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  1. eli

    Gideonand Eva's Children

    Sexy time leads to having kids but have kids doesn't help with sexy time. Â Maybe she can add kids in the epilogue.
  2. Dang is it that time already? Â Happy b-day! Â Sorry I didn't get you anything.Â
  3. eli


    How about my life would suck without you by Kelly Clarkson.  They have a way messy relationship.
  4. So I finished the second book. Â I haven't started the third book. Â I am in no way criticizing the writing choices but I do kind of wish they left Nathan in the series longer. Â I thought that would have given her more option in future writing. Â I'm I alone in this? Â It's okay if I am. Â I would love to hear other's options on this.

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