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  1. Hi JM Hope, I read your comment and I could see Gideon signing his name simply. I could see a four year old child printing his name letter by letter and taking great pride in that. I could not see him signing using cursive script or the such, but a little boy printing out his name, yes absolutely.  I personally learned how to read and write when I was three years old. I had a mom who made it her mission in life to make sure that I had every single opportunity to be exposed to books of all sorts, reading, writing, culture, literature. My dad still has that ABC Chart up in the family kitchen, that my mom used to teach me how to read and write.  I could also see a little boy riding a bike; either with or without training wheels. Gideon's ability to ride a bike would be dependent on his ability to maintain his centre of balance. Each child is different and maybe Gideon was just one of those kids who had a good centre of balance and learned to read/write early on as well.  GiGi
  2. Hi Sylvia, I just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I hope that this coming year brings you all that you wish for!  GiGi
  3. Hi Everyone, I have everyone's comments and posts on the issue of abuse. I do not believe that Gideon would ever; in any way, shape, or form, abuse his children; physically, sexually or emotionally. I think that if anything, Gideon would be a hyper vigilant parent. I could see him as the father who would make sure that security was following his children to school, would have each and every single person who came into contact with said child, vetted, checked and finger printed to within an inch of his/her life.  I could also see him making sure that said child was never alone or left unattended in any way, when he himself or Eva were not with the child. In an ideal world it may sound caring or romantic, but the reality is (as Eva has discovered all too well), that living in that type of environment would be stifling and extremely limiting to a person facing that type of situation.  I use Gideon's constant care and concern for Eva's safety, emotional needs, sexual needs, physical needs, etc. as a guide post for how he would conduct himself with his or her children. I also look to see how Gideon has interacted with his sister Ireland and can clearly see his love and concern for a sibling that in effect he has had very limited contact with in the past.  I attribute Gideon's nerves about having a child as I would, any other person. Each and every single person is on the same playing field when having a first child. He/she has to learn how to best parent their own child. No one is ever prepared no matter how prepared they may "think" they are. Having a baby is a huge and awesome responsibility and that kind of responsibility is a huge pressure on any person.  I also question the concept of a "normal" family. What is a normal family? Doesn't every family have some sort of quirk or "crazy" (for lack of a better word). Isn't that the stuff that comedians have made millions of people laugh about? Quick example: I have an Aunt who wears her "se*y" pants two sizes too small. When I asked her why she wears her pants so tight, she says it is because she feels se*y wearing pants that tight and that wearing said tight pants acts an insurance policy. Her fat tummy generously overflows over the pants and she has a "built in life preserver" so that when she goes sailing, if she happens to fall overboard, she has fat tummy life preserver will keep her afloat until search, and rescue comes to fish her out of the water.  Typing this out may sound odd, but I say whom ever may be reading this post; sit and listen to her describe her theory, while she lovingly pats her tummy is absolutely hilarious! Is it "normal" for a woman who just turned sixty this year to have that theory, who can say, but it sure is funny.  I think that Gideon will be the overprotective father and Eva will be the cooler mother. They will flirty with one another and kiss one another constantly while their kids will be sighing and making comments about how grossed out they are that their mother and father kiss so much...a.k.a. just like every other kid who happens to see their parents kissing..yuck! Â
  4. Hi Everyone, I have read the postings and I just wanted to clarify that the difference between sexual abuse and pedophilia. I just wanted everyone to be clear that there is absolutely no correlation between having been sexually abused and becoming a pedophile.  To imply that being abused predisposes an individual to becoming a pedophile is not true. There is no credible or reliable evidence that proves that theory. I also don't believe that Gideon would have ever travelled down a "dark path" and become a pedophile Corrine or no Corrine. Many people who have been abused engage in self-harming (i.e. alcohol, drugs, suicide, depression, etc.) as opposed to harming others.  What is at issue here is that Gideon had to reconcile himself with the fact that he was a sexual being who had/has needs and he had to navigate a very scary part of life; sex, in a way that made him feel safe.  I don't know that the type of sex was the key, but the fact that he had to be in control in order for him to remain emotionally safe was key.
  5. Wow!! It worked! I hope it is ok. I am not a member of twitter, so I hope it is ok to repost this photo.
  6. Hi D500, I clicked on the link and the photo appeared. I will try and post it. I hope it turns out well. Fingers crossed.  I am sorry. I tried to post the photo but was unsuccessful. Perhaps one of the other fabulous forum members might be more successful. I know that in the past a few of the other members have been kind enough to post the photos.  GiGi
  7. Hi Jmhope, I am on board for whom ever would like to lead on the Chapter a Day Discussion. If everyone is up for the discussion, I am too.
