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  1. Hey all...haven't been on in a while. I think I'm still upset about this series being over, and how it ended. Am I the only one? Every time I read a book I didn't like, I go back and re-read The Crossfire Series....at least the first two books.. I re read them because they are so good! I feel like I'm being a baby, but I just don't understand how people loved book 5! I know that people were happy they were together, married. Some just read for the sexy times... I'm not an author, but I think there was so much the fans were hoping for in this last book that they didn't get. We had too much time to think about it!Even had a thread going on what we'd want to see....not much of that happened... -The big wedding w/ Victor walking her down the aisle..why all the build up...then nothing? -Christopher/His mom resolution -Corrine/Deana/Anne(well, kind of on Anne, we now know she was behind Corrine) -Monica's backstory- again, we kind of got answers---but not really...just more questions..more drama..more heartache ....And so much more! Landcorp, Cary etc. -Eva's job/ Crossroads.... -Does Cary ever find out that it was Nathan who beat him? How do they not tell him? I can see Victor and him living together, just not Victor working security for Gideon and Eva...that's just odd...Why not work security at one of Gideon's many establishments? Or apply for the NYPD? Idk. The whole Anne being a doctor w/ another name is just ridiculous...how was that happening? Did she set up an office for just two of her patients? The photographer and Corrine? She knew about Gideon and that her brother treated him the whole time... Reading Gideon's thoughts on when they were together was just -yuck...I want to un-read that! Lol...Aww and when he says he yelled at Angus for telling him he should stop..Poor Angus. How were these people getting through reception when you have to be buzzed up from the lobby? Does his mom have automatic entry like Eva? But Corrine too? and Chris jr. Why did book 5 rehash all of 1-4? I'm assuming if you're reading book 5 of a series, you've read the first 4? I read one bloggers 5 star review on her website, and a bunch of comments were about disappointment and wanting to find out what happened w/ other characters and and wanting a better epilogue...the blogger kept responding "maybe we'll get a novella!"....I don't want a novella, I want answers in the book they are in! Why have so much detail and background characters and not tie those ends up? I know she's said that the time frame is short, I get it...but really? I just feel like, when I finished the book, I was looking for more. Ok....sorry if this is rude of me. I'm going to stop now...
  2. Welcome Danielle! You did not ramble at all....I ramble a lot..lol. The photo bothered me too because in BTY when he and Eva kiss for the first time and they get interrupted by Scott...he seems so shocked that it happened, in his office (door closed/windows frosted) and during the day. Meanwhile that photo showed him  with two women out in public. VIP room-yeah, but not really. Welcome Cmas! I know, I don't understand the extra guilt for Gideon also. He already has a lifetimes worth. His confrontation with Elizabeth was great...so sad.  I could've done with out the photo and Monica's death. They really annoyed me. But, not my book! Angus, Chris and Lucky were the highlights in this book. Also, when Eva says "you're everything to me!"....I loved that too. Btw, Colleen Hoover posted a free book on Wattpad...It's not like anything she's published.
  3. That sounds perfect sscrph! I would be so happy with that!Â
  4. That's true! Good point itsmev883....Corrinee probably watched the interview- and saw that Gideon said he knows the ghostwriter, then asked Deanna about it. Can we talk about how good that interview was? I was really happy he gave it! Put so many people in their place. Still can't believe Eva went to the video launch of Golden...That whole night was so stupid on her part...Definitely leading Brett on... Another question I had was...does that photo(Gideon w/ the two ladies)-and whoever published it- count as someone Gideon would 'take down' because it ran something that hurt Eva? Like in the beginning he said he would do whatever to keep photos of Eva from being published ( Nathan's pics I think?) Lol! Glad i'm not the only one! Although I did read the whole thing just so I could figure out what everyone was going crazy for. I agree Lou1974...I won't be holding my breath either. ... It's the fact that this book took so long to come out...we had so much time to guess and wonder what would be in it. I wonder if she did read what her fans posted here on what they'd want to see in the final book? Not that she should write what the fans want, but....IDK.... The whole Monica thing ruined it for me. Idk how they could truly have a HEA (well two weeks later) after she lost her mother, and it was basically Gideon's fault.
