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  1. Hey all...haven't been on in a while. I think I'm still upset about this series being over, and how it ended. Am I the only one? Every time I read a book I didn't like, I go back and re-read The Crossfire Series....at least the first two books.. I re read them because they are so good! I feel like I'm being a baby, but I just don't understand how people loved book 5! I know that people were happy they were together, married. Some just read for the sexy times... I'm not an author, but I think there was so much the fans were hoping for in this last book that they didn't get. We had too much t
  2. Welcome Danielle! You did not ramble at all....I ramble a lot..lol. The photo bothered me too because in BTY when he and Eva kiss for the first time and they get interrupted by Scott...he seems so shocked that it happened, in his office (door closed/windows frosted) and during the day. Meanwhile that photo showed him  with two women out in public. VIP room-yeah, but not really. Welcome Cmas! I know, I don't understand the extra guilt for Gideon also. He already has a lifetimes worth. His confrontation with Elizabeth was great...so sad.  I could've done with out the photo and Monica's
  3. That sounds perfect sscrph! I would be so happy with that!Â
  4. That's true! Good point itsmev883....Corrinee probably watched the interview- and saw that Gideon said he knows the ghostwriter, then asked Deanna about it. Can we talk about how good that interview was? I was really happy he gave it! Put so many people in their place. Still can't believe Eva went to the video launch of Golden...That whole night was so stupid on her part...Definitely leading Brett on... Another question I had was...does that photo(Gideon w/ the two ladies)-and whoever published it- count as someone Gideon would 'take down' because it ran something that hurt Eva? Like
  5. Well, I too am upset this series is over. I've never been pulled into a book or characters like this before. And I love Lucky now! Angus even more...and Chris Sr.  All the build up and planning for the wedding...and nothing...we get tragedy and more confusion instead.  I'm sure I'm a minority here, but I did not like FSOG...so to read this after reading that....it was like 'Yes! This is a well written book w/ characters I'd like to read about!'. I'll be happy if this series continues on and on. But maybe with surprise releases and not release dates b/c those don't seem to work well w
  6. Totally agree about the guilt sscrph!! ????  I did feel the peace and love and joy between them in the final scene on th boat . It was a nice way to end. I just didn't like tha Monica died, and it was because of Gideon's actions. I'd like it if Chris jr and Ireland found out what their mother did. It's jus sad. Ahh,!! I've gotta remember this is fiction! LolÂ
  7. I'll be waiting until both books are out to read ????
  8. Hi Patricia-anne! I enjoy chatting with you and the other members as well Sme, I hope you recover quickly! Just finished my re-read. I still love Sylvia's writing and Gideon and Eva . I will miss them as well. But still annoyed at Monica dying and taking over the end of the book. Yes, very happy they get their HEA... Just would've liked to see more of it :(. And the second wedding ! All the talk, build up ...grandmas dress, victor giving her away ..he'll never get to do that! etc... They couldn't even have that ...makes me sad. Chris sr. is the best! How sad Elizabeth c
  9. Just read the excerpt at the end of OWY.... So is 'the most eligible bachelor who just eloped' Gideon? Also, the story seems to be told in third person ? Is that how it's describe ?
  10. Hi again! Yes....I think the whole Monica thing just ruined this for me. It was another add to the drama of their lives that I felt the book didn't need! I'm not a writer, I don't know what the process is or what the publishers expect, but I just don't see why it was there! I loved the first two books in this series. It got me hooked on Sylvia's writing and so I read her other books... Afterburn/ Aftershock I loved and hope she'll expand on ! I was actually really hoping Jax and Gia would make an appearance in this book! Tied in w/ Arnoldo or something. I don't mind Eva's response to her dea
  11. Love the puppy pics D500! Too cute! I didn't even mention Cary in my post lol....That's another thing left wide open. I'm glad he's getting his act together and I hope Tat isn't really pregnant.
  12. <<Sigh>>....Grrr...Frustrated. I'm frustrated. Finished the book last night...well at 2:30am...I don't even think I want to reread it. First, I'll say that as usual, Sylvia's writing, and emotional story telling is great. But I'm annoyed as I feared I would be. Let me think of what else I liked before getting to what I didn't.... I loved Lucky. At first I thought that is was Eva being pushy again like she has been in the last few books. But Gideon loves him and he does give unconditional love and helps him with his nightmares. I love that. It gives Gideon a b
  13. Just got my copy ... I'm almost afraid to read it because I don't want to be disappointed ! Very nervous I won't enjoy it ????
  14. Hopefully we'll be getting all of our questions answered next week! There is so much to cover! I definitely think it was Anne at Eva's apartment building, and she most likely came w Cary . They were together at the dinner and she probably got his number or something. Cary needs to get his act together. He wants Trey, but continues to be w other people...strangers even . How could trey take him back when he's been w so many other people while they were together,  exclusive or not? He also seems ungrateful for the apartment situation. Monica has a good point about the tabloids. I d
  15. Yes, that was one of the best parts of CBY is when Chris sr. confronted Elizabeth and Dr.whatshisname? Loved that he stood up for Gideon... He had another child in the house too when the abuse occurred! I still picture Henry cavil as Gideon  but the actor from Cinderella looks great too! Did anyone see that Sylvia posted asking what we thought about Deannas actions? I think she took it too far. She was a one night stand ... She pursued him... How scorned  could she be? You gotta be a little off to take it so hard... It's not like he publicly embarrassed her. I guess she u
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