  8. Hi Rogue & Ladies, Has anyone ever noticed that when Gideon is asked questions, he is never forthcoming with his answers. If Eva asks him questions, he usually evades or dodges answers until they wind up in some kind of heated discussion, which is then followed by some very heated passionate....love making.
  9. Hi GLH, You are right about the cost of rent NY City. Let's hope Cary is able to find a really good therapist as well. Quick question; in the US, does a person have to pay to see a psychiatrist or is it covered by health insurance? A person in Canada would not have to pay to see a psychiatrist/a psychologist yes but not a psychiatrist.
  10. Hi Sharon, I hope that you get all of your questions answered. I hope we all get our questions answered before the end of the series. If all of your questions don't happen to be answered within the pages of the last book, then I hope that Sylvia has question and answer session or some sort of epilogue when fan's questions can be answered.Â
  11. Hi Sharon, I don't think that Sylvia will let us down. After all the heated debates and hair pulling, I can't see her letting down her readers. If any two people deserve a happily ever after, it is certainly these two people. Don't loose heart, Christmas and the New Year is on its way, and hopefully a HEA!
  12. Hi Kirsten, Let me begin this posting by apologizing about the way I phrased my posting. I did not mean to imply that you were in some way or in any trying to justify Elizabeth Vidal's actions. You were simply relaying information that you were kind enough to share from another source.  What I was reacting to was Elizabeth Vidal's ongoing denials and justifications about her actions. We as the readers have been given very little about what Elizabeth Vidal's life was prior to her husband's death and all we have had the opportunity to see is how she reacted when she was confronted with the fact that her child was being abused (which was beyond disgusting...enough said).  After reading about Gideon's account of his abuse I was horrified. It also solidified my opinion of what kind of person/mother Elizabeth Vidal is. I had a visceral reaction. It is the mark of a truly great writer is someone who can evoke strong emotions with the swipe of a pen.  Sylvia did a brilliant job of and is to be commended in my books. I am sorry that you got caught in the Crossfire (no pun intended).   Â
  13. Hi Kirsten, I read your comments and I agree with you to a point. I can understand Elizabeth Vidal being so stressed out that she couldn't handle anything more, what I can't understand is why she just didn't fire Hugh. All she had to do was that ONE thing and even is she didn't do anything else, it would have at least limited the damage that Gideon suffered.  I am sorry, I simply do not buy that whole overwhelmed thing, so the way to solve the problem of a child acting out is to send them back to the person that the child had DIRECTLY made allegations against!!  I can completely understand STRESS!! I can understand a woman being on the verge of completely being overwhelmed, what I don't understand is why this woman had NO mothering instincts toward her own child?!! What in the sam-hill could she have been thinking???  It may be a stretch but I have to wonder whether on some subconscious level, Elizabeth Vidal was punishing Gideon because he resembled/in some way represented a part of the husband who hurt so many people and destroyed her family and life. I also have to wonder whether she may have been a little resentful of having to cart around a child from a previous marriage when she was trying to build "a new ideal life and family"?  I realize that I have advocated for waiting to hear about Elizabeth Vidal's past, but the more that woman opens her mouth, the less I like her even more! She crucified one child while offering protection to her two other children. If that's not disgusting then I don't know what is!! The woman had the wherewithal, money, means and family support and SHE chose NOT to avail herself of that help. SICK!!  I just wanted to add that yes, I know this story is fictional. I think that the issues that have been raised in this book are unfortunately all-too-real and I find it weary some that there seem to be more excuses than action to end these types of scenarios. Thank you for your posting Kirsten.
  14. I hope so too Sscrph. I think it was Sharon (hope I got it right about citing the correct post) who had stated that Cary was religious about protected s*x. I would think that if the condom broke, Cary would have been aware of it, when they had finished.Â
  15. Hi ShazScott, I love your theory about Elizabeth Vidal! At this point, after the mafia, etc. I wouldn't be surprised in the least. Your theory is refreshing.  I really hope that Cary is not the father of Tatiana's baby. Wait did Cary see Tatiana pee on one of those "pregnancy sticks"? Did she have an ultrasound, or any documentation to prove that she is in fact pregnant? Or is this going to be another situation of where Tatiana says she is pregnant and tries to entice Cary into an unprotected quickie? Who needs birth control if she is already pregnant?
