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  1. So I'm really mad right now cause I just finished reading EWY and I really feel some kind way. All I can think about is Eva grabbing Gideon by his tie and dragging him to her room and having amazing sex. So when I say those things I get really mad because I can not continue to re-read the books over and over again….Wait hold up, I'm lying…I just finished the books again and I LOVE SYLVIA DAY!!! I'm such a sucka for a great love story and I'm about to start them again. I sit and watch many people complaint about dates and all that extra stuff and my response is…READ THE BOOKS AGAIN!!! I feel its real disrespectful to call them books, because it's a story true to many hearts. What I desire and hope is that people appreciate the characters, the story and the time and love Ms. Day has chosen to put into each character and each book. That's why I do not get mad about a release date or that extra nonsense. I know when we do get the release product, it will be so amazing, and all will forget the bulls*** about release dates, teasers, and all that business. Do ya thang Ms. Day, I'm with you a 100%!!!
  2. This fan site is amazing…love all the positive energy from the fans and true readers. F.Y.I, just finished Entwined with You and about to start them over for the of it…once a fan always a fan!!!!
  3. Hello everyone…new to the board, but a big fan of Ms. Day and her wonderful characters. I just wish everyone would just re-read the books over and enjoy them. I jumped on the Gideon and Eva bandwagon pretty late, but I'm such a fan I can re-read their story over and over again. I know everyone wants a release date and that's understandable, but BTY, RIY, and EWY is such an amazing piece of work, it could never hurt the soul to go back and reflect. It's almost like watching you favorite movie and knowing each line and each scene. Love Eva and Gideon, love Ms. Day and can not wait for the next chapter in her characters life...
  4. Hayden is bomb and can play the role, but I also like Scarlett Jo…she's a bad chick and we must always remember that Eva must be a bad chick. Regardless of any male actor we may desire, Eva must be a bad chick because Gideon will be amazing...
  5. Hello All, well let me start and say that I've truly enjoyed the story of Eva and Gideon. I was introduce to their world very long ago but never thought I could actually fall in love with their story (I was such a fool). I've actually read all 3 books at least 4 times. I'm completely in love with every story line that Ms. Day has presented to her audience  I never imagined in a million years that I would like a love story better than Twilight. And I'm being real honest, I love the Edward and Bella love story and maybe I'm a cupcake with creme filling but I do not care. Eva and Gideon and more so Eva has allowed me to connect and appreciate the true meaning of love and accepting ones flaws. Again I'm new to the forum but I have followed many of your true fans and appreciate all the wonderful things you have all expressed. Am I ready for the next 2 books, yes indeed!!! But more importantly I'm so not ready for the story to end. I can go days and re-read BTY, RIY, and ETY and be completely happy. I hope that you guys accept me to your amazing forum and know that I'm a super duper fan of Eva and Gideon, but furthermore I love Ms. Day for her craft and work behind all the characters she put in this story. Can not wait till Lionsgate make this something like HBO did with Sex In The City. Goodnight all and I'm wishing to be screaming Gideon like Eva did before she married him!!!!
  6. Can someone please validate me so I can leave a comment or two…lol

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