris would start  healing too ..  But Shawna has  a BF you're breaking them  up  , I would go for Arnoldo and Megumi and Corrine would go back in France with Giroux after she personally apologize  to Gideon and Eva  after she found out  that Anne Lucas posing  psychiatrist in a pseudo  name used her . Oh and she would  file a case against Anne Lucas  too..   I would hope for Victor to not  accept the job from Gideon instead wold work with Graves  ..(if Graves is not married  .. well they could be together  ). I dont think Gideons' sexual abuse would be known in public even if Anne  got prosecuted because Hugh did not mentioned those in his notes .. (or I have to reread that part) because Gideon said HUgh lied on everything  about his  session with him  . But even if it goes public . Gideon would have the public sympathy though and he would have the respect of everyone . Â
  3. Hi it was Arash who  told Gideon about the ghostwriter . Gideon was offering her a job kindly for all the  financial lost . Cancelled contract as a ghostwriter,  sex tape ,  and wedding pictures. Deanna hasn't started writing  the book since Corrine  found out about her and Gideon  .. For me, Gideon was taking the higher ground .  Maybe it would pacify  the hatred Deanna has for him  with this gesture.Â
  4. Yes,  Eva did add  Reyes to her name  but that was after they got married when Gideon asked her.  So if Monica still opted to use Tramell for Eva then its for practicality reason  .. Keeping their lives  away from her past to be discovered .  Re: Victor  - I assumed he was a small time  cop and not really came from a wealthy family . I dont think he had what Monica  wants and needs  .. stability and security  and power that money could provide  on a  long term basis  . Â
  5. But she can't use the Reyes  because she and Victor were not married. Assuming ,  Victor would want to marry her she would have to come clean about her  real name  and her background. I mean  if Victor  found out she was the sister of a gang rape victim and she married the accused rapist  .. the shame and confusion  .. My best guess to why used the Monica Tramell because that name was clean  as the book said  the Tramells ' value their reputation.  ..  she has to give the Tramell to Eva because technically  she was married to him  .Â
  6. Monicas' death was  shocking  and sad but I never thought it as out of placed. In every final installment of series there's always gonna be an unpleasant twist or collateral damage  . and we all love Monica so it us all . it could  be any of them  Victor , Cary ,  Chris - but none of these characters  were as colorful and as curious and secretive as Monica. We would never asked why Victor do that? He was a simple cop a simple man  .. We knew everything about Cary  .. Chris was a as fine as dandy  .. So out of these characters Monica was the one who we would most asked and it has been in every book ?  Why does she value money so much  .. why was she on edge every time., why does she  wished Eva and Gideon a peaceful life out of the public.. why she opposed Eva so much about going against Corrine on  photo press   and why  she doesn't like Gideon  went on that interview?   Out of all the sub characters she was the one who has most contributions and very involved  on Evas life. Everything that she did was for Evas' welfare and the hidden twin sister.  I did say it wasn't out of placed because Angus said  to Gideon in OWY that during that time when they're collecting  infos about Eva  - they still have that one guy who they paid to give them an update everytime something about the Tramell  ..  and  Eva was thinking  of getting in touch  with her  grandparents  .  Angus said  that the guy told them that the Tramell couple died and it raised a questioned why Monica did not mentioned it. Gideon has it on his mind , the  mystery of it and wanted to dig further and Angus  have had other  info about it already .  So the Monica backstory was brewing  ..its already taking its place where it should be  . Monica Stanton was the third act . It might be as s*** as to say  goodbye to Monica that way but I look at it at different perception. Sylvia Day sent her off  with flying colors  .. with me admiring Monica Stanton . The Brave  woman  .. who suffer in silence ,  who  unselfishly  left the man she truly loves so that she can protect her child and  take care  of her sister . Who must be scared everyday that the  one secret she  hid would be discover and it will break Eva , it will break Stanton , it will break Victor, it will break her. So knowing her backstory  and the way it ends  ..  was how it supposed to be .    gah I wish Monica was shot  .. was on surgery  .. and was healing and she  will arrange the wedding again for Gideon and Eva  . I wish she wasn't the sacrificial lamb .. but Sylvia was different .  She didn't tell you how to spell  a HAPPY ENDING  ., she  gave you letters to spell HAPPY ENDING  .. and its just so happened we all are different readers with different opinion Like me  for an example.. Nipple sucking and fingering  (Jesus I cant believe Im saying this ..)  wasnt an act of sex or  F(&^***  .. but was a very sexual foreplay act  (i dont  even know if i said it right hope someone got what I mean  lol)  so for me  there's no inconsistency  on Gideons' behavior  when to use his pad.  .  And thats make this forum interesting .. we get to read each others reasoning ..  so thats it for right now  .. IM really gonna miss Crossfire .. Â
  7. I guessed what Chris explained to Christopher  was the part that Hugh (according to his  notes)  was brain washing Christopher by telling him that  Gideon wanted to kill him and it was easy to believe that time  specially if Gideon was really a kid with too much anger and uncontrollable.  and this has been the root of their misunderstanding.Â
  8. I actually started reading Bared To You  again.. I cant believe Im not waiting for another  Gideon and Eva  book next year. I never really got impatient just  anticipation .... this series was really closed to me emotionally . Â
  9. YEY VIP room  ..  thank you  ..  I think  Im so over with this one issue lol .Â