  16. Hi Ann Cathrin, As odd as Anne's comments may have been, in a way I can actually understand why Gideon would use a s*x toy. He would not have to be "intimate" with the woman, he could remain clinically detached (i.e. he would not have to have his p*nis exposed or where he wouldn't want it to be) and all of the women could be in a sense like a little s*xual lab experiment of sorts. The use of toys could allow him to see what women like/dislike and enjoy the most. He could gauge the physical reactions and responses of the women. Once he figured out what a woman likes, if he decided to engage in more than one s*xual encounter, he could exert more control over said partner. He could decide if he wanted to punish said partner; by denying an org*sm, inflicting some sort of pain, or send said partner through the roof with an over the top "0rg*sm".  I just wonder how he would justify his "interesting" s*xual preferences. I understand the Gideon is extremely wealthy, and one of the most good looking men but his preference is odd. I wonder how many women would sit back and question an arrangement like that. What do you think?  What does everyone think?Â
  17. Hi Sscrph, I read your comments and you raise a very proactive question. What I find really interesting is that every time Gideon is confronted with a nightmare or a face to face discussion about his past abuse, he has a driving need to have very aggressive s*x. I find it difficult to understand why he feels the need to have very rough, aggressive and nearly violent s*x? Does anyone have any theories.  I understand his need to have control because of past abuse issues but I have difficulty in comprehending the magnitude of his aggression when having s*x. How can this be related to past abuse issues? When confronting past memories of abuse, their first instinct isn't to engage in very aggressive s*x. Many individuals become very emotional and cannot perform s*xually, yet Gideon seems to be the complete antithesis.   Does anyone have any insight or theories? Off all of the plot twists in the story, this seems like the most difficult to comprehend for me. What does everyone think?   Â
  18. Hi Sscrph, I read your comments and I agree that Anne is dangerous. I guess what I am having trouble seeing is how could Anne gain an opportunity to get to Eva. That woman is gaurded more closely the the Queen's crown jewels.  I could see Corinne, Brett, Mad Dog LIzzard Vidal or even Detective Graves getting access to Eva more easily. Although Detective Graves has sort of/kind of implied that she will let Nathan's murder rest, her comment about wanted an "invite" to the wedding may indicate that she isn't going to want to play "nice".  Thank you by the way, you did a great job of pointing that out!
  19. Holy moly Sharon! Now that would be quite the scenario considering that Eva is married to Gideon! Oh let the fireworks begin!!
  20.   Hi Kirsten & Sscrph, That was my impression as well. Oh how I would love to be a fly on that wall when Brett finds out that his copy of the s*x tape has been errased! Simply delicious!! Justice in action!!Â
  21. Hi Lighthouse, I read your coments and I respectfully have to disagree about Eva viewing the video tape. I think that she would feel horribly violated, which in fact she was. She never gave consent/permission to have another man watch her and video tape her engaging in a s*x act. That would be akin to her participating in a type of , which I couldn't see her doing. In Canada, a person can be charged criminally for videotaping a person engaging in a s*x act without consent. Making copies and distributing them can also result in further charges of distributing .  Regardless of what Brett's motives were, as misguided as they may have been, he committed (with Sam Yimara video taping) some very serious offenses. I would have to seriously sit back and question just how "innocent" Brett was in this whole scenario. I can only apply real life common sense to a situation like this. I would think that most men would be beyond angry about finding out one of their "crew members/roadies/band mates, etc." had not only video taped them having s*x with their girlfriend, but they also watched, which I couldn't see many men being ok with that. What guy would want to have another guy sit back and have him have s*x with his girlfriend? I can't see it.    Eva was also taped and photographed by Nathan when he would rape her. I think that viewing the "s*x tape" between her and Brett might trigger some very horrific past abuse memories. Eva knows all to well that she was a "recovering sl*t" (her words) and going back to revisit past events that she was clearly remorseful about, would only open up old wounds unnecessarily. What do you think? What does everyone think?
  22. Hi Lighthouse, I read your comments and I was just wondering how you would your surmise Anne being able to control Cary emotionally? If we are to believe what Cary said in the last book; he and Ann didn't have s*x. So could could a potential "quickie" turn into something more serious? What do you believe happened between Cary and Ann (hypothetically of course)?  Cary had very serious problems in the past and he isn't that far outr of rehab. His poor choices (of a s*xual nature) have literally blown up in his face and as a result he is now forced to deal with very serious emotional issues that he may not be ready to deal with on a psychological level.Â
  23. Hi Ann Cathrin, Welcome to the forum and your English is lovely. You articulate your points easily and effortlessly. That's great.Â
  24. Hi Kirsten & Ann Cathrin, I read your comments and I just wanted to add that the physical s*x act in the limo was actually controlled in a lot of ways, by Gideon. Eva took psychological control by initiating the s*x which is what I think was the game changer for Gideon. As one of the forum members relayed, it was the first time Gideon allowed another person to initiate a very intimate act.  Although Eva couldn't physically harm or dominate Gideon, she could inflict a lot of damage (unknowingly) emotionally.Â
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