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  1. Hi everybody! I havent been in here for a while. First thank you Sylvia for writing such great books. Loved Gideons POV. I agree with all of you about many things. Like why Lizzie just cancelled lunch. Corinne is crazy she needs to go away.
  2. That would be so great. Can't wait for the book to come out.
  3. So true. But Eva has Krav Maga & she goes to the gym. Gideon has a personal trainer.
  4. I agree with you GiGi. Evas replay to Gideon when he asks her what she is doing in the penthouse would be "We are married". I also wonder who Gideon is angry at? Maybe it has something to do with Corrine? Hope not.
  5. I hope so to. I didnt get that snippet at all. It seems that we all are confused about this snippet.
  6. I agree with you. Sylvia writes great books and I have reading some of her historical novels to keep my occupied with until CBY comes out. I wonder what Cary will say or do when Eva tell him about the tape with her and Brett. And I wonder if Brett allready knows about the tape. I mean did their wannabe videographer set up cameras backstage and never told the band about that. I Think thats one of the reasons Gideon is in SD. Let me know what you all Think about that. Maybe we will have the answer in CBY.
  7. I agree with all of you. I think Gideon follows Eva and Cary to SD because he wants to be there for his angel when Eva talks to Brett about the tape.Â
  8. Hi I am new here and i also love these teasers. Thank you Sylvia and all of you ladies that post them here. Cant wait until the book comes out.
  9. Thank you both. I would love to comment on the 4th book. I also have got some of my friends hooked with this series.
  10. Hi I am new here and i love Gideon and Eva like everyone else. I am sorry if my English isnt that great iam from Sweden.
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