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  1. So I just finished Butterfly in Frost and I have a question. Do we ever find out how David died? Did I miss that part? I feel like I read through it really fast so maybe I missed it. I did guess the twist! I wanted to mention that because I feel pretty proud of myself. I usually miss these things until they're right in front of me lol. Their first meeting threw me off but it was when she mentioned Asians not having nice and he said "you're half Asian" that I was like wait they never talked about their families. Omg maybe she's the wife he mentioned! This story was so sad and I have to wonder if Sylvia has experienced depression 😔 Oh and the last thing I want to say! Cary lost his child!!!??? Omg I was so excited when his name was mentioned but then when the loss of the son was mentioned I was crushed! Poor Cary! Hasn't he been through enough? I wish you'd write his story! I love him Anyway that's all. Hopefully someone answers me about David.
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