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  1. Ok ladies! What do we all think?  I loved it! Couldn't stop once I started. I want more!! lol.  Love Gia and Jax! Gia is amazing, so is her family. I really don't like Jax's family...Ted is his brother or cousin? I don't remember. The fighting was great! I wanted more answers tho. The fact that Jax knew how many guys Gia had been w/ is a little creepy, I would've like for her to push for more answers to that. And why did he wait so long to try and get her back? If he'd been keeping tabs on her since he left, and had the apartment in NYC for year.  I like that we found out that Gia did try and contact him....w/ the phone calls and email. He can't be mad at her for not trying more, I don't think.  I'm glad to know Lei and Ian's story too. I was hoping that Lei hadn't done anything wrong.  I also like that things worked out well w/ Chad...too bad Stacy was so selfish.  And then there's Deanna. Oh boy oh boy. LOVE how Gia handled her! I wonder what she had to do to not get the story published...it cost her her job. Maybe she said it was false? Either way...she's def not good people. So, I'm a little worried for GidEva...unless this happened before, and she's now learned her lesson? Probably not tho.  So happy Jax left the family business. A book w/ Gia's brothers would be awesome!  Ok. Lets chat!! We gotta keep busy til CBY!  Â
  2. Aftershock Snippet #1!   http://www.sylviaday.com/2013/09/02/aftershock-snippet-1/  Oh boy! Looks like Jax is following Gia to Atlanta.....Pheww...this is going to be hot! Only thing is, I was hoping Aftershock was going to be longer than Afterburn, but Sylvia posted on FB that'll be the same length...boo    Now where are those CBY snippets? lolÂ
  3. Hey all...just wondering if anyone else had songs in mind for Gideon and Eva? I'm really liking 'Fix You' by Vita Chambers. Just seems so passionate :)
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