  5. Well, I too am upset this series is over. I've never been pulled into a book or characters like this before. And I love Lucky now! Angus even more...and Chris Sr.  All the build up and planning for the wedding...and nothing...we get tragedy and more confusion instead.  I'm sure I'm a minority here, but I did not like FSOG...so to read this after reading that....it was like 'Yes! This is a well written book w/ characters I'd like to read about!'. I'll be happy if this series continues on and on. But maybe with surprise releases and not release dates b/c those don't seem to work well w/ Sylvia for some reason lol. I don't mind making conclusions up in my head....I just thought it was odd to throw so much drama and characters in such a short space of time and not have an actual conclusion to much of it. I will read the Blacklist series when both are released. Hopefully it'll be soon as she's been talking about them since last year Slightly off topic- Looking forward to Me Before You movie releasing in June...that book was so great! I like reading everyone's opinions on here! It's nice that we can discuss with out being rude to each other as I've seen on her FB page. Some people were posting the whole story line, giving away major spoilers under the post that Sylvia asked they DO NOT give  away spoilers! So rude...smh...
  6. Totally agree about the guilt sscrph!! ????  I did feel the peace and love and joy between them in the final scene on th boat . It was a nice way to end. I just didn't like tha Monica died, and it was because of Gideon's actions. I'd like it if Chris jr and Ireland found out what their mother did. It's jus sad. Ahh,!! I've gotta remember this is fiction! LolÂ
  7. I'll be waiting until both books are out to read ????
  8. Hi Patricia-anne! I enjoy chatting with you and the other members as well Sme, I hope you recover quickly! Just finished my re-read. I still love Sylvia's writing and Gideon and Eva . I will miss them as well. But still annoyed at Monica dying and taking over the end of the book. Yes, very happy they get their HEA... Just would've liked to see more of it :(. And the second wedding ! All the talk, build up ...grandmas dress, victor giving her away ..he'll never get to do that! etc... They couldn't even have that ...makes me sad. Chris sr. is the best! How sad Elizabeth couldn't even share Gideon's claims to him. I'd like to know what was discussed w Chris jr. I agree w the others and think he asked if he was abused well. Hey rogue... I agree with all of your points. Another thing I'm confused about is where Eva grew up. I always thought Cali , since victor is there and Monica was the one who moved w each husband  ...but OWY mentions Monica /Lauren being from Texas-and Victors family is also from Texas. And! How could she take Jackson trammels sisters name? There already is a Monica trammell. So confusing. This is not stuff I want to be thinking about when the series ended. Hey xoxo....I agree with you as well. I like your alternate ending! Love lucky!
  9. Just read the excerpt at the end of OWY.... So is 'the most eligible bachelor who just eloped' Gideon? Also, the story seems to be told in third person ? Is that how it's describe ?
  10. Hi again! Yes....I think the whole Monica thing just ruined this for me. It was another add to the drama of their lives that I felt the book didn't need! I'm not a writer, I don't know what the process is or what the publishers expect, but I just don't see why it was there! I loved the first two books in this series. It got me hooked on Sylvia's writing and so I read her other books... Afterburn/ Aftershock I loved and hope she'll expand on ! I was actually really hoping Jax and Gia would make an appearance in this book! Tied in w/ Arnoldo or something. I don't mind Eva's response to her death so much...she was in shock. But really, idk how she could move on(or it seemed) so quickly w/ her mother just passing. Gideon's reaction to her death and how he felt it was his fault, and how he thought it would affect Eva really touched me.  I do like that Gideon told her about Monica's past and gave her the journals quickly. He didn't keep it from her. I didn't want Monica and Victor together b/c I didn't think it would either one happy in the end. But seeing where she came from, it frustrates me that she didn't go back to Victor after Nathan's dad when she had the money to fund her sister's care. Idk, Monica and that drama I just could've done without. IMO I'm going to have to do a re-read and maybe take notes this time. I felt the same about Monica Nrock   I didn't mind the Landon thing not being tied up either. Same w/ the Cary situation. His situation wouldn't affect GidEva...or harm them really. Not like Anne, Deanna and Corrine possibly may. Good point about he office scene! They were acting odd w/ and audience....people who worked for him! I just don't understand why so many characters were introduced and their part of Gideon's and Eva's story was not concluded. Brett situation I guess was done. Glad to not have heard from him. Except when he texted Eva about Monica. That's fine. I understand leaving things to our imagination, but why bring in the mess of people and drama and issues if you won't tie them up in the final book? Cary/Trey/Tat...doesn't bother me. Corrine, I want to know that she's gone and so is her book. Deanna, job/no job? Anne, prison? Victor...I thought it odd to work for Gideon..but whatever. Glad he'll be near Eva. Â
  11. Love the puppy pics D500! Too cute! I didn't even mention Cary in my post lol....That's another thing left wide open. I'm glad he's getting his act together and I hope Tat isn't really pregnant.