  10. I was thinking if these  guys  were  going out  .. its not out of the  blue  . they planned it because they were all busy  people so they  must have reserved it.  When Gideon reacted  .,, reading between the lines ,, the VIP  room was supposedly  private  so the  photographer was a surprised to him .. so what would be the VIP room like in New York then??? if anyone can answer as I have no clue lol   .. because  your example  in UK is  invalid  (no offense meant )  since it happened in New York.. it must be a different  set up  and before  that Arash has already  mentioned  the Cinco De  Mayo with Gideon being with 2 women  before the bachelors  party  so its not out of the blue .. but reading  back it would play a part  so Sylvia was  dropping hints..  I guess  Sylvia put this situation to test or  validate  the stability  of trust between the Gideon and Eva  .. w/o Brett and Corrine  in the picture ..Â
  11. Some were just nitpicking and harsh .. Its annoying me  . I love how Sylvia wrapped up this book  .. and Im very happy how it ended and very sad I have to say goodbye to  Gidoen and Eva.  It doesn't need to answer everything  - or solved everything  because life its not like that. It takes time to heal and  to make progress.  I believed this series was all about Gideon and Eva .. their story, how they become a solid couple , work together with their issues  and  be together as they move forward to their future . I think we all wished that she tied up all the issues cleanly - she did somehow. But Corrine, Deanna, Brett and other characters were just  breadcrumbs to the life Gideon and Evas' building. Its always about Gideon and Eva - they were the core of this story and where Sylvias ' left them was a great happy place. Did Corrine book come out .. I would not really care ..as far as Gideons' concerned (and my concerned) he cut the tie with Corrine already and so as to his mother who still refused to accept what happened to him after he bared  his soul to her . He close that chapter already there's no point for Gideon moaning and be tormented about it .. It will halt his progress for healing if he wont let go .Did Deanna took the offer Gideon offered , I dont care really . Brett was foregone since Captivated by You .. why would I want him to be back in the scene again .. Cary can have his own spinned off if we want to follow his life. Tatiana is not Gideon and Evas' problem at all. Stanton was grieving we all know and Evas was there for him . Many others overlooked  the fact that Gideon has no family .. in real sense of it .. and the last book gave him that . He has  Evas' family and Chris family.  He started  building the bridge with Christopher because he really wanted that.  It was one thing he truly need as he has been battling on his own for so long until Eva . So basically if we want all answers to be detailed - Sylvia should write 10 books instead (I would love that though)   and some people  forgot that the 5 books took place between 3-4 months in the story. So as far as my understanding, Gideon and Eva were a solid couple, the other issues she left it like " progressing" and "as it happened" like how the reality flows and they will deal with it head on - TOGETHER .That was the after imagination Sylvia  left to me .  Can I just say Sylvia has  given Monica  a really great way to go . She was a big part of this story more than the others and  knowing  her life back then , what  she sacrificed for .. I  salute Monica Tramell Stanton .  It was in a VIP area  was it .. it is supposed to be  private  ..  so what he does in private he assumed was private  .. he is not having sex he was  a guy out with his  friends  being bad and naughty while super drunk  .. so if someone cleverly got a picture ..  paparazzi was really good.   why was this an issue  .. The guy who took the photo must be the same guy who stalked Gideon  .. who never sold the  photos  unless  he needs money  .I would assumed he sold it to the press  after being  encouraged  by Dr. Lucas  ..  now my only questioned was "where is Cinco de Mayo"  ..  Â
  12. hi i couldn't find this review .. would you have a link?
  13.   i dont get why people dont understand the theres-no-leap-in-time approach.  the only issue here i wanted to be resolved on its own spin off is Carys story because it was complex, Eva cant spent the her time in book 5 solving Carys' issues.  the rest were side dish story that shows Gideon and Eva's daily life. Im not interested to find out how, when and where Mark and Steven will get married ..   I believed Brett and Deanna was resolved  . Corinne would be probably be wrapped up in the first few chapters  of OWY  depends if her books would be published  or not. She is not a threat except if Eva would be childish getting hurt  by reading Gideons' past relationship with Corinne which I hope she shouldn't because in book 5 I hope that their love and trust for each other was solid enough to get tied  up all the issue.  for me these are the  only issues remain though ..  Anne Lucas which was major and threatening, fixing Gideons' relationship with his family, major  progress  in his therapy that would lead to him and Eva not sleeping separately anymore , Evas' transfer to Cross industries and the wedding.  I think LanCorp was just a means to have a major crack between Eva and Gideon re Work so dont think theres more to it that would majorly shaken  book 5. it seems Lancorp and Cross industries is in  a healthy aggressive business competition - which is very common to big corporation. Landcorp trying to outsmart Gideon , Gideon trying to block him . as he said, they poke each other almost every week. What happened to Megumi was a means for Eva to consider working in Crossroads.  I think Elizabeth would come clean and apologize ( she should probably have a therapy with Gideon too)  and make an effort to change toward Eva  because her  marriage is on the  line. She wouldn't risk to lose it all and Gideon wouldn't let that happened because despite all the hurt and shamed ,he loves her mother. The whole Vidal family should got to therapy  .. so everyone would forgive themselves and get pass the grievance and blaming stage.  That reviewer annoyed me a lot .. I almost replied to his review and ask for a war.. whay does he want an epilogue in book  4, the story is not over, ridiculous and talking about children ... grrrrr!  ..  and even Arnoldo , he is just a friend to show Gideons' social skills  . Mr. Giroux .. the man must be busy now running the casino Gideon has sold to him while waiting for his divorce ..  some readers they asked for more but they complained  that its taken  book  5. I feel sorry for Sylvia  Im just glad  it was a bestseller .Â
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