  12. <<Sigh>>....Grrr...Frustrated. I'm frustrated. Finished the book last night...well at 2:30am...I don't even think I want to reread it. First, I'll say that as usual, Sylvia's writing, and emotional story telling is great. But I'm annoyed as I feared I would be. Let me think of what else I liked before getting to what I didn't.... I loved Lucky. At first I thought that is was Eva being pushy again like she has been in the last few books. But Gideon loves him and he does give unconditional love and helps him with his nightmares. I love that. It gives Gideon a bit of relief to know that if he does have nightmares, Lucky would wake him. Love Angus! I'd like to know more about him! Did he help get Gideon out with Hugh? If so, how? But confronting him on his own and telling him never to come back? By somehow saying something to Elizabeth? B/c Gideon said she did believe him, he saw it in her eyes. Unreal, that woman.. UNREAL! Christopher may have been abused as well!! She makes me sick. I liked how Gideon confronted her. That made me cringe but also brought tears to my eyes b/c he was finally having it out w/ her. I wish she say Eva there too. How sad Gideon had to be sedated when being examined by Lucas. And why wasn't Elizabeth in the room during that exam? I would think, after his claim, he should've been supervised?!?! Chris Sr. is the best! So supportive. I hoped Gideon would've asked him to be best man. Would've been wonderful. I'm glad Chris Jr. is making contact. I would've like to know what Sr. said to him. Ireland was great too! Such a smart girl. She and Eva will be awesome sisters to each other. I kind of hope she finds out what her mother did. She's not happy with her now and she doesn't know why her father left her. Dr. Peterson was great. Did Gideon ever tell him Hugh's and the Lucas' names? The TV interview was great! I was surprised but really enjoyed he was putting everyone in their place!! Ok....Now what I didn't like: The Monica story! Really?! She had to DIE for her story to finally be told? Eye rolled thru that. She didn't need to die. Come on. Why more drama?!? These two have been through enough in the short time they've been together. And Gideon knowing that bullet was for him, because of Anne....that's more guilt he's going to have! Eva's mother is dead b/c of a stalker that became a stalker b/c of the crazy women Gideon had an affair with. Grrrr. But, really, the city is filled w/ MILLIONS of people, and Anne is treating someone who was affected by Geoffrey cross' Ponzi scheme from 25 years ago? This post is going to ramble, so sorry about that! So we know what we've all guessed: Anne is behind Corinne's behavior....Again, how did they connect? At a gala? Thru Elizabeth? Also, it seems like Anne DID know that her brother treated Gideon...She is sick. What happened to her? Prison? is she going to write a tell all about her affair w/ Gideon? Will she be charges w/ murder of Monica, attempted murder of Corrine, the death of her baby? Is Lucas finally going to be held responsible somehow for lying about Gideon?! The bachelor/bachelorette I did not enjoy either. That picture coming out....ugh. I too didn't think he did anything outside of the hotel. Technically he wasn't screwing them in public, but still. And yes, it was in the VIP lounge, but it's still not 100% private. Plus there were other people there! Wouldn't think that of him. Glad Eva didn't freak out about it. She shouldn't have considering her past. And how did anyone/stalker know they were away ? I guess they could've posted on their social media accounts. Not sure how to feel about Victor working for GidEva...Kinda odd. Is this to set up something w/ him and Graves...Again it was mentioned how she was plain but kind of pretty. That's another thing. There was a lot of rehashing the characters of this book. What happened w/ Corinne's book? I don't understand a ghostwriter? So Corrine tells Deanna everything, provides the photos and she writes the books? When did she become an author? Anne must've pushed for that. But really, Corrine couldn't ever think Gideon would be ok w/ it. That he'd take her back. Elizabeth telling Gideon to apologize to Corrine?? Man oh man. Deanna is nuts too. I like how he told her off...and confirmed they did sleep together. But did he really offer her a job? Or was she sent somewhere to be escorted out of the building? lol I don't really like that Gideon kept Monica's death from her for so long. I do understand that he did not want her to see Monica that way. That she'd never forget it. Makes me wonder if he saw his father. I'd hope not, but maybe. Why was no one w/ Stanton? How sad. Epilogue was non existent. I thought they usually gave a look into the good future? Not two weeks later. Seeing GidEva working together would've been great. Some family time. A catch up w/ all of the characters she's put in their lives. Idk, I wasn't happy when I finished this book. I feel like book 4 wasn't necessary, this could've been in it's place w/ a nice epilogue well in to the future. The whole Monica thing bothers me. And that Corrine , Deanna and Anne just wont go away. And how do people keep bursting into Gideon's office?! Don't they have to called up from the lobby downstairs first?! Lol. It's too bad the stalker is the one who took those pictures that Gideva liked...bc now they'll only see they were taken by Monica's murder. I'll post this mess of comments and see if I think of anything else. Sorry again for the rambled mess! Let me know what you think  Â
  13. Just got my copy ... I'm almost afraid to read it because I don't want to be disappointed ! Very nervous I won't enjoy it ????
  14. Hopefully we'll be getting all of our questions answered next week! There is so much to cover! I definitely think it was Anne at Eva's apartment building, and she most likely came w Cary . They were together at the dinner and she probably got his number or something. Cary needs to get his act together. He wants Trey, but continues to be w other people...strangers even . How could trey take him back when he's been w so many other people while they were together,  exclusive or not? He also seems ungrateful for the apartment situation. Monica has a good point about the tabloids. I don't like the idea ...Gideon would probably go along w it because Eva wants it. love Chris sr! I hope the Vidal family works out their drama. Elizabeth needs to explain herself and Chris jr. Too. Im glad Sylvia said they won't be pregnant ...too soon! I personally hate surprise pregnancies...an epilogue w children would be awesome ! Monica's story would be nice. Doubt that she and Victor would get together again. She wants a certain lifestyle and he can't supply it. I'd like to know how she never noticed Eva's trauma for four years.... Four. There had to have been family dinners, vacations, portraits ...they had to have shown tension between Eva and Nathan . Can't wait to read the HEA.. Like I've said before: Corrine, Brett and Deanna need to go away. Corrine is just delusional! She just lost a baby and she's still pursuing Gideon and writing a book? When did she write it? In France while still w her husband? I feel bad for Giroux. Hopefully Eva will be working with Gideon ...doing what she she enjoyed. I'm thinking the teaser was a thought Gideon was having, not voiced to anyone. So much emotion reading these books... I've got to remember they're fiction! Lol Side note; I just finished Me before You....omg...how emotional! Tears pouring down my face. So looking forward for fun times in OWY!Â
  15. Yes, that was one of the best parts of CBY is when Chris sr. confronted Elizabeth and Dr.whatshisname? Loved that he stood up for Gideon... He had another child in the house too when the abuse occurred! I still picture Henry cavil as Gideon  but the actor from Cinderella looks great too! Did anyone see that Sylvia posted asking what we thought about Deannas actions? I think she took it too far. She was a one night stand ... She pursued him... How scorned  could she be? You gotta be a little off to take it so hard... It's not like he publicly embarrassed her. I guess she used it as fuel for a possible juicy story. Idk, my thoughts. Wish I could make it to Mohegan sun next month. Have fun whoever is going ! The teasers are great so far... Chapter one is going in a direction I was hoping for....-poor Victor????- and Eva seems determined to fix things. So much needs to happen and get answered